pmx homestuck 2012

PMX 2012

Hello guys my name is Paul and I recently attended PMX 2012 at the Hilton by LAX (not the best location if you ask me, but it was manageable) a very nice little con. It was fun to just kickback and relax with all of my friends while making some new ones along the way. For those that wish to follow me you may do so, I wasn’t around the lobby alot cause I was walking around with friends or just chilling with homestucks or other things but. On friday I was Shining Armor and Grimdark Ross for awhile (that shall be redone for another time) saturday I was Kankri Vantas (I had the whistle and hat) and Sunday I was Guidestuck Jaspers! I was fucking dapper as hell in Jaspers. And relatively awesome in the others. (I’m modest, I’m actually very vain and love my cosplays and myself) Anyway, feel free to follow me if ya like! I’ll be sure to follow you back. :D