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Kati Kati(2016) directed by Mbithi Masya

“Bereft of earthly memories, a new arrival in the afterlife struggles to recover the past, in this poetic fantasy that offers a dark reflection on personal atonement in the shadow of Kenya’s violent past

Imagine waking up one day in a barren wasteland. Amnesia leaves you clueless as to your whereabouts, your identity, and how you arrived. A small group of strangers welcomes you to a nearby oasis resort, and they reveal to you the nature of this new reality. You are dead. And this is the afterlife. This is what happens to Kaleche (Nyokabi Gethaiga) in the enigmatic opening sequence of Kati Kati, writer-director Mbithi Masya’s poetic first feature film.

Kaleche is a new arrival with no recollection of her life or death. A dozen other young Kenyans are all caught in the same eerie dormant state. They want for nothing; they simply write down whatever their heart desires and it appears at their bedside the next morning.

The group’s unofficial leader is Thoma (Elsaphan Njora), who is passionate about helping the dead remember and reconcile with their fragmented pasts. But Kaleche’s presence triggers a transformation in Thoma. Their mutual enchantment with each other unearths a sinister secret of his, forcing him to confront his own denial and pain.

Masya is one third of the alternative house-funk trio Just a Band, and his musical background clearly informs the film’s lyrical rhythms — to say nothing of the way the script by Masya and co-writer Mugambi Nthiga crescendoes to a climax. With echoes of Wings of Desire and After Life, Kati Kati offers a dark reflection on personal atonement in the shadow of Kenya’s past.”

Jazz Aesthetic ; requested by anon

“The whole world loves American movies, blue jeans, jazz and rock and roll. It is probably a better way to get to know our country than by what politicians or airline commercials represent.” - Billy Joel


TELEVISION REVIEW: The Librarians Season 3 Episode 8, “And The Eternal Question” dir. Noah Wyle
Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, John Larroquette, Noah Wyle
Guest Starring: Clara Lago, Rafael Cebrian, Norma Maldonado
Rating: 5/5

Review Summary: I was not prepared for this level of gay.


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Lmao I’m yelling. So him collabing with Tswift makes him a white feminist but ole boy dated her and AND kendull but he’s not a white feminist? Okay. Im also not here for y'all erasing all of the POC and genres Zayn has worked with to push this “Zayn is an evil white devil worshiper” (especially when most of the ones complaining worship white Devils and would literally suck shit from their asshole).Zayn has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other like we always figured because even on his own damn (critically acclaimed, record breaking , # 1 ) album, Mind of Mine, he explored and experimented with different genres. If y'all are willing to give up and call him a sell out because of one song out of like 24+ songs he’s done then you can exit stage left and choke with everyone else.


“Black science fiction trailblazer Samuel Delaney, 63, remembers teaching Butler as a 23-year-old student at the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop. She was, he says, incredibly shy, a student who spoke only when she had something to say, but someone who obviously had great talent.

It was years later, however, after she had published "Kindred,” that he saw what she had become. “It was wonderful to see how she had bloomed and gained so much self-confidence and become a really extraordinary public speaker,” Delaney says. She also was a pathblazer in a genre where once you could count the black writers on one hand.“

fuck lana wachowski, and her racist comments. she knows what she did. 

but i watched like 8 episodes before i came on here, and I can’t un-like what I already enjoyed. i can’t be un-impressed by Freema Agyeman,  Miguel Ángel Silvestre,  Naveen Andrews, Tina Desai,  Aml Ameen,  Bae Doona, and Alfonso Herrera, and the teams of other actors, directors, editors (the editing tho), and writers who worked on the show, who haven’t been talking out their asses. 

This is the M. Night Shyamalan problem all over again of ‘The Last Airbender” being easily the most white-washed film of our generation, while “After Earth” was also the first sci-fi film EVER with a predominately black cast, and them both being made back to back, and its hard to know who to support and who to boycott, and how to do so effectively. 

I think allot of people who will not watch the show because of her, will miss out on all these great men and women of color who actual get central roles driven by empathy and sharing emotions as much as action, and that’s unfortunate. 

so not ignoring lana wachowski’s antiblackness, if anything enjoying sense8 obligates me to now talk about it more. like you can’t sweep your fandom’s bad behavior under the rug, or try to excuse it away. don’t do that. it happened. its real. but i can’t pretend this weekend i spent enjoying and talking about the show didn’t happen either…

fuck lana wachowski. but the reality that white-liberal anti-racists can also still say racist things, is probably not a surprise to most of us either…

so to amend my earlier post

“go watch sense8″ 

or don’t

but fuck lana wachowski


“The phrase I get all the time is I’m trying to shove my agenda down their throat, which seems sexually charged to me, I dunno.”-Dwayne Mcduffie