The contradictions of restricting Native graduation attire and how it relates to systemic/institutional oppression and cultural imperialism:

America’s Political Roots: http://www.californiaindianeducation.org/educational_news/roycook/2011/american_politics.html

Raid of Eagle Feathers: http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/03/10/us-returns-eagle-feathers-lipan-apache-religious-leader-after-court-fight-159543

Native Student fined for eagle feather:

History of Possession of Eagle feathers, suppression of Native culture  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Indian_Religious_Freedom_Act

October 6th, 2014 - The End

ARTIST: theconfusedartist

AUTHOR: Anonymous

6th of October, 2014 - The End

‘And they fell in love. The End.’


Arthur looked unimpressed with Alfred’s opinion of the movie. “How is that boring? Besides, you didn’t have to watch it with me. You chose to.”

“Yeah, because my only other option was sitting on my front poarch in the rain!”

“Well it isn’t my fault you forgot your keys!” Arthur sucked in a breath, trying to calm himself before they argued. It wasn’t often he got to spend time with Alfred these days, what with their conflicting school schedules and all, despite being neighbors. “You never answered my question; how is it boring?”

“Because!” Alfred exclaimed, willing to switch from one topic to another easily. Anything to keep either of them from having to act on the fact they were nearly snuggled on Arthur’s family’s couch. He was too comfortable to move just yet. “It’s always like that in those movies. They fall in love, can’t be together, magically manage to overcome it all and boom! It all works out and they’re married and poppin’ out babies. It’s not realistic.”

“Crude,” Arthur muttered under his breath, shaking his head as he made himself a bit more comfortable. Alfred’s weight against his shoulder was nice, but it was difficult to stay comfortable when they were both trying to obviously not to act like they realized what they were doing. “But that’s the point. It never actually happens like that, so-”

“So you have to watch a movie for your happy ending? I get it, but I’d rather make my own happy ending. Y'know? I mean, a movie is nice but I can’t live in a movie all the time. Movies don’t cuddle.”

When Arthur was silent for too long Alfred worried that maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned cuddling. After all, that seemed to be the unspoken rule. They could do this, lean on each other under the crocheted throw, just so long as neither one mentioned it. He was more than a little upset to have spoiled that, leaning forward and reaching for his hot chocolate to cover up his dropping mood due to his blunder.

“Fine. Movies don’t cuddle,” Arthur said, still clearly thinking over his next words. “But you’re doing a piss poor job at it as well, so I don’t know what you expect me to do.”

Alfred was really, really glad he hadn’t taken a drink just yet, the mug pressed to his lips, because he was positive he could’ve done a convincing spit-take just then. “I- What?”

Arthur gestured to the two of them with false confidence. “You heard me. Movies don’t cuddle, but clearly you don’t know how to either, so I’ve got limited options.”

When Matthew stopped by and let himself into Arthur’s house an hour later to tell Alfred he was home and that he could get inside he had to pause. Finally. Those two were such morons, it was nice to know they could at least be moronic together now. Smiling to himself, he turned around and left with the sight of Alfred and Arthur wrapped in each other’s arms, dozed off and cuddled up together, behind him.

And they’d fallen in love.

The End.

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          He was quiet as he sat on the Nara’s poarch, his sand pooling around his body, making him all but disappear in it. “Is Konohagakure always this festive?” he had seen the village on a few other ocassions, but this would be one of the first times he would be present so close to the fall festivals, for Halloween. Shinki sometimes wondered what Gaara thought of when he asked to join Konohagakure like this, but he had no complaints. At least he was able to see family, and train with them when time allowed.