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I was scrolling throughout Instagram and I saw a post that said “Black Lives Matter” and of course once you go into the comments , about ½ of them are going to be a bunch of people saying “ALL lives matter.” And someone commented this back and I think it gives a really good portrayal of what posts like this mean.

people of c________________

people of color

people of cosmos

people of candescence

people of captivation 

people of care

people of candor

people of competence

people of charisma

people of candid

people of cadence

people of cognisance

people of calculation

people of calm

people of celestial

people of craft

people of cardinal

people of charm

people of caprice

people of cunning

people of charity

people of chivalry

people of class

people of confidence

people of curiosity

people of creativity

people of clarity

people of celebration

people of coexistance 

people of c________

people of color

for girls who keep old love letters

I still think about you, sometimes.
Not as much as before, yes,
but in a deeper way.

Your manuscript sits on my desk.

I’ve outlined another one,
stapled the pages
to my favorite notebook
and flip through it every class—
out of boredom,
nothing else.
Sometimes I wonder,
Is this the book?
Are these the words that will make you fall
in love with me?

I have a girlfriend now.
She has golden eyes and a small waist
and hair that curls down her back
like Cleopatra.
We watch old movies
with her legs in my lap
and my hands fingering
the corners of your next novel.

Your novel.
I wrote it for you, but
the pages all bear your name.

Getting over you
isn’t as easy as writing ‘The End’
and autographing the cover.
Getting over you doesn’t feel like
a shimmering hardback
in the storefront window.

It feels like
an angry red X over my favorite pages;
it feels like misspelled words
spoken by characters who disappear
without a conclusion.

It feels like
staring at a crumpled white page
that feels wrong, wrong, wrong
even without words.

It feels like


your kiss on my neck,
and the soft blue fabric
of the sweater I wore home.
It sounds like
the whistling air between your lips
and the way you giggled
into my shoulder.
It tastes like
the strawberry lip gloss
that rubbed off on my teeth
and the stale subway air
on Sunday morning.

We don’t end up together in the manuscript,


Accept your own and be yourself…

3 Feminist Projects Reclaiming the Landscape — Nat. Brut
Joamette Gil on We Want the Airwaves, The Bad Dominicana, & Two Brown Girls
By Kayla E.
Join our movement: Nat. Brut is on Indiegogo to
promote inclusive representation in publishing!

This post is part of a Nat. Brut series in which feminist writers, artists, and activists discuss people, publications, or organizations who are working toward inclusivity. Today cartoonist Joamette Gil shares her choices.

We Want the Airwaves

“This podcast [is] an archive of interviews with queer and trans artists of color…”

This podcast by Nia King is both an archive of interviews with queer and trans artists of color as well as a personal quest for an answer that every art activist must find: is it possible to sustain myself through my artistic practice without compromising my most deeply held values? King has recorded conversations (in both audio and text formats) with people from all walks of life and craft, from Magnoliah Black and Julio Salgado to Nina Malaya and Aamer Rahman.

The Bad Dominicana

“Dissecting white Latinx supremacy with the sharpest scalpel…”

Zahira Kelly is best known as Bad Dominicana online, where she doles out brutally-and-beautifully honest wisdom on TheNewInquiry.com and provides tomes worth of sociocultural critique on Twitter and Tumblr from her perspective as an anticolonial Latinegra. Dissecting white Latinx supremacy with the sharpest scalpel is how she first caught my eye on social media. Her writing is largely responsible for advancing my analysis of race and Latinidad beyond the mainstream narratives that left me feeling adrift.

Two Brown Girls

“…simultaneously fun, cathartic, brilliant, and personal.”

Fariha Róisín and Zeba Blay are two pop culture/film writers who hang out and talk about race and the shows they like. That’s what I love about theTwo Brown Girls podcast: it’s simultaneously fun, cathartic, brilliant, and personal. Give them a listen if you’re working alone and find yourself in need of quality brown girl company!

Donald Trump supporters AKA sad, soulless fucking idiots who we all have to pretend to sympathize  with  because they grew up poor and ignorant and don’t know any better. Well, fuck you, guys. I grew up poor. My dad was pretty racist. But I still learned, along the way about compassion  and tolerance and about the evils of prejudice.  Because I wanted to. You sad fucks never wanted to even learn. You just cared about hate. There were books, for fuck’s sake.  Books!

Bounce by Chuck Collins - Artist to Watch (and support)!

(Welcome the the world of The Bouncer and his childhood friend Yemaya. Two sci-fi and movie geek bouncers that deal with New York’s craziest bar patrons.)

#datbouncertho bouncecomics


Blood on the American Dollar

It honestly hurts my heart to see POC (people of color) being greatly mistreated in America. The #blacklivesmatter movement and #arthoMovement ARE VERY IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY!! In a country where the white male is superior to all minorities even though America consists of more POC compared to white people, POC are treated as minorities.
Growing up my mom depended on my schools to educate me. I barely learned anything about POC, especially Latina women. Our history books were white washed from the table of contents, to the blurb. When I did learn about POC, it would be a small chapter going from ‘slavery - Harriet Tubman - Lincoln freeing slaves - Martin Luther King Jr - modern time being represented as peaceful between races’. But as I grew older I realized that there was so much missing from these history books.
There wouldn’t be “Modern America” without the native Americans being manipulated and murdered by Europeans (colonials). There Wouldn’t be “Modern America” if Blacks weren’t enslaved, sexually and physically abused, murdered, etc. for the benefits of Whites (who EVEN TO THIS DAY ARE STILL USING AND PROFITING MONEY FROM SLAVERY 100 YEARS AGO), and if blacks haven’t stopped fighting for EQUALITY FOR THE PAST 200 YEARS. There wouldn’t be “Modern America” if Mexicans didn’t work hours of labor growing foods that Whites sold for more money than what the were workers were paid, and if Mexicans weren’t scrutinized for their marches for better pay and better working conditions for the farms that supplied the food To whites at the dinner table.
America as a country would’ve failed if it weren’t for the blood, tears and pain of POC. British colonists and whites as a whole couldn’t have made America what it is today on their own. they selfishly committed mass genocide of native Americans, and harshly abused the existence of blacks, Latinos and Asians for their own benefits. There is blood on the American dollar and it is not George Washington’s Blood.

It sickens me thinking about how a country built on the backs of POC, Whites make more money than us.
If a white man makes a dollar, a white female makes about 89 cents, a black female makes about 70 cents and a Latina female makes about 59 cents.

Think about how America was established by racist, misogynistic white males which has created life long undertones of racism and misogyny in our society, in our economy and in our history books.