PNoy to Filipino Youth: “Don’t waste time on selfies, playing Clash of Clans and DoTA.” — I strongly agree on the president’s statement but let’s take it in moderation. It’s okay to take a bunch of selfies and play videogames as long as it won’t alter your involvement in the family and in the community. Don’t get too addicted to the extent that you are not going to socialise because you’re lying on bed playing Clash of Clans. Be productive. Just like what I’m doing right now as you can see from the photo above – taking care of the sick ones and doing some research so I could provide holistic care to ensure patients’ satisfaction. Just focus on your passion and you will be happy.

On PNoy's Absence

It’s true that we shouldn’t judge a person by his mistakes–and I don’t–this one just makes me wonder what his train of thought was. Just so I wouldn’t be misunderstood, this is simply my thoughts on what happened on this event. I am not, in any way, criticizing his way of running the country or as a person. I know he wasn’t scheduled to attend but he could’ve easily cancelled his appointment and pay respect to these fallen heroes, despite having conflicted feelings towards them. I’m sure they would’ve understood. I’ll leave room for doubt saying that it’s more important to be in the necrological services instead and save time and effort with going to Villamor, where there could easily be angry families that would berate him.  

Again, I am not criticizing his way of running the country, I’m only pointing out that he could’ve chosen what to do instead of leaving it up to his secretaries.

On the other hand, I pray that the families of the 44 fallen heroes would find justice and the these men find peace. May their souls rest knowing that they did not die in vain.