UPDATE: Hey Key Clubbers how do you feeeeelll?

Ahhhhh. Okay this is gonna be a longgg post. I just got back home from the PNW Dcon in Seattle, Washington for Key Club. This was my first year seeing that its my schools first year entering our division 62. It was Friday night till Sunday morning.  

Friday morning: Omg it was the longest van ride of my life. 3 hours, usually its not bad. But I was cramped in the back back of 4 rows with 4 people with all the bags under our feet. I slept for sure but eh. Like we were all crammed together and they kept trying to take selfies but im like “Nah lemme just sleep pls”

Arrival: We had to check in to get our room keys. While we waited we had to hurry and put on our spirit gear. My division are the purple panthers. :) We had tutus, our panther shirts (cutie kawaii panthers ok) bows, etc. After we got into our rooms and put stuff away. We went straight into the hall where all the divisions were. Idaho, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington. It was amazing! On our way there we marched to our cheer for our entrance and it was an ice breaker so we all got into a circle and played key club games. Jiggalo, Ride my pony, etc. It was so fun! I got out of my shell when it came to Ride my pony because I played it before at my freshman cheer tryouts and its just so fun. Afterwards I think we went straight to the convention area where we were seated by divisions and had a rally. We were up against DIV65 which had a lot of people i knew. It was so great seeing them again after yearsssss. We had a lot of stuff to do afterwards. So much went on I cant remember the exact orders, I might edit here and there throughout the day. Caucusing? Yeah. Till 12 AM. Then off to bed we went. Jk not really cause my roomies and i didnt fall asleep till 3 am and we had to wake up at like 7 AM.

Spirit gearrrrr ^ (Chubby cheek girl at the far left bottom haaay)

Saturday: Breakfast. I didn’t go i felt really sick so my two roomies went and got food while my other roomie and I stayed in and did our hair and makeup for the day. We had to be in DCON attire so everyone looked the same in all the shirts and it was tough to figure out who was from what division unfortunately. After we got ready we all gathered and went our separate ways to different sessions. The ones I went to were in this order: Bulletin Editor and webmaster (Because Im the editor of next year), Houston Kraft speech prt 2 (Im so blessed to have seen him speak again. He came to my school when i lived in Washington and he just opened up my heart and mind and i was so excited to see him omg), then we had the service fair! We all gathered and traded buttons, and people had on hug me signs. Which if someone hugged you or you hug them you trade signs or give up your signs. It was SO fun like my friend Annie and i just went around hugging people for their signs and trading buttons. I only got two because I only had two to trade unfortunately. :/  I hugged some cuties from DIV20i and DIV32 the most. Shout outttt. Every time someone screamed SELFIE random people would go in. Annie and I would have random people go “Wanna take a selfie with me” and then we’d all take one. It was so great. What i loved the most about saturday was the spirit. Like you’d just hear “HEY KEY CLUBBERS HOW DO YOU FEEL?” and omg it was so greaaaattt. (Insert photosss from fairrrrr now) 

(Random guys from DIV20i da bestest after DIV62 ofc)

continued: After lunch we had to go to our next session. We chose speed mingling! LOL. This one guy named Caleb sat next to me and like he was funny. It ended less than 45 minutes because we got in trouble for being loud after reminders so we all just went back to our rooms to get ready for the governerts banquet/ award ceremony.  On my way I bumped into my friend Leslie who I haven’t seen in FOREVER. And she took the photo of us together so credits to her <3 (I’ll put her Tumblr link in here lataaaa) I also met my best friend Theresa’s best friend Bryce, which is Leslies boyfriend LOL. Small world! It was so nice meeting one of her close friends.

continued: I thought my friends left so I ran to the hotel by myself (oops thye didnt leave lol) and like I accidentally went to the wrong elevator that took me to the wrong place and talked to some key clubbers in the elevator and almost got smashed by one but ya kno how i doooo. I got off and went to the other side of the elevator this time and i ran into an empty elevator that was closing and this guy goes “Wow you’re cute” and at first im like “Wat” then before my door closed i was all “THANK YOU!” And peeped my head out. I went upstairs and found no one in there so i just started changing. There was also a dance afterwards so I did everyones makeup and hair.. and by everyone i mean everyone… my two roomies, then some girls from my division from other schools saw my roomies hair and then i did their stuff. LOL. It was fun though. I even helped a girl get all dressed up because she was gonna ask this guy to prom. HE SAID YES SO SCORE. <3 

Then it was the awards it was just so much funnnnn.  Afterwards there was the dance. But Andy, Annie, Anthony, Ethan and I went to eat dinner together at the Cheesecake factory. It was a night well spent.  We then just went to our hotel rooms.  I was really bored though and wanted to go exploring because everyone else was still at the dance. Annie and I got into comfy clothes and was gonna go outside. Instead she threw a hacky sack thing at Andy Anthony and Ethans room and we ran to the end of the hallway near the exit sign and hide behind the corner wall. And Andy comes out like “…guys?” and he walks closer to the wall where we were hiding and were all “Hahah im really scared omfg” and then Annie throws her shoe to slam on the wall and he screamed and Annie ran and chased after him. After we just went downstairs and walked around then went back up, showered, packed, slept. 

Sunday morning: We packed and got ready to leave at 10:30 AM. Annie Alissa Etsegenet and I went and got starbucks for the ride though. 

Overall: DCON has been a blessing. From the start of Key Club I was so excited because there was a club that people gathered at who were dedicated about community service and have that close bond and it was just great. Being at DCON really just opened up my eyes more. It really HAS been a blessing. I made a ton of friends and companions, even got closer with all the other schools in my division. I bumped into childhood friends, got to see Joseph Vincent preform, hear Houston Kraft speak AGAIN <3. Like I really feel like the weekend was just magical. I was around people and spoke to people who had hopes and dreams for the future, who took a step forward to help their future, the world, and the community. Just being near people with passion for community service is great. Originally when I was elected Editor for my school I was bummed. Because I made this huge long speech for Vice president but I lost to Andy. So the club president had me choose another role. And i thought i wasnt that important. But going to the session that was for future editors really made me excited. It showed me how big of a role i played. It talked about how IM the face of my group that represents because I’ll be the one writing the articles and putting out the information and taking photos. I thought i wasted my time taking graphic design last year but its really going to come in handy. I learned about fonts, indesign, photoshop, etc and having that background knowledge will make my future articles fantastic. My schools key lcub will FINALLY have an editor and be in the newsletters next year.  I learned about a program called Rustic Pathways while at DCON. You volunteer at other countries as a high school student or as a student taking a break after graduation. It looks so fun, then i learned about ICON! The international key club convention in Anaheim, California. I want to go but its like $1,600 per person. And its in July. Unfortunately my schools club probably wont make it in time to get the money. But next year for sure, we will fundraise like no other! I’ll make connections with all the other clubs and get our name out there. Like this entire weekend I was so happy I was just shining. And its really weird to think about how i was so happy with people I don’t even know on a heart to heart level. There was so much love going around and I felt like I was finally in a place I could feel at home that I felt like i lost when I moved from my Band family back in Washington. 

Thank you so much Seattle, Washington. DCON2015 will be in Portland, Oregon next year. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE KEY CLUBBERS IN MY CITTYYYY. Lets be BFFs and I’ll take you out ya? <3