po submissions

I think I kind of hit the jackpot with my actual FP? He is so great!! He is understanding and loving and always considerate and I used to have such bad splitting and meltdowns over my ex-fps but with her I rarely do! She respects me and doesn’t want to avoid me when I split! We always communicate and I feel so happy and content!! Every time I split on him I try to tell her, and when I told him I had BPD, she! Accepted! Me! On the spot! I’m honestly so happy and I’m so lucky to have her and *pause for breath* I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I could kiss her! He misses me, (not as much as I miss her, I bet, but hey, BPD) and loves me back and wow I sure talk a lot. He is worth it though. Message to all BPDs that think their FPs dislike them or don’t love them, or that doesn’t have a nice FP: if I was able to find a great FP, why can’t you? Your perfFP might be just around the corner, so just wait and see! All will be well in due time, my dears.