If you live or are going to Brazil in September, then why not check out ANIMALDIÇOADOS 2015? A film festival in Brazil that shows several animated short films that are sci-fi and horror based from all around the world!

There will be two festivals.

One will be at Rio De Janeiro at the Federal Justice Cultural Center from the 3rd of September to the 13th. MORE INFO

And the other at Sao Paulo at the Museum of Image and Sound from the 24th of September to the 26th. MORE INFO

You can check out the Animaldiçoados website for more information about what films will be shown!

You can see Poachers is included in one of the programs.

This’ll be the first festival that Poachers will be translated into a different language with subtitles, if anyone is going to these events, lemme know how it goes and take lots of pictures for me, kay?


anonymous asked:

why do you love torres so much? he used to be an amazing player but that was years ago when he was at liverpool, he hasnt played well since 2011. i think he still has a poachers instinct in the same way that falcao still has it but they both aren't the same players they used to be, kind of shadows of their former selves.

oh so because he doesnt score so many goals anymore I should stop loving him ? wow I feel sorry for your favorite footballers . You will stop loving them as soon as they stop  playing so perfectly. 

I love him because he was my first favorite footballer and because of him I started watching football. I fell in love with his style of playing  , with his passion on the pitch . He is also amazing human being. Remember euro 2012 ? he could have scored second goal but instead of this he passed  ball to juan mata and let him score his goal. He isnt selfish on the pitch. also he loves his fans. He stops and gives autographs. I love him because he doesnt look for attention. He spends so much money on charities and yet no one talks about it or knows it. He is so adorable with kids. I love way more things about him which doesnt concerns football but it is not time to talk about it now.  

and the main reason - the way he treats his fans. He responds to letters and spends a lot of time after training to make sure everyone gets an autograph. He responded to my THREE LETTERS . this fact means something , doesnt it ? on my first letter he wrote on his photo ‘’ to adrianna , best wishes ‘’ . he very rarely gives dedication in respond to fans letters . but he did to me and wished all the best . on my last letter I sent him one photo but he sent me back 3 ATLETICO CARDS SIGNED BY HIM. I asked for only one. in this letter I thanked him for everything and wished good luck in next matches and sent one photo and asked him to sign this and send me because it is important for me to know that he read this letter. how can i not love him ?also I was once in madrid . I had one day one opportunity to meet him. and he stopped after training. he was with fans 10 minutes and he left after he saw everyone is happy and has autograph. I experienced this. He is my idol , my role model and my favorite footballer. I could write a book about my love for him but you wont understand this . I love him more and more everyday and even when he is old AF and scores one goal in season i will always support him. 

“…And that’s the battle plan, everyone understand? Valde? You good?”
“Understood. Execute all who stand in way.”
“T-That’s not what I said valde.”
“What was heard, what will be done. Axe will not stop until buried in last foes skull. Yours or theirs. Your choice.”

Valde, the ever scowling and scheming cat going through some final preparations with her allies before setting out to raid a poachers camp. Her skill in battle is undeniable and next to none, but one must consider if they can stomach her ruthlessness in battle to bring her along on missions. Go ahead and try to stop her. I dare you.

An older piece drawn by the ever skilled valthedragoon , Go look at her art, DO EET.

So ontae au where they’re both lion shifters. Taemin is just a cub tho. His family was running from poachers and he was the only one who survived when they caught up to them. Jinki, who’s minding his own business, hears Taemins call of distress. Taemins in cub form because his parents never finished teaching him out to shift out and in. Hearing his call Jinki walks close to camp and investigates. Seeing the little lion cub scared makes Jinki’s protecting instincts to kick in. And he fights the poachers off and grabs Taemin by the scruff of his neck and sprints off. The remaining poachers never find them.

Jinki takes Taemin to his cave and gently lays the cub on the rug on the floor. He gently licks the cuts taemin has and makes a rumbling noise in his throat to help cox him out of his lion form. It takes a while but he does. And Taemin’s only like 11, not reaching maturing age so his shifted form is still that of a cub. And Jinki feeds him, doesn’t has any questions, until Taemin is cleaned up and warm by the fire.

And Jinki’s 16, his family too was killed my poachers, but he was on a hunt so they never found him. He came back to his camp to find his parents and baby brother killed. He explains to Taemin that he’s been on the run ever since and that now, if he wants, he’ll protect taemin. That nothing will happen to you I promise.

And just cutie little cub taemin being taught things by Jinki. How to pounce and hunt, how to catch fish in the river with his paw, how to prowl. He explains how females in the lion shifters usually hunt, but he was taught to because his mother had his little brother to take care of.

Like theres the time Taemin pounces to catch a squirrel and ends up tumbling down a hill. And Jinki is sprinting down it to catch him in a panic, and he finds Taemin in a plant wiggling happily and Jinki just sighs mentally before helping him out and carrying him up by the scruff of his neck back up to camp.


That is where former U.S. Army officer turned anti poaching enforcer Kinessa Johnson steps in. Recently she joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (“VETPAW”) as an anti-poaching advisor. Johnson and her fellow post-9/11 veterans train and support African anti-poaching rangers to prevent the extermination of keystone African wildlife, and the disastrous economic and environmental impact it would have.

