Wouldn’t it be the greatest shit if the HBO war fandom was like the superwholocks? I mean we got three shows…that actually have things in common. Like

Someone: HBO war sucks

Answer: UUUUHMHMHHHMMMMM SWEATY (: (: (: you better not mess with the BIG THREE we are the hOLY TRINITY we can kill your asS and make it look like world war 2 happened, gen kill fans grab yiour ripped fuel, band fans grab yuor scizzuhs, pacific fans gerab your hearts that were broken when snafu left sledge on the train, you have NO idea who you angered here sweaty (: uwuwu (:

Go-love-some-more sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:

“Happy with my little curvy bits. My whole life I have struggled to love my body and love myself. But slowly I’m growing into my own skin and realizing that it doesn’t matter how much I weigh but rather how I feel in and out of my clothes. Feel free to follow for kitty pictures and new friendships go-love-some-more”

Thanks for sharing! :)

devo ter algum bloqueio cerebral porque não é possível, a solução ta na minha cara e eu continuo insistindo no erro