“Xu Zhihui, a pioneer and leader in the struggle of China’ workers to get compensation for the deadly lung disease, pneumoconiosis, has passed away. He was 55-years-old.His death on 23 June came just one month before another inspirational figure, former gold miner He Quangui, also lost his battle with pneumoconiosis on 1 August this year.“

For more, see “Workers’ Leader Xu Zhihui Finally Loses His Battle with Pneumoconiosis,” China Labor Bulletin (31 August 2015)

The chest x-ray of 78 year-old former coal miner David Shannon of Princeton, West Virginia, was made by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program. Shannon, who worked for Consolidation Coal Company’s Crane Creek No. 12 mine from 1971-1982, was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis (black lung disease) in 1979. Today, he’s fighting to obtain medical benefits after the same doctor who treated him in 2003, later told him in 2007 he didn’t have the disease. Mr. Shannon suspects big coal and the insurance companies expect him to give up fighting, but he assured me, “I’ve got nothing but time to fight this.” But how much time? Black lung disease is incurable and has killed 9,000 coal miners since 1999. I’m embarking on a new project to document the effects of this disease on not only coal miner’s, but their families and communities. If you know of someone I should speak with for this project in southern West Virginia or eastern Kentucky, please contact me as I would love to talk you. Thank you. #blacklung #coal #Appalachia #pneumoconiosis

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