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“Everything about this woman was both hard yet soft, delicate yet bold, wild yet calm. She was a storm that called to Cassian; it beckoned him into its grasp. A storm that he didn’t want to avoid anymore. He wanted to give in to the urges that pulled him to Nesta and he wanted her to do the same. So he let go of all pretense, closed his eyes, and leaned in to finally, finally, kiss the catastrophically beautiful woman below him.”

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Inspired by a voice dub by @pmseymourva

I’m sure this has been done a millions times before, but I wanted to do my own take on it.

Also, for some odd reason, I decided to risk it and ink/color this because I really liked how the sketch turned out. I’m about 93% proud of the result XD

mystery skulls gang: @mysterybensmysteryblog

Bonus Sketch Under Cut: 

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Wip - stuff

Poked at the mesh some more and ended up with moving some stuff around on the uvmap. Gave it a 3rd channel, but that made the overlay preset not look so good. Wasn’t really a fan of that anyways. (I like coloring things myself) So….Onto doing the flipped version. Idk, it functions and looks okay, but sims climbing the walls….Idk. *scampers off to read some modding tutorials*

Still have some other stuff I need to finish from last year and release them - the chip bag and the limbo bar. Would be good for Summer coming up. Dag Dag…

When cosplayers clearly cosplay my doll comet but they don't tag me yet they tag companies that sponsored them/sent them free contacts or whatever.

Cool, thanks.

#omg u don’t own glitter elfgutz #totally didn’t cosplay your doll even tho I hashtagged bjd and elfgutz
#omg stop complaining elfgutz your art isn’t even that good
#totally didn’t cosplay your doll even tho 10000 people DM’d you saying that my cosplay looks exactly like your bjd comet
#omg tbh guys I’ve never seen elfgutz dolls I use my imagination #u don’t own pastel elfgutz #hhah artists that want credit shouldn’t put they art on the internets


I just found this adorable video of us on instagram. I was so worried I’d bonked her in the face with my sniffer lmao.

The “KISS!” and then the hollered “THANK YOU” crack me up

owning a house means having a lot to do (and having a lot of room to do it in) and hubs and i are learning that our energy and motivation levels are on exact opposite slopes which makes life… interesting