poached plums

meyechael  asked:

Sunset: How do you like to spend your evenings? Charmed: Do you own anything that brings you good luck? Smores: What is your favorite dessert?

Sunset: I work until 9pm haha, then I go home and eat toast. Then sleep.
Charmed: I don’t, sadly!
S'mores: Wowee that’s a hard one! I like puddings with cream or custard. Sticky date pudding is phenomenal, caramel pudding is, too. But actually my fav desert I would say is home made custard (from egg yolks, cream, vanilla and sugar), served with cinnamon poached fruit like pears, plums or even berries. Yeah! I just love sweet warm and creamy cool. I suppose it’s a textural thing?
Thanks for the ask!