After getting compliments on my hatchery header, I decided to make some for all the Flights (mine is Nature). I’m sure that someone has done something like this but I wanted to give it a shot myself because I love the idea of familiars guarding nests. Feel free to use for whatever.

I think one thing I’d like to see on FR would be birthday bonuses for individual players. Like, just a nice side function to make someone’s day even better.
You can get one or two extra turns at gathering, and bigger bonuses for that one day. Hey! Extra discounts for the day at the MP and lair expansions!
Maybe you also get a chest in your hoard! Maybe better than a gilded chest? Like the items are even better? But it can’t leave your account. You can choose to stick it in your vault and not open it, but you can’t just sell the chest off.
I dunno, I feel like it’d just be a nice thing to have that makes players feel more thought about and cared for by the staff

Cursed Flight Rising Lairs: Those weird ones from WAAY back that have 1 or 2 Familiars (Kickstarter+Loga) but a slightly different layout compared to New Users. (See: No Lair, the light Dragon overlay on the old User’s profile)

Interviews with Outcasts

as recorded by Nocturnal, Clan Educator and Linguist

[find the other interviews here.]

My Arrival to the Clan, as told by Fade, Clan Elder

Fade has draped himself in the pile of cushions across from my writing desk, where I teach the hatchlings, the washed-out plumage that gives him his name leaving dust on the cloth beneath him. He notes my distaste and chuckles. “Not all of us are hatched with mighty manes. Some settle for feathers.” He folds his wings and rolls onto his side, now shedding leaves from the branches at his shoulders.

“You’ve settled into Nature quite nicely.”

He plucks up a leaf and inspects it. “It was the least I could do, considering all Nature has done for me. Along those lines, what can I do for you?”

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So we adopted a cat this afternoon. His name is Cookie and he’s 8 years old. He came from a caring home, but the owner, apparently in tears, had to give him away due to his aggression towards her new kitty. He was stressed out in the animal shelter due to his constant proximity to the other cats. This seemed fine for us seeing as we don’t plan on having more than one cat. He’s been sitting in a corner downstairs for hours now. He’s got food, water and toilet. I think he drank some of the water, but he definitely did not eat any food. I’m worried.