This is one of those books that you just can’t put down once you start reading. I think I’ll never find book this awesome. I mean every book is the most awesome book when you just finish it, but this book really gave me totally different perspective of society nowdays. We’re kinda both obsessed with it (I’m obsessed with it), while Joel likes the movie. She’s a lazybitchass but she does want to read it. And I do hope she will.


a video inspired by summer,cycling,and the perks of being a wallflower.

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I was tagged by @pjopaulie (ty ily)

Name: Emily
Nickname: Em, Shinndig, Shinn, Mama Shinn Jr, Little Shinn
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Cancer based on old ones and Gemini based on new one
Height: 5’ 7"
Favorite Colors: uhm black ofc (heh)
Time right now: 7:20
Avg hours of sleep: 8-9ish
Lucky Numbers: 7
Last thing I googled: pleats (my BF didn’t know what they were)
Number of blankets i sleep with: SEVENTEEN BILLION (like 4)
Fav Fictional Characters: Nymphadora Tonks, Sam from pobaw, Mulan
Fav books: Harry Potter, pobaw, inkheart 
Fav Bands/Artists: Troye Sivan, Hamilton crew, p!atd, lemonade mouth (SH)
Dream Job: Nanotechnologist (molecular engineer)
What I’m wearing right now: blue socks, jeans, a black almost crop top (it covers my tummy but if I raise my arms it goes rly high)
When did I create my blog: Over the summer? Last year? I have no idea. 
Current Amount of Followers: 404 I think (Jesus why do you care)
What do I post about?: lord knows
Do I have any other blogs: Nope
When Did your blog reach its peak: it hasn’t I think?
Who is my most active follower: idk probably @captainsusanscaley ily
what made you get a tumblr in the first place?: a combo of @schrodingersphan
@patrickstumptbh they used it a lot and I wanted to
Do I get asks on a daily basis: Hellz no but please PLEASE send me stuff it literally makes my day
Why did i choose my url: cuz I was v confused signing up and 3768 is me and my bfs initials in number form
Tag 20 followers i want to get to know better: oh god idk abt 20
@1-2-1-2-3-4–pj @patrickstumptbh @schrodingersphan @captainsusanscaley @holy-fricken-helbig and I know they don’t follow me but a girl can dream @danisnotonfire @amazingphil @ellendegeneres

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Name: Rachael
Nickname: Rach, Rachie, etc
Star Sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1 and ¾"
Favourite Colours: Green and blue!
Time Right Now: 2:36 pm
Average Hours Of Sleep: around 7-9
Last Thing I Googled: what the :// of http:// means (for my Tech & Society class lol)
Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: A comforter; sometimes an extra fuzzy blanket if it’s cold
Favourite Fictional Characters: Hermione Granger, Callie Jacob, Charlie from POBAW, Maya Hart, Lucas Friar, Wendy Darling ☺️ (there’s many more, but those are the main ones I can think of rn!)
Favourite Books: “Harry Potter” series of course, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, and many many more haha but those are my top favorites that I can think of rn
Dream Job: good question lol … I don’t know if I have a dream job, but whatever I do in my future, I’d like to make a difference somehow. I’d like to publish a book one day.
What Are You Wearing Right Now? Black ¾ leggings, pink sweatshirt thing, and pink zebra socks lmao I’m hella pink today
When Did You Create Your Blog? I created shortstackoflucaya (now moesha) back in November I believe. I think I made my first tumblr blog back in my freshman or sophomore year of high school
Current Amount Of Followers? 2,497 I think
What Do You Post About? Here, I post mainly Girl Meets World, Disney, and Harry Potter. I also post a lot about mental illnesses here and also on my personal blog
Do You Have Other Blogs? hahahhaah I have so many. My main ones rn are this one, my personal alittleimperfection, my RP blog cunninglittlehart, and I also admin girlmeetshogwarts. there are many others, but those are the ones I’m most active on!
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak? I have no clue lmao
Who Is Your Most Active Follower? idk I have a few particular active followers!! they’re all really great tbh :)
What Made You Decide To Get A Tumblr? Idk how to answer this lmao
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis? pretty regularly which actually makes me so incredibly happy :’)
Why Did You Choose Your URL? bc I like the simplicity of it & it’s one of Maya’s nicknames ☺️

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