“Pretty much everything [humans have] done to protect [elephants from ivory poachers] has failed. So elephants have decided to take matters into their own hands … or trunks or weirdly rounded three-toed feet or whatever. To make themselves less appealing to their greatest enemies (poachers), elephants all over the world have begun selecting against having tusks at all. For example, it used to be that only 2 to 5 percent of Asian male elephants were born without tusks, and you can believe those few were the belittled Dumbos of the group. By 2005, it was estimated that the tuskless population had risen to between 5 and 10 percent. And it’s not just happening in Asia, either. One African national park estimated their number of elephants born without tusks was as high as 38 percent.” #CrackedClassic

7 Animals That Are Evolving Right Before Our Eyes


In 2013 over 20,000 elephants were killed

In May of 2014 Mountain Bull was killed.

Yesterday, Satao The Elephant, a Kenyan icon, was killed by poachers.

Not to even mention the 68 elephants that were massacred in the Congo.

Kenya needs armed guards

Oh, and rhino populations have dropped 90% since 2008.


Flying Rhinos: Photos You Don’t See Every Day.

  These thick-skinned mammals, weighing up to 3,000 pounds each, were being transported to the Limpopo Province in South Africa. Led by the WWF’s Black Rhino Range Expansion Project, nearly 120 black rhinos have been relocated, with the hope that a new home will help protect the critically endangered species from poachers.

If they don’t have champions, they are doomed to disappear…doomed to disappear.

These are the rangers that we fund in Russia to protect the last 450 Amur tigers. These men face blizzard like conditions, are often faced with armed poachers and patrol an area the size of Britain. Their dedication and hard work pays off and they have reduced tiger poaching in this area by half. Help us fund this vital work by donating here: http://www.davidshepherd.org/help-us/tiger-time/donate/

Indian labourers dig a pit to bury a one-horned rhino that was killed and dehorned by poachers at the Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, Gauhati, India. Forest officials gunned down two poachers after they killed the rhino inside the sanctuary while another escaped with the horn, according to forest officials. The price of rhino horn varies between US$65,000 and $100,000 a kilogram, about 2.5 times more than the value of a kilogram of gold | image by Anupam Nath

Gorillas worked together to dismantle poachers’ trap

July, 2012. Astonishing picture of the young gorillas who worked together to dismantle the poachers’ trap that killed their friend.Just days after a poacher’s snare had killed one of their own, two young mountain gorillas have been spotted working together to take apart poachers traps.

Today our field staff observed several young gorillas from Kuryama’s group destroying snares!’ Veronica Vecellio, gorilla program coordinator at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund’s Karisoke Research Center, which is in the reserve where the event took place, blogged.

‘This is absolutely the first time that we’ve seen juveniles doing that,’ she told National Geographic.
Bush-meat hunters set thousands of rope-and-branch snares in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, where the mountain gorillas live.

For Animals.


Shark Week :Save The Fins!

Shark week is the time of the year where everyone loves Sharks whether they make an appearance in Sharknado, Jaws or through the lens of a research team. The great thing is that Shark week sheds light on the ocean and marine life we know little about which is great because a lot of people don’t know how much us the ,“land mammals”, can affect the oceans environment; Not only that but the oceans make up most of the earth!

So lets talk about the sharks. Sharks in my opinion are amazing intelligent creatures. They have also been on this earth for a really long time, and by a long time I mean 450 MILLION years! Seriously though, that is crazy. Which this can give you an idea on how well they’ve adapted and how successful they have been in the food chain.

So 1st, the bad. Sharks are being picked off and killed for one simple reason, their fin. Does this sound familiar? The practice is called finning. People hunt sharks, attack them by tearing their fin off and throw them back in the sea. Which in most cases causes the sharks to die.These people are just as bad as the poachers taking the horns off Rhinos and the tusks off of elephants. This practice is mostly done for the purpose of a soup…. that’s it. Its terrible and unneeded. Why is this a cause for concern? Shark’s population is declining at a rapid rate. In a decade Sharks can be near to extinction. Here’s a quick list of the impact of shark fining,

  • Loss and devastation of shark populations around the world. Experts estimate that within a decade, most species of sharks will be lost because of longlining.
  • Unsustainable fishery. The massive quantity of sharks harvested and lack of selection deplete shark populations faster than their reproductive abilities can replenish populations.
  • Threatens the stability of marine ecosystems.
  • Loss of sharks as a food staple for many developing countries.
  • Local waters are invaded by large industrial, foreign fishing vessels that threaten traditional sustainable fisheries.
  • Threatens socio-economically important recreational fisheries.
  • Obstructs the collection of species-specific data that are essential for monitoring catches and implementing sustainable fisheries management.
  • Wasteful of protein and other shark-based products. Up to 99 per cent of the shark is thrown away.

The good, there’s a way to help. By being aware you can sign the petition to ban finning *hopefully across the world*.Sign the petition here BAN FINNING.

Also, If you like Lush they have a campaign going on! They have cool looking soaps with fins and their charity pots where all the proceeds go to the organizations who are fighting for the salvation of sharks. Here’s a linkage to that too Lush. I hope you became somewhat informed and can help or contribute to the fight!

Source: http://www.sharkwater.com/index.php/shark-education/