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Today is me & my loves lil anniversary and there is a cute photoset he likes a lot that was similar to the vibe of this, so I made him one of me in my own style for him personally❤️

I wanted to post this because it is beautiful.
Can we all take a moment to desexualize the human body and appreciate it for the art that it is.
I have a feeling this will anger some of my followers & i asked babe before posting and he told me to go ahead anyways.
My entire life I have been sexualized. I would say it started heavily at age ten as that’s when I began developing.
I had people ogling at me constantly.
I was a little girl fully clothed & I would still hear “look at her ass omg” or “why isnt she wearing a bra” and so for a long time I felt shame.
I wasn’t supposed to have curves, let alone have them be visible to people in any way.
Cue years of baggy clothes & unhealthy mindsets.
I came into realization of myself recently that I am going to do whatever the fuck I want to with my body and nobody can tell me otherwise, or tell me that it’s wrong.
People act like I try to sexualize my entire existence.
No, I just wear what I’m comfortable in and 99.9% of the time that happens to be shorts and a tank top.
I felt absolutely beautiful yesterday. (Still do!) and it felt so odd to be so comfortable with myself, by myself.
See, that’s something i’ve always struggled with too.
Nobody sees you at the end of the day when you’re alone by yourself, staring into the mirror.
This is one of the times I feel we are most beautiful.
Vulnerable to ourselves in an observatory way, we pick apart what we don’t like and settle for what we do.
What if you decided one day you love all of you?
That’s what I’ve decided for about a year now, and am really starting to fully believe it.
I will not let others describe me, as if their words & opinions sign the contract of who I am in my own life.
I am beautiful and free.
My body is my own, and that will not change.
The human body is a beautiful enchanting masterpiece and people have lost their wonder.
Some show self respect and love by covering themselves, I do not.
All that matters is you are comfortable w yourself

Zawsze tak ze mną było. Daj mi coś dobrego, a zniszczę to. Kochaj mnie, a zniszczę ciebie. Nigdy nie czułem, żebym na coś w życiu zasłużył. Nigdy nie czułem, żebym był wart chorej przestrzeni, którą zajmuję. To poczucie naznaczyło wszystko, co kiedykolwiek zrobiłem, widziałem i z czym miałem do czynienia.
—  James Frey – Milion małych kawałków
Mój lęk przed przeciętnością, jest większy niż strach przed nieznanym, to spowodowało, że jestem tu gdzie jestem, daleko wyprzedzając innych.

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// OMG, so I know there's this voltron art school au going around & imagine Lance as a theater major (who also has a really nice voice~ ;3c)

i nEED THIS and like, this is me totally imposing my headcanons on this but imagine trans lance as a theatre major struggling to find roles/directors that would cast him in male roles cause that dysphoria feel when and then one of the directors was just like “SCREW GENDERED ROLES ANYONE CAN PLAY ANYONE UNLESS FOR SOME WEIRD ASS REASON THEY SPECIFY GENITALIA, THIS SHITS A FREE FOR ALL Y’ALL” and lance nearly cries