pmsl why are you like this


so i was tagged by a million and one people to do the selfie like your bias tag and selfie tags in general and !! sorry !!! for !! taking so long !!! to do this !! pmsl- thank you for tagging me: @amillionwon @jihoongi @kimbap-kidding-me @minqyew @squishyhosh @sweaterpaws-bywonwoo @wonjimin @wonweewoo @wonwooscat @wonwvoo

anyway on the basis that hoshi barely takes any selfies and all his poses are stale !!! af !!! i decided to copy the other members instead muahah- anyway the joshua face is not working for me fam r.i.p !!!

well then i’m gonna tag my buddies + some people who should really !!! come talk to me !!! (( even though i reply late which 50% of this list can testify )) but ye let’s be friends i’m mediocre as hell : ~ ) and thank you for always tagging me in stuff even though i’m really bad at keeping up with those things orz and some of you left really nice messages after the follow forever aaaahhh thankyouilysm.///.

i’m tagging: @ayhosh @boonon-pd @booseungkwanie @chan-saur @channosaurus-rex @cutequartz @doekyum @drinkwaterjisoo @fairymyungho @hobiessmile @hoshijpg @jeung-han @jeonghelp @mingyu-baby @seokmeow @seungkwanton @sweetmingyu @vernonplease @wonbby @wonwooed @wooing-jeonghan @young2soon wowowowow that’s a lot of people orz why- but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to !!