UNDERGROUND - Warriors PMV (please read the video description)

this has been in the works for over 7 months now lol so please mind the bad art U.U

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Ok... Ok... So if Leafpool is genetically accurate (red or cream tabby) and still got with Crowfeather (a solid black tom)... Would Lion, Jay and Holly still be accurate? The website I'm using basically says that Lionblaze and Hollyleaf would be inaccurate and that Jayfeather would still be a blue tabby. I'm not too sure I might be wrong... Can you please help me figure this out?

yep so here we go

leafpool - red tabby

crowfeather - solid black

boys are gonna be red or cream tabbies, and girls will be torties or dilute torties. SO here’s genetically accurate po3 (w leaf being red)




Hey!! October’s coming up soon and I know I’m definitely getting into the Halloween Spirit! So I decided to come up with a WoW-specific Art Challenge for anyone else who’s looking for inspiration for some spooky art. 


Do them in order! Do them out of order! I don’t care! If you want to skip a few, go ahead! If you want to do them all in the same day, god help you, but great! You can choose to draw inspiration from the theme, draw the theme itself or draw an OC dressed up as the theme! Get as creative as you want, and if you don’t want to keep up with it, don’t stress! 

I’ll keep an eye on the tag “PO3′s HEAC” if you want to post there! (I just ask that you wait until October to start posting, unless you’re super keen on getting started)

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Where is Rivenclan is the new arc, have they even made any worthy appearance? I feel like they are straight chillin in the water while over head you see Wind and Thunder fighting off the strays. Onestar gotta take some notes.

honestly since hawkfrost is gone and we don’t get leafpool pov’s anymore riverclan has p much gone off the map since Po3 aside from mothwing and willowshine 

pikestaff replied to your post “I’M GONNA GO BACK TO PAINTING THIS COMMISSION, I might stream…”

That’s the best music though

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I support the kazooing

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2 things - 1: MoP kazoo music is SUPERIOR and 2: if u ever wanna do a 3 way stream w/ po3 and me lemme kno!! theyre fun! if u do stream i hope i can make it ~

All Hail The Kazoo Music

also zoRALLA omg that’d be cool to do sometime!!! And me too, it’d be super cool to chill w/ u and everyone else that joins! :>

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I hate the idea of Starclan killing kits from forbidden lovers(Mosskit, Mapleshade's kits, etc.)as punishment to the mother. Why can't they just punish the mother without killing innocent kits? & why does Leafpool's kits get a free pass from this?

i agree, esp considering that the fathers never have any consequences from this. but i think it was mentioned sometime in the po3 that jay could actually see at first, but starclan took his sight away from him 

WoW Hallow’s End Art Challenge/Inktober Challenge Mashup

28- Spirit Healer (Unbound)

“I serve not the will of men on gilded thrones, nor of women on deep chasms. I guide heroes out of the shadowlands for another chance. Let gods and monsters quarrel for souls, I’ll continue to do what I must, for I am Unbound”

After the reveal that Spirit Healers are renegade Val’kyr, I’m 100% in love with these badass ladies! This is a collab with @eternalkeeper after we bounced some ideas; the helm is the last one to fade. http://eternalkeeper.tumblr.com/post/152448658600

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I really thought that the Erin's would have made Hollyleaf one of the three/four eventually because she has really good leadering skills? Eventually she becomes leader or something, probably leads or saves the clan with her litter mates... (1/2)

(2/2) Not fake her death or something because like wTF ERINS YOU MISSED A BIG OPPORTUNITY OR FOR HOLLYLEAF When Dovepaw/wing came along I was like,, oh no,, and when Firestar was revealed to be the fourth I was liKE BUT WHY 

honestly hollyleaf had so much wasted potential…..like even if they would have had her kill ashfur and then turn into a villain it would have been better than the way they treated her. (if she never killed ashfur) they could have had fire die in between PO3 and OOTS, have bramble become leader and him choose holly as deputy like??? 

PO3 & OOTS feel like such wasted story arcs to me bc of how many mistakes they made

WoW Hallow’s End Art Challenge/Inktober Challenge Mashup

15-Faction Leader (Sylvanas Windrunner)

Woohoo! Halfway there! and to celebrate reaching the midpoint of this challenge, I inked a piece I have been wanting to do for ages and that I will definitely color. Oh man, I’m kinda proud if this one, even if it took way too long XD

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I've been really confused over which cats trained in the dark forest, especially main characters. I had no idea that Lionblaze had until I saw it on this blog. I guess I really didn't read too carefully, or the Erins just tossed a bunch in

really??? it was a big part of Po3 lol

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I'm slightly annoyed that in the first books of Warriors, the elders were all around the age of six or seven years. But the newer series, everyone are almost ten years old, half of Thunderclan should be in the elders den. Kate said that even Brackenfur won't retire in AVOS arc even though he's basically the same age as Graystripe! It also annoys that all the old cats act like they are young, especially Mistystar, she still speaks and acts like she was in the first series.


if you look at rank in the clan, thunderclan has had the same senior warriors for over 4 arcs, with only a few dying/moving to the elder’s den. 

i think that in Po3 that Sand, Dust, Gray & Millie should have all retired, and then in OOTS that Bracken, Thorn, Bright, Cloud & Fern as well. Following in Avos then Squirrel, Leaf, White & Birch. The erins don’t want to let go of old characters, which is why it was so easy in the first arc to kill off elders or unnamed kits which was more realistic and believable.

With so many older cats in the clan who are still active and producing kits, it’s hard for any of the younger warriors to rise thru the ranks, which will cause a problem when thunderclan needs to choose it’s next deputy/leader