In which acciowalnuts and I sob over Wolfstar in POA

Me: In POA there’s a full moon the night after Sirius attacks the Fat Lady. So Sirius and Remus are both on castle grounds at once.

Laurel: So what are you thinking?

Me: So I wonder if Sirius hears Remus out by the Shack. Or if he’s already there.

Laurel: Moony and Padfoot reunion.

Me: I wonder if Sirius disappears before morning, and Remus wakes up questionably less injured.

Laurel: I bet Moony is confused/angry at Padfoot for being gone so long.

Me: It takes half of the night for Moony to get used to seeing him again. Sirius is probably desperate to reveal himself, but Merlin knows what Remus probably thinks of him. Blaming him for spilling secrets to Voldemort and then getting caught himself when it was all Peter’s fault. He wants to tell him so badly, but doesn’t want to risk it.

Laurel: Especially after a Full Moon when he knows Remus won’t be all there to listen fully. On the other hand, Remus might be weak enough to not immediately attack him, but he probably decides it’s not a good idea.

Me: Sirius wants to know so many things. Where have you been? What have you been up to? Have you been eating? What brought you back to Hogwarts? (Probably the threat of Sirius Black on the loose—he decides). Can you believe you’re a professor? Professor Lupin of Defense Against the Dark Arts! Oh Merlin, what would James think—Harry!? How is Harry? How is our little James Jr.?

Laurel: He wonders most of all if Remus hates him.

Me: Remus had either 12 years to build up hate or forgiven him in some twisted way (a way that probably means he doesn’t think of Sirius much at all anymore, and that’s almost worse.) He doesn’t know which, can’t tell which one will be true. Remus is unpredictable in that way.

Laurel: I like the idea that Remus doesn’t know what to think because he knows it’s more likely that McGonagall kill Dumbledore than it is that Sirius would kill James, and he knows Sirius and he just can’t believe it. But he’s not allowed to visit him in Azkaban, and Dumbledore won’t listen and the picture of Sirius laughing in the Daily Prophet enforces the image the Ministry is painting of a completely unhinged criminal, and Peter is dead. But they sent him to Azkaban without a trial and Remus just never trusts the Ministry for all they’ve done. 12 years is a long time to go in circles about what you believe, but I think Remus never really fully believed it all because he was so quick to come to the realization of what really happened, as if he had thought of the same thing.

Me: Yeah. I wonder what he thinks of the news that Sirius is at Hogwarts. Everyone thinks he’s going after Harry, and Remus goes along with it, doesn’t he?

Laurel: Remus could’ve come to Hogwarts that year because he knew either Sirius was evil and wanted to kill Harry, or Sirius was innocent and would return to the only home he’d ever known. And he had so many questions. So he goes where Sirius will go.

Me: When he wakes up after the Full Moon unharmed he just knows. It had to be Padfoot.

Laurel: Remus probably knows Sirius was there and doesn’t know what to think of it. He didn’t attack Remus, obviously. Why else visit, then? Other than to help.

Me: And even when Remus gets the Marauder’s Map from Harry, he yells at him because the map is a map to Harry that Sirius Black—a killer—could use. But then. Peter Pettigrew on the Map? 2/4 friends…alive? What does it mean? Was it a combined plan? Almost impossible to think they would team up for something like that. Then it hits him. Peter was the snitch.

Laurel: He always wondered. Because Sirius couldn’t be the traitor, he’d never do anything like that to his family or hurt James, right? It doesn’t add up.

Me: It made no sense for Sirius to go on Voldemort’s side. Especially after Regulus died.

Laurel: But the facts are facts. Until Peter is alive and he realizes.

Me: Sirius isn’t after Harry. He’s after Peter. He opens the map and waits, searching for either of his old friends.

Laurel: And sees them all together in one place. Harry and Peter and Sirius. What if for one second one name covers Harry’s and all he can see is “Potter” and it looks like all of his best friends are all in the Shack.

Me: Oh jeez.

I always take a break in PoA right before peter escapes so I can forgive everyone for forgetting about petrificus totalus