Photographing Laila

I’ve wanted to try making a tintype of a surfer for awhile and my week on the beach afforded me the time and the surfer. Laila and I went out on tuesday to shoot but the weather is super fickle on the Washington coast and by the time we got out it was raining sideways and windy as all hell. We managed one plate but it was less than ideal. Thursday we gave it another go, the sun was out right up until we made it to the beach so once again we were shooting in the darkish but the plate this time was a ton better. Huge props to Lai for being the rockstar, and to Julz for being a lovely assistant/fluffer :)

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Outtakes from a recent editorial for Seattle Magazine’s PNW Coastal Guide. This part of the feature was about the Oregon coast, and more specifically, best surf spots for beginner surfers.  A special thanks to Lauren Ahlgren from Oregon Surf Adventures (2nd photo in the set) and Seaside Surf Shop for helping out with the shoot! Also Tasha came along for the shoot and ended up surfing for the first time. She killed it! My wife’s a babe. 


Oregon Coast, February 2015 by Raquel Brandão

I had the pleasure to go to Oregon Coast two weeks ago and I can surely say it was one of the most incredible places I’ve been.  

Waterfall, Hike, Caves AND Beach at the SAME place? YES! If I could set up a nice tent and could stock enough food I could easily spend the rest of my life right there, staring at the ocean, there’s no need for anything else.

Not even mentioning the most beautiful sunset my eyes have ever witnessed. No there NO filters in those photos, just nature in screaming colors, my loved camera and my talent, ha. 

I love you Oregon <3