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Hey, This is Edward McDeviant, The Champion of Black Magic. Psi My mun would to say that he like this blog and this AUnderchara. To the point that ass you can see made me wear the ‘Plz Protect Chara’ and wish that everyone will see Chara less of a Demon and more Young Human in the new year.

NICE !!! I hope we can get more people in the squad, too. Chara is a baby, they need help……………..

pmiller1  asked:

Do you have any idea of the other P4's Bosses Symbolism, Like Avenger Knight, Daring Gigas, Amorous Snake and the like. Like would you think they came with the dungeon or just Lesser Shadow that hang in the dungeon?

The normal (Non-Character) Shadows all represent some singular human thought/emotion and vary in strength depending on how strong the emotion is. I think it’s obvious with the bosses, the “Avenger Knight” embodies a feeling of wanting harsh retribution for an Unfairness , the “Daring Gigas” represents a feeling of wanting to go all out with what you want to do, regardless of the consequences, the Amorous Snake is a desire for love.

You can usually read it out of the Shadows’ names and Arcana, really. It’s not that hard, most people just don’t take the time to think about what a Shadow means.

Usually, the Shadows also fit with the Shadow-Self controlling the dungeon, in some way, which makes sense, wince higher Shadows draw lesser Shadows, especially when there is a chance for their feelings to combine. Lesser Shadows can also be created by higher Shadows by emanating parts of themselves. For example, the Avenger Knight fits with Yukiko’s feeling of how unfair her fate is, the Daring Gigas fits with Kanji’s feeling of wanting to dare do what he wants to do, the Amorous Snake fits with how desperate to be really loved for who she really is Rise is.

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Magatsu-Izanagi is Now the Tower Arcana, How fitting for the Person that call doom.

Wait are you serious?! 

Because not to toot my own horn, but I have a roleplay account of an Adachi that’s under the Tower Arcana instead of Jester/Lust…

Holy crap. I so called it, you guys! 


  • Chara: Frisk... Do you think I'm evil?
  • Frisk: How many time must I tell you? It not your fault that they see you as a Evil Demon for what they made you do.
  • Chara: But I want along with they killing.
  • Frisk: We.
  • Chara: Do you blame me for tagging along your body.
  • Frisk: Just be lucky that some are seeing the light of you Chara. The Fandom is warming up to you.
  • Chara: Yeah... if only they shut up about our gender. Who care, if I'm a girl, a boy or non-binary. The same go for you too Frisk.
  • Frisk: Just so you know, Chara. I don't think I that pure as a good person. Then the other think I am.
  • Chara: Yeah. That is true... but you not as worst as me...
  • Frisk: Hehe. Well we never bad nor good. That what matter really. It what out game is all about.
  • Chara: Is it even fair to be meta.
  • Psi (Me): YES!

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Say, is all the Character in Archetwist AU are well archetype twist? Or is it just the Hero? Like is do Xehanort keep his archetype?

The original concept for my Archetwist AU was that the Destiny Island trio would have mixed-up roles, and that’s it. But that made some of the Nobody and Replica plots make no sense, so I swapped a couple of them, too. So basically:

  • Sora takes Riku’s role
  • Riku takes Kairi’s role
  • Kairi takes Sora’s role
  • Namine and Roxas swap roles
  • Xion and Repliku swap roles
  • Everybody else is the same
  • Edit: Except Aladdin and the Beast, but they don’t swap places with their ladies until the very last second so it doesn’t really affect the plot at all. I just didn’t want Riku as the only Prince of Heart. 

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Do you think that the Persona 5 Lover S’Link may have a Issues with Making Friend? Like how Lisa is Eros, Yukari is Storge and Rise is Agape.

This is a good guess, though I am not sure if this alignment was intentional (and I personally could see reasons to classify Rise as Philia, friendship, as well), it would be interesting if there was a connection like that.

I also wonder if the new Lover’s Arcana (if he or she is a Persona User) will also be involved in show-business in some manner, like the previous ones. (Lisa and Rise are idols, Yukari is a model and actress)

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12. Name an OC that isn't yours but who you like a lot - 30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection? - 33. Your shyest OC?

1.) (12) Alyss Baraen or Pretty Pretty Pony (I’m serious for the latter)

2.) (30) Rena, although she’s not good at hiding them from Chiyo.

3.) (33) Miyuki, the stay-at-home zashiki-warashi.

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I think I have a Good Idea for Mallverse's Shiki, Namely they see her like some Alpha Bitch, wearing Clothing that have no room of imagination. But everyone that is close friend know that she isn't like that, as she a Nerd that 'Blower' her friend from abroad, Eri's looks. She friend with Neku and the other of his gang, have crush on Riku.

Okay, I stopped reading after “Shiki” because the last person who came at me with a TWEWY Mallverse question ended up spoiling a big part of the game for me.

Guys, okay, guys, I am the world’s slowest video game player. Please, I WILL LET Y'ALL KNOW when I’m far enough in the game to be comfortable discussing the characters being in my AUs. Okay? Okay. Thank you.

(I’m not usually a complainer about spoilers, but there’s a difference between stumbling upon it yourself and having someone come into your inbox and tell you something directly. That’s just… rude.)

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Well I can say you right about Alice in Wonderland being only for one level (and it the 1st level). But I have to wounder, Do all Level theme have a Fantasy/Sirreal themes? Like is they something deeper meaning about this?

Well, so far, the first dungeon was Alice-themed, the second was Marriage-themed, and the third is horror-themed.

Let’s see what the fourth brings. I can’t see a pattern so far, but with the items the guardians protect, there seems to be one…