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“I’m in the groove!” My #Lucio #overwatch #cosplay in motion at #fanexpo! Yeah that’s right, I got his dance moves too. 😆 With the music blasting from my sonic amplifier of course I had to groove! 😁🔊🎧💚 The con floor was pretty busy so I didn’t get to bust a move as much as I wanted, but thankfully @nathantranpr caught it in his awesome Fan Expo cosplay video! Check it out on YouTube! https://youtu.be/y2oX9ArckqI

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So, there’s been a recent trend of white men covering Beyoncé’s “Formation” …

Not everyone is thrilled about this.

But rather than staying quiet, people of color have turned the trend on its head — with some incredible trap covers of white artists.

Twitter was all about it.

And with good reason, these covers (especially “We Will Rock You”) are amazing.

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Part 1: So my friends and I were discussing Katy and her appropriation messes and one of them is white and one is Indian. I'm also white. Anyway they were trying to explain how shake it off is equally as bad because all appropriation is on the same level as bad and I was failing to understand how it was even really that problematic and how if it was that it was on the same level.

2: They claim she should apologize for it and I said she might not even know because it was never as big of a deal as Katy’s stunts. I don’t like being educated by stan twitter or my friends bc I think sometimes they educate me on a bias of hating Taylor. I def have bias of loving my semi-problematic unproblematic fav and I was just wonder how you as a POC feel about the music video and if you could explain to me why it is problematic and why it would be just as bad as what Katy has done. Ty xx

sorry it took me a bit to get to this but i had to collect my thoughts lmao. as far as taylor’s video i personally didnt find it problematic but i can completely get how it could be in it way. but that’s something different to discuss which has honestly been discussed a lot lol. as far as katy’s shit goes, she’s made a career out of her constant appropriation of cultures and with her, it’s blatant. this isnt something she has just done once, you know? and that’s why it’s completely different than taylor’s “appropriation”. at least hers was like conceptually sound in a way, you know? like in the video, she couldnt find where she belonged until she finally did and she did so through different forms of dance which, in itself, is a syncretism of cultures. the history of dance exemplifies the development of human beings finding new ways to create art with our bodies in combination with different types of music and even the absence of music. katy just snatched a whole ass culture and then inaccurately portrayed a story line to the point where everyone was like “baby what is you doin”. bottom line, it’s not on the same level. katy is grade A 100% garbage.


Queen MIA is back to fuck up our whole lives with her creativity, originality, cultural appreciation, female empowerment, and general dopeness