Alright kiddies, it’s time for a review!

If you’ve been to a convention, you’ve probably seen Pmoss! Not only is she an accomplished career artist, she also is skilled at producing hand made sketchbooks! She wanted to try a new line of sketchbooks under her Big Bur Books handle.

Now what makes these sketchbooks special? 80lb clay impregnated cardstock! This paper is -thick-, very smooth to the touch, and boasts no bleed for ink!

Not long ago, Pmoss put a call out for artists to test out her new sketchbooks, and I was lucky enough to be one of those chosen! My package arrived and I received not only the sketchbook, but also a sticker (That instantly went up on my outgoing art drawer, and a BUTTON (Who doesn’t love buttons?) And I’m pleased as punch, because Big BUr Books’ logo is a BEAR!

The sketchbook itself is a nice travel size, 6x4.5 inches, It’s wire bound with a thick grey cardstock cover and an even thicker cardboard backing. The paper is indeed super silky to the touch, and I was itching to try it out!

Originally, I was planning something a bit more elaborate to test in the sketchbook, but time, as always, is never on my side! Instead I settled for two headshots, one to display inking, and the other to display both a rough sketch and full color.

I am picky with my paper, as most artists are. I have a couple core requirements that I look for: Erasability, bleed, and durability/thickness. This paper met all three!

*Erasibility: I HATE when using a well loved eraser and it leaves black smears across the paper. I used both a newer eraser and my grungiest eraser, and both erased cleanly!

*Bleed: Opening up your sketchbook to see a freshly completed commission piece is wonderful! Having to rip out the next page because of marker bleedthrough is not :C Big BUrr Books’ paper is fantastic! No show through on ink, and barely any on color, and absolutely NO BLEED onto the next page!

*Durability/Thickness: Everyone has a type of paper they cant stand. Some people snub printer paper, others stick to only watercolor board, but for me, it’s thin cardstock. I’m an aggressive eraser, and have a bad habit of bending paper before I can stop myself. The 80lb cardstock in the sketchbook aint gonna bend under my wrist, so I’m happy! It’s thick and smooth, *perfect* for conbadges I think!

So my three requirements were fulfilled, but what else made this sketchbook exceptional?

*Pencil and ink both glide smooth, no catching on the paper
*Ink absorbs very well
*Marker blends great, and the paper can hold a TON of it!
*Gelpen glides smoothly, and some varieties dry on top of the paper, leaving a nice textury feel

Overall, this is a great little sketchbook, and I’m looking forward to buying a larger one at MFF in December!

You can find Pmoss on Furaffinity, Twitter, and Tumblr, or many US Furry Conventions throughout the year!