The most powerful moment of that Tomi Lahren/Trevor Noah interview is when he (earnestly) asks her: “Well, you’ve won. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

And the look on her face indicates: No, she is not happy. She’s as mad and outraged and unhappy as ever. 

Because fascists are never satisfied.

Why they all became fascists in first place. Eternal never-ending anger and frustration.
Community tells Ontario government of systemic racism
Séverin Jr. Ndéma-Moussa, president of the Caribbean Union of Canada, said finding solutions won’t be easy. While a policy is overdue, it won’t instantly fix hundreds of years of inherent racism, he said.

Hiwot Adhanom couldn’t believe what she was hearing from two co-workers conducting a hiring process for a public service job.

Her colleagues were attempting to determine who might meet the job criteria’s preference for Canadian citizens.

“The first answer is ‘I guess we can tell by their name’,” Adhanom said she overheard them say. It wasn’t until they saw her nameplate that they stopped to think that Canadian citizenship means more than that.

It was not her first experience with racism in a workplace. At another job, a manager at a retail store who hired her nonchalantly told her how she was “not anything like all of the other black people who come in here looking for work.”

“She saw nothing wrong with that, she thought she was paying me a compliment by insulting me and every other person who happens to be black,” said Adhanom, one of dozens of people who lined up behind microphones Saturday to tell their experiences to Ontario’s political leaders.

The anti-racism directorate is attempting to come up with a strategy to address systemic racism within government. The meeting is the last of 10 public consultations held across the province before it comes up with a policy, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2017.

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“Hey, relax, guys. Trump can’t actually cause World War III.” “Well, apparently the man couldn’t be taken remotely seriously as a presidential candidate, let alone win the GOP nomination and, eventually, get elected POTUS.”

Ah, but this is where we’ve ended up. 

I rule out nothing at this point. We live in Bizarro world.

Handsome Men Of Color in Romantic Leading Roles

Look, I’m only partway through the second season of the Flash, and Cisco Ramon remains the ideal romantic lead and I’m just getting more and more frustrated with Barry and his Issues.

So fandom, help me out? Rec me some TV, movies, or visual media with romantic male leads (or supporting characters with romantic plotlines) who are POC?

(If this goes viral or something ladies are welcome, of course, but I am craving men at the moment.)


Dark times all around but there are still people out there who love you

Do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, get help, talk to someone, anyone. Humanity has survived before and we can do it now if we all just support each other. My country and my people let me down and endangered my life but there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about that so let’s try to spread the love that is so clearly lacking.


Desmond Cole and others are giving a much needed reality check on the hashtag #WhatyoudonotknowaboutCanada (which is largely filled with dismissive Canadian stereotypes aimed at US Voters wanting to flee to the ‘utopia’ that is apparently Canada).