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fic recs!! malec!!!

Oh boy, that’s a tall order. Hmmm. I’m going to just say some of the more recent ones I’ve read because otherwise we’d be here forever. So many talented writers in the fandom <3 Feel free to ask for more specific recs, I’ve read a ridiculous amount of malec fics tbh. This is literally like the first page of 200 of fics I’ve read and loved.

Undeserving by @curupia (not sure why it won’t tag her) - Both this and the other in the ‘series’ is incredibly well-written. It’s angst, which I adore, and Alec Lightwood-centric, but also features Magnus as a very understanding and good boyfriend. This is a one-shot

T.A also by @curupia - Another long time favourite of mine that I’ve been rereading recently. It still isn’t complete, but the chapters up already are amazing. There’s 19 on ao3 and 69 on

God Is A Man, Love Is A Dream by deathdario - A long fic, but it’s very good. And also well-written, because naturally I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t, though there are a number of typos from what I remember. It tackles dyslexia in a very sensitive and kind manner as well as other things that don’t normally get the respect they deserve in fanfiction writing, at least for this fandom. It’s very mature and very well-done.

A Fighting Chance by @heartsdesire456 - MMA fighter Alec. Enough said. I read this after watching Kingdom and wanting to write something like that myself and basically it was everything awesome in the world.

Falling For Love by @my101fragiledreams (don’t know why tumblr won’t tag them either) - Not one I’ve read recently, but one I’ve read a lot. High school AU that’s well written, which is a rarity. It’s mid-length (17.7k) and one of the first fics I read in the fandom way back when that I really loved.

morning’s come, you watch the red sunrise by @lightwoodlesbians (jfc tumblr just TAG them) - very very cute 5k Single Parent!Alec AU.

Ius Primae Noctis by PNGuin - Heavy trigger warnings. Please heed the tags. Everything is handled very well and the story felt very raw. I know a few people who have been through what the story details found it meaningful.

you’re the light that I won’t let go by @ohlafraise  - To end on a happy note, because I mostly read angst/hurt/comfort and don’t know if you’re into that, this one is super cute!

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