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“I’m in the groove!” My #Lucio #overwatch #cosplay in motion at #fanexpo! Yeah that’s right, I got his dance moves too. 😆 With the music blasting from my sonic amplifier of course I had to groove! 😁🔊🎧💚 The con floor was pretty busy so I didn’t get to bust a move as much as I wanted, but thankfully @nathantranpr caught it in his awesome Fan Expo cosplay video! Check it out on YouTube! https://youtu.be/y2oX9ArckqI

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Today on Pure, Talented Black Men of the Internet:

There was an extra credit assignment for his biology class, and because he’s an avid filmmaker, he decided that this would be a fun challenge and jumped onto the chance to make this video.


Queen MIA is back to fuck up our whole lives with her creativity, originality, cultural appreciation, female empowerment, and general dopeness 

white people: not everything is about race!!
white people: *choose to have barely any to no poc in their movies, music videos, magazines, fashion shows, tv shows, books ect*