“Nazis are Disgusting Trash” Blocklist

LAST UPDATED: 11/16/2015

Hey everyone, in light of recent events I’ve put together a block list that I’d suggest everyone at least be aware of, especially if you are Jewish or Rromani or a billion other things, really. This list consists of people who identify a Nazis/National Socialists/White Supremacists, or other things along those lines.

Feel free to add to this/cross things out as needed. 

Update: Apparently other users, including people in the Baltimore tag, indigenous people, and other marginalized groups/their allies are now receiving threatening or gory messages as well.  

A Note: I’m trying to keep the people who have been actually sending things directly to bloggers at the top, and then make a separate section for just disgusting people in general, so people know who is a priority to blog. 

A Second Note: I would HIGHLY suggest that you not go to any of these blogs if you’re sensitive to gore, slurs, people who are actual trash, etc. 

Another Note: I’m not Jewish or Rromani, or hardly any other things nazis and general trash tend to target so I figured I’d scroll through the garbage and give people an easy-to-block list. Spread this around as much as you like, and feel free to repost. 

A Final Note: If you do reblog this, I would also suggest to turn off your submissions. People have been targeting bloggers through posts like these. Also, huge trigger warnings for racism, antisemitism, nazis, slurs (especially the k-slur in usernames), violence, etc. after the cut.


Due to the harassment of people on here, I’ve put together a Nazi/white supremacist blocklist.

Feel free to change anything you see if it’s not accurate, feel free to repost.

Apparently they are now targeting other users as well.

Massive trigger warnings under the cut for slurs/violence in their URLs, and of course antisemitism, racism, violence, gore, etc in their blogs.

I don’t really think sending gore has happened recently, but it has happened in the past when people reblogged so just a warning for that.

Stay safe.

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