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“Everything about this woman was both hard yet soft, delicate yet bold, wild yet calm. She was a storm that called to Cassian; it beckoned him into its grasp. A storm that he didn’t want to avoid anymore. He wanted to give in to the urges that pulled him to Nesta and he wanted her to do the same. So he let go of all pretense, closed his eyes, and leaned in to finally, finally, kiss the catastrophically beautiful woman below him.”

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Istg Pledis and Seventeen are killing me because … 

December (12) + 5th (5) = 17

Pledis has confirmed that they are indeed 숫자변태 …

- Admin Leen

EDIT: Apparently the date can also be interpreted as …

2+0+1+6+1+2+0+5 = 17 

I’m going crazy.

- Admin Leen


We have, I think, just time to catch our train at Paddington…

I saw the two of them in the TAB trailer, sitting across from each other in that train carriage, and this immediately jumped into my head as something I had to put together ^_^

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I was having a terrible shift yesterday (mostly because of some mental health stuff and pms) and I was super close to breaking down and then this family comes in with a baby dressed in a zebra onesie and it smiled at me and honestly made my entire day. Also the baby was super well behaved and didn't scream and the family was super polite.


Since i am newly unemployed and have been asked about commissions, now seems like the right time to open them!

(€ = USD)

Commission Prices:

  • Headshot 12€  |  Colour 18€
  • Bust 20€  |  Colour 25€  |  Stylized render 35€  |  Painterly 45€
  • Full body 30€  |  Colour 45€

Extra Character: 60% of the price

I will draw:

  • Original Characters
  • Fanart
  • Portraits (of whomever)
  • Couples
  • NSFW stuff (pm or email me if you want my nsfw blog)

I will not draw:

  • Furry or animals (no hate, i just can’t draw them)

Email me @

Payment through PayPal

If you have a special request that isnt covered by the sheet above (backgrounds, different style, mood lighting) we can chat it out.


If you have a fear of the female reproductive system/periods, or you’re a judgemental human please read no further 😇

So I started my period when I was like 12…I was a little baby. I used pads for the first little while because I was so young but I eventually was that gurl stuck at the pool party and not swimming so I introduced myself to the wonderful world of tampons!! I used them from 13-literally a couple of hours ago*.

I always though pads and tampons were the only options I had! A few years ago I discovered the period cup and thought the was the weirdest, most gross thing ever! I quickly dismissed it because it freaked me out. I recently was told about the cup again and it didn’t sound terrible anymore. As I have grown up and become more familiar, comfortable, and informed about my own body it didn’t freak me out. I did a lot more research and it was the best thing I ever did! I bought one! What the heck, right? Worth a shot! Ladies they have sooooooo many benefits….

- No bleached/chemical treated cotton wads in your hoo-ha like with tampons.

- Made of 100% medical grade silicone that’s non-porus so bacteria can’t grow unlike tampons (they make dildos out of medical grade silicone, lol).

- Kind of weird/gross but it forms a seal on your vaginal walls so oxygen doesn’t get in therefore bacteria doesn’t grow as easy. Also, oxygen is what can make you kind of smelly on your period and with the cup, nothin’!

- Oooobviously so many environmental benefits….you’re not going to be tossing a full box of plastic/cotton away every month and that’s also going to help your wallet! 🤑

- Pads and tampons need to be changed fairly regularly so TSS isn’t a risk/leaking problems but the cup can stay in up to 12 HOURS! That means you could put it in in the morning, wear it all day, change it before you go to bed, and repeat! Totally safe to sleep in, as well as swim, dance, run, do gymnastics….etc etc! Still be aware of the symptoms of TSS because it’s always still a risk but there are no know cases of TSS whilst using menstrual cups! Pretty sweet!

- Mine came with a cute lil floral pouch to store it in while you aren’t a flowin’ 😉

I will say…if you have never had sex, you don’t masturbate, you have vaginismus, and you use pads not tampons this can and probably will be tough for you to get used to! I read a TON of reviews from very young girls who didn’t seem to know how vaginas work…let alone their own vaginas. The cup can NOT get stuck! Your vagina is only 3-4in long, not an endless black hole. If you wouldn’t be comfortable sticking your fingers inside yourself to remove the cup this is noooot for you. Also, I saw some reviews saying that insertion was painful or they couldn’t get it in or it took several times to insert it. Lube is your friend for the first time you use this lil doo-dad 💕 It can, on the other hand, take a few tries to position it correctly and that’s perfectly normal! This cup is very similar to tampons so if you’ve used those, this will be a breeze! I inserted mine on the first try! The sensation of the cup is a tad different than tampons because it is a little bigger but it’s nothing you don’t get used to in a half an hour or so (it’s kind of a suction-y feeling and is suuuper weird at first lol).

*But here a am, j chillin with my new period cup in and I don’t even feel like I’m on my period at all! I personally got the Lena cup but there are a toooooon of different styles and options! I really like the Lena cup because it’s this pretty rose color and bell shaped rather than tulip shaped so I feel like the seal is a little more re-inforced because of the little lip on it. If your little heart DOES desire to try one of these magical cups (specifically the Lena cup) I have a discount for you! 😁😁😁

Just go to, enter your first name last name and email, and your good to go! 15% off your Lena cup purchase on Amazon! Woo! If you end up getting a cup at all because of this post, let me know! Regardless of brand! I would love to know! I am already sooo in love and it’s just the first day of me using it. That’s saying something.

If you made it all the way through this post, thanks for reading and I hope this helped you in some way, shape, or form! 😘 If this grossed you out, well….I warned you!