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James Corden To Be Offered Primetime Slot Following Late Late Show Success

If there is one British TV presenter who has well and truly cracked America it is definitely James Corden, who has seen roaring success after taking over as the host of ‘The Late Late Show’ in the States.

Now it has been reported that CBS are keen to give the star his own primetime slot to avoid him from being poached by rival networks.

A source explained to the Daily Mail: “James has become one of the most wanted men in Hollywood. He has been getting all sorts of offers and CBS doesn’t want to risk losing him.

"The plan is for a primetime variety show which showcases all his talents. The move will happen sooner rather than later, the talks started last week.”

How very, very exciting.

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CBS have not commented on the claims but the company’s president, Armando Nunez, recently praised James.

He shared: “In just over a year, James has made a very big mark on US late night television with a critically acclaimed show that features the biggest names in entertainment, and unique segments that quickly become digital sensations.”

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James has become a huge hit thanks to skits such as Carpool Karaoke, which sees him show off his vocal abilities alongside A-list stars such as Adele, Justin Bieber and One Direction.

We predict even bigger things for James’ future!