I feel like these photos are getting a little boring, or my breakfasts are. Some kind of brown leftovers, egg on top, haha. I guess I need to remember to always add green onions or something for color but I was really hungry! This is lamb cazuelas from Rick Bayless’s celebrated and supposedly elusive Red O. This blogger (I borrow their photo of the dish) does a good job describing the restaurant, which though shrouded in some sort of mystery, we were somehow able to reserve the huge, gorgeous throne fit for a birthday queen central table for 7 with just a few hours notice. The illusion, I would say, is the aura of exclusivity, not of the level of the cuisine. Everything we had was superb.

Also pictured, the first use of my silly little poachpod. I finally got proficient at poaching eggs in a water bath but I still hate all the weird strings of protein floating around. I also love soft-boiled eggs, but as mentioned previously, I simply cannot get them right. These will fix both of those problems, and make it much easier to poach, say, four eggs at a time when fixing brunch for wife and company.

I saw an informercial last night  for Eggies, and was obviously convinced I needed at least two sets.  Basically you crack an egg into an egg shaped container and boil, so it comes out like a hardboiled egg, minus having to peel it.  You can also just use egg whites, or add in spices, etc.  Sick, right?

Then I realized I have my PoachPods, and they can be used the same way!  So today after the gym (report to come), I hard-poached (?) some egg whites with dill and nom’d away :)

Product Review: PoachPod

What a fabulous invention! Easy to use and store, and made of silicone so they’re quick cleaning without resorting to non-stick coatings. The lifter makes placing and removing the floating pods safe. And, because you only need 1.5" of water to simmer, you can use any pan or pot you have in your kitchen. The price is also right, and gentle on the wallet.

The Miracle of Egg Technology

Guess what Justyna got me for Christmas? Egg Poaching Pods. I like a poached egg, but I always mess them up and end up with an unsatisfying breakfast of tears.

But no more! These little cuties require minimum effort for maximum reward. You oil them up a teeny bit, float them in a pan containing about 2 inches of water, crack one egg into each, put a lid on it, and heat it on high for 4-5 minutes. You could also cook it for a few minutes longer, to achieve what is basically a soft boiled egg.

And look at that egg! Actually no, that looks like it needs a doctor. I’m sorry about this.

I don’t know what would happen if you cracked more than one egg into a single poach pod. Who wants to find out?


[  ] I love poached eggs
[  ] I suck at poaching eggs
[  ] I find the name “PoachPod” irresistible
[x] All of the above

I found these at Crate & Barrel in L.A. and tried one for the first time this morning. 
New. Favourite. Thing.
They literally work perfectly.  Plus they’re adorable, bendy and dishwasher-safe!  I feel like this is the beginning of something great. 

I made some bad food choices yesterday*, so today (and forevermore!) is gonna be good.  Li'l spring mix, half a grapefruit and a single, perfect, organic poached egg.

*I’m a big fan of accountability, but I’m not sure I can post what I ate last night without feeling sick, thanks in equal parts to indigestion and shame.

Edit: let’s just say it started with “Mc” (as if that’s not bad enough) and ended with “Flurry”.  Special Edition Cadbury Creme Egg.  Ugh.

healthiereveryday replied to your post: Pre-Breakfast HIIT

I do breakfast after I workout because otherwise I get nauseous. In other news: what a perfectly poached egg!!! xxx, M

I often find that I get exhausted so quickly on an empty stomach, especially compared to evenings when I’m bounding around like a 2-year-old, lol.  Maybe it just takes practice? 

Aren’t poached eggs the best?! I used my poachpod :D