Kat Graham Joins Forest Whitaker, Theo James in Netflix’s ‘How It Ends’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Kat Graham has joined the cast of Netflix’s upcoming action thriller “How It Ends,” also starring Forest Whitaker and Theo James.

The film follows James as Will, a young man desperate to get home to his pregnant wife Samantha (Graham) after an apocalyptic event turns roads to mayhem. Forest Whitaker plays Tom, Samantha’s domineering father. Samantha, a loving wife, encourages Will to stand up to Tom, not realizing that later on they’ll have to work together to find her.

Graham is best known for her role as Bonnie Bennett in The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries,” and has also acted in “17 Again,” “The Roommate” with Leighton Meester, and “Honey 2.” She recently played Jada Pinkett in the Tupac Shakur biopic “All Eyez on Me.”

Graham also has a burgeoning singing career, with a new album “Love Music Funk Magic,” co-produced with Babyface. The lead single “Sometimes” is currently at #16 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart.

“How It Ends” is directed by David M. Rosenthal from a script by Brooks McLaren. The project is being produced by Paul Schiff, Tai Duncan, Kelly McCormick, and Patrick Newall, with executive production from Sierra’s Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg. Sierra/Affinity developed the project with Paul Schiff Productions and is handling worldwide sales and financing.

Netflix acquired worldwide rights in January. Production begins in July in Winnipeg.

Graham is repped by WME and Brillstein.

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Calling out to all people on Tumblr that complain about the lack of diversity on television. 


It has a largely diverse cast in period costumes, like c’mon. 

The main female lead is Black and is in no way an accessory for the White male lead. They are equals (in fact she might have a tad bit more screen time). 

There are strong, bad ass women that really overshadow their male counterparts at times. 

*Also if you’re a fan of the enemies turned lovers trope, then you will absolutely love this. 

Please support this! We have lost some great diverse shows because of the undeserved low ratings. Don’t let this be another one.

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under the cut, you will find #69 gifs of ryan potter as riker in the show lab rats: elite force. every single one of these gifs was made from scratch by me so please do not steal, claim as your own, redistribute, use in crackships, use in bio graphics/promo graphics etc, reupload into your own gif hunts/posts and edit without contacting me first. you may however crop these into gif icons IF YOU CONTACT ME FIRST. please like/reblog if you are using.

gifs feature: booboo stewart

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Hi! I'm an incoming queer East Asian JET. The JET groups on FB have been alarmingly white and uncomfortable, from both incoming and current JETs. Did you find that most people you met on JET were like that? I'm going to a small city with 10-15 ALTs, and it looks like a lot of the incoming ones this year are white. I'm used to being surrounded by socially aware POC that I can comfortably learn and unlearn with. Did you find JETs to be, for lack of better term, "sleep"? Thanks for reading this!

Yep.  I think for a lot of these reasons, most of my friend group were nonJET international folks living in my city and Japanese residents. That’s not to say I didn’t find my own cool AF people within JET - but almost all of them are folks from tumblr. “I’m used to being surrounded by socially aware POC that I can comfortably learn and unlearn with” . this is such a real statement.  Same.  Feel free to request to join the QTPOC in Japan group we started, Marsha P. Threw The First Glass at Stonewall and Don’t You Forget It! JAPAN.  This space is for queer and trans people of color only. Yes - even you allies are not to be in this space.