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TomoxHeath Ship that Sails!

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tomoyohime self-ship headcanons with Heath Hasekura (Prince of Stride)

I fell in love with Heath until I knew him well. At first I was kinda scared of him but now I adore his manly aura mixed with gentleness and surprises. He always tries to act like an adult but sometimes his inner child shows up, when cuddling or kissing (or with his tickles attacks).

Heath tends to show his affection with actions more than words: he surprises me with little gifts or chocolates. He knows the best way to make me happy is to give me a bag of chips.

If he gets enough inspiration, Heath likes to whisper me cute and cheesy things. At the end of the day I love to lay on his chest while he pets my head. The last thing I feel before fall asleep is a kiss on my forehead and a “good night my angel” in my ear.

Lunch and dinner times are sacred, we really enjoy eating together. Heath especially can get very excited for various reasons, he loves when I cook for him or he simply likes to watch my happy face while I’m eating something good. He thinks is funny.

Our favorites hobbies consist in walking, running and dancing (always keeping an eye on his leg) apart from Stride we are considering participating in a dance competition. We like videogames too, at first Heath used to think it was too childish but now we create strategies together.

Because his leg injury, Heath can be overprotective. I can get scolded by him for any random reason but if I find him doing something dangerous for his health my scoldings may exceed the Honan captain’s. Anyway, we are always caring for each other.

Despite my sisters in law protests -Diane and Shauna- I prefer how Heath uses his hair all back with the headband. He looks sooooo manly and I can kiss all his face without obstacles. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his look with hair down in special occasions. Sadly, a random day he was with his hair down, I didn’t recognize him and I thought some creepy guy entered in the house.

-Who are you? Stay away from me! *holding a fry pan*

 Heath: It’s me!

-Noo! Go away!

 Heath: IT’S ME! *putting his headband on*

-Owww… owww… hi Heath! Where you’ve been hiding in?

 Heath: You little…! *Tickle attack*

-No…wait! Ahhh!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

 Heath: I can’t believe you can’t recognize your husband!

-Is not hahaha my hahaha… fault! You change hahahaha… a lot with your hahaha.. bangs down… hahaha!!

These are so perfect!! AH!! I ship it with all the gelato in Italy!

Submitted by @magic-brian :

i was in dublin on the 20th and will answer any merch questions in as much detail as i can remember, the prices were in euro tho so bear that in mind. i believe all sizes are unisex and go from xs to xxl but their nightly stocks are quite limited for certain sizes

2 t-shirts, either €20 or €25, one is black and says “fear the future” with the tour dates on the back. the other is white with The Ass on front and i believe “masseduction” on the back

i can’t recall what the blue beanie says but i think it might be fear the future
i bought the grey sweatshirt in the vinyl unboxing video (€35) and it’s super comfy and fleecy inside, the print on the front is very thick plasticy vinyl though and acts a little weirdly when it bends

there’s also a black bomber jacket for €70 with st vincent on the back in pink (?) lettering i believe
there are cd and vinyl versions of all of her albums, i believe the prices went from €15 to €30 but i didn’t look too closely
there’s also a metal pin set for €15, i got the last ones that were hanging up on display and the vendor said they had sold out at every show so far, so get hustling if you want them

i also hadn’t seen this mentioned anywhere else so the posters are a3, shiny card and come wrapped in a tubular plastic bag for protection

i hope this was helpful!

THANK YOU (you have amazing memory wth..) (also that poster …👌🏼 and those pins…👍🏼 )

baguettes: *exist*

glass joe: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 bonne merde bOnne mErde 👌 c'est ✔ toute la bonne merde👌👌 juste 👌👌l 👌👌 à👌 juste✔là ✔✔c'est moi qui le di s 💯 c'est moi qui le dis 💯 c'est de ça que je parle juste là juste là  (chorus: ʲᵘˢᵗᵉ ˡᵃ̀) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Bonne merde

Only Jasper

Jasper looked up at the rising sun. Another day on the island. Another lonely day. He forced himself to be positive. Maybe today would be different. Maybe someone would come over to visit. However, he knew that wasn’t the case. Oh well. Maybe if he went back to the pogs, someone would come to play.

He reminisced about playing the game as he started walking. Even if it had only been a few months after his death, it felt like ages ago. Still, he could remember every detail of the day as if it was yesterday.

Jasper sat on the ground, stacking up his pogs. Every design was facing down, which was a shame since he wanted to show off the cool ones he had collected. His tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth with concentration as he placed the final pog. Just as he got out his slammer, a boy sat down next to him. He looked up from his stack to see a grumpy looking camper with his arms crossed and a pout on his face.

“Hey,” he greeted, “you’re that new camper! Davey, right?”

The boy nodded, shifting in the grass. “Yeah, whatever. Just so you know, the stupid counselors are making me do this.”

Before he could question him, Davey got out his own plastic container of pogs. Jasper’s eyes lit up as he tried to peer inside to see the patterns. He got shooed away by the other, who grumbled something about regretting this decision.

“You’re gonna play with me? Radical! I don’t wanna brag, but I’m pretty good at this game! If you’re a newbie though, I can totally go eas—”

“Shut up.”

He whined, closing his mouth. Davey got his own pogs out and stacked them on top of Jasper’s.

“We’re playing for keeps.” The boy practically gave an order as he finished stacking. “I don’t play the square way.”

Jasper nodded, fiddling with the slammer before starting the game.

Before he knew it, he had gotten to the pogs. They were all perfectly stacked up, like someone was about to start a game. He had been waiting for someone to play with. They never came. He never came. Jasper sighed, sitting down next to the stack and pulling his knees close to his chest.

The minutes mentally ticked by as he stared at the pogs, getting more and more frustrated. The silence of the room was deafening. The realization that had been in the back of his head the entire time was slowly weighing on him. Yet, when it hit him, it felt like a train had hit him.

Davey was never coming.

In a fit of pure emotion, he knocked over the pog stack with an arm. What was the point? What was the point in waiting here in silence? He was never going to see his friend again. He was never going to see anyone again. He had been left all alone. Abandoned. Distraught, he hid his face in his knees, tears starting to form. There was no point in any of this! All his waiting, all his hoping. There was no point! No one was coming to play one last game of pogs. No one was coming to have one last conversation. No one was coming to go one one last hike.

No one was coming. Not now. Not ever.

He sobbed with his head buried in his knees. There was no hope left. Just Jasper. Only Jasper. For as long as he was trapped here.