it’s really important to me that scott knows how lydia feels about stiles

he hears the flutter of her heartbeat every time stiles is near her, pounding in a rhythm so fast that if he looked away, he would have never believe it was lydia martin’s heart. he sees the tenseness her body, a simple click in her body that has her standing rigid and tall, all sharp around the edges with her hands clenched tightly, when she sees stiles slipping a hand into someone’s that’s not hers. 

he expects to smell jealousy, resentment, but the only thing that wafts through the air is regret. he knows it too well, and it eats away at him as he watches lydia crumble under it. the worst was when stiles and lydia were alone, how she would regress out of the razor tipped, steel plated lydia that doesn’t let anyone come near, and the smell of metal would finally fade from the air when stiles makes lydia laugh. for a moment, lydia forgets. 

she forgets what isn’t hers and the words she could never say, and lets her heart get kneaded into dough, pumping out cadences that sound all too familiar to scott because if he remembers really hard, he knows he’s heard allison’s heart beat the exact same way. 

he never says anything, just pulls her into a deep hug once in a while, tapping out the rhythm he’s heard too often as he holds her in her arms. she’d pull away smiling and ask, “what was that for?”

and every time he’d answer, “just so you know everything’s going to be fine” glancing down to where lydia’s hands are gripped tightly into fists. 

she looks sadly at him, “scott mccall, ever the optimist,”

but even though scott’s never been all that much of a realist, he knows there’s no such thing as fate.

(but there’s also no such thing as werewolves)

Só um aviso pra você que fica rebolando bunda na internet, mostrando a beirada da raba, para que está feio, mulher quando se garante, não precisa disso.

i am tryin to be rational and level headed right now but all that fucking matters to me is lydia and stiles clinging to each other for safety in what’s presumably eichen house, stiles wrapping himself around lydia to keep her close and safe and lydia digging her fingers into his skin as she sucks in frantic gasps, holding on so tight lest he run off and try to do something heroic and i 

Eu sou tua namorada, sua mulher, sua amante, sua amiga, ta querendo amigas ainda pra que? Perdeu o senso do perigo? Quer morrer? 🔪


I got tagged by prairiefemme and cornerstorebitch and I think someone else (I’m sorry I’m the worst) for 20 Beautiful People! Thank you! 

This isn’t the most flattering picture, but my cat cooperated with my selfies for the first time in his entire life, so I take what I can get. 

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Here’s some punch out headcanons about how they all act when they’re drunk. —

Little Mac: he doesn’t drink firstly because he’s underage to drink in bars and I think he wouldn’t really want to. Might get drunk for the first time at a party from being curious and asking to try some alcohol. He gets out of hand. —

Glass joe: he changes drastically. He becomes a lot more forward and orders people about while being pretty mean. He stumbles around and stutters and starts fights. He often wakes up in the morning after to find he’d passed out on the floor with his face covered in rude doodles. Mostly Arans doing. —
Von kaiser: he goes from being grumpy to having a constant smile. He’s not jolly but he just relaxes. —
Disco kid: doesn’t really change. He giggles a lot and continues to dance. —
King hippo: he sits with the others telling stories that no one can understand. He’ll talk for hours on end even if you have no idea what’s coming out of that mouth. —
Piston Hondo: He doesn’t drink. —
Bear hugger: offers to buy everyone drinks and chugs beers like no tomorrow. Him and soda have drinking contests. —
Great tiger: I don’t know if he would drink. —
Don flamenco: the queen bitch. Often insulting people while they are right next to him. For example, “next to joes nose, the Eiffel tower is the second biggest monument in France” and joe would face him to say “Don I am right here you know” or “and when you visit it becomes the third.” Don, being a drunk mess.. Replies o my with “…you smell”. —
Aran Ryan: dear lord. —
Soda popinski: he is the jolliest guy when he isn’t drunk and by god does he become even more so. He often dances on the tables and sings and tells jokes. Everyone loves going out to drink with him. —
Bald bull: he genuinely doesn’t get drunk. He might become a little more angry. —
Super macho man: he just he rips off his clothes… He dances and flexes and puts on a show. He also splurges out when it comes to ladies, and buys them expensive drinks. —
Mr. Sandman: not a lot of difference. He just seeks a lot more. —
Narcis prince: he becomes emotional and spills all of his feelings. A true gentleman doesn’t get drunk. But it really doesn’t take much for him. —
Heike kagero: he flirts with everyone. EVERYONE.

So… I hate this picture. But I also love it. Let me tell you something about this picture: so as you can see in here, I look horrible in this picture. My eyes are closed, I look like a retarded, I could point out every flaw in here but oh well… Misha was my first PO at JIBCon and I was SO nervous. I went up to him and I just said “I don’t know what to do.“ and he was so nice and just said for me to “come here” and grabbed me and was so cute and adorable and omg it ’ s Misha Collins everyone. I definitely need a good picture with him next year.

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Could Oogway secretly still be alive despite what we saw in the first film? Will the third movie involve his sudden return?

Though it would be exciting to hear he could be physically alive somewhere, it is very unlikely. His departure in the first film was a more symbolic than straightforward way of showing his physical body leaving the world, which in the classical sense means that he’s “dead.”

However, this doesn’t mean he can’t still be spiritually alive, and that he can’t spiritually return. Because the third film involves supernatural elements, we believe Oogway’s role will likely involve him helping Po in his upcoming face-off against the new supernatural threat. Who better to combat an evil spirit than a good one? ;)

Trying my best to look cute as possible because I’m loving my new haircut, turns out like “your cologne smells bad as fuck” - “im gnna kill you with kindness as fuck” I say “as fuck” (af) too much ahher. Not so sorry :)