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28 Days of Black Cosplay: Day Four - “Powerful” 
Kagome - @otakuskum / @otakuskumcosplay

I watched the shy and sweet Otaku transform into a powerful goddess warrior as she portrayed Kagome from Inyuasha. Cosplay isn’t just about getting dressed up but also about connecting with your character. She’s found her home inside of her craft and that is powerful. 


Photographer Gabriel Garcia Roman’s portraits feature friends and acquaintances, activists and poets, Americans and immigrants — some naturalized, some undocumented.

All of them are queer people of color.

“I wanted to specifically focus on this community because queer and trans people of color are so rarely represented in the art world,” says Roman, who is Mexican-American and also identifies as queer.

The photo series, called “Queer Icons,” evokes the colorful, religious artwork that Roman grew up with. “Because I grew up Catholic in a Mexican community in Chicago, my first introduction to art was religious art,” he says.

He was particularly inspired by the fresco paintings of haloed saints that decorated the walls of his neighborhood church. “I’ve always thought of the halo as something very powerful — it’s like a badge of nobility,” he says.

And because Roman’s subjects are activists and artists who do good for the community, “I wanted to represent them as saints,” he says.

He also wanted to capture their pride and their strength. “I wanted them to be warriors — that’s why a lot of them are looking straight at the camera, saying ‘Here I am, and I’m not going to hide.’”

Not Your Mother’s Catholic Frescoes: Radiant Portraits Of Queer People Of Color

Photo credit: Courtesy of Gabriel Garcia Roman

When creating COCA, we wanted to create a platform that could be about and enjoyed by the POC community that highlights diversity, thoughts and passions that we share. We are looking for contributors to write for our site, if you’re interested message us! So what are we about:

COCA Mag is a online and print (still in the making) magazine that showcases all forms of art, writing, music, fashion by and for p.o.c (people of color).

COCA was created as a platform that strives to give a voice and a space for p.o.c creatives. This platform is inclusive and push diversity into these mediums that allows for critical thought and open conversation. We make it our mission to publish work that is real and transparent. We tell our stories through our work and we want to share yours.

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Madebynest x Groovegarments, 2016