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the gang if they were living in current day (soz if you've already done it) stay gold, my non-gender-specific homie

Ahahaha bless <333

-Ponyboy owns at least 3 tablets
-I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Darry CrossFit's 
-Steve and Soda basically live at Taco Bell
-Dally and Ponyboy never shut up about how weed should be legalized
-Two-bit still thinks parkour is the shit
-Two-bit also speaks in meme
-Darry texts using one finger and it’s very uncomfortable to watch
-Soda never shuts up about the Mandala Effect
-Johnny and Ponyboy are on a mission to save the bees
-Dally’s idol is the ‘Hollyweed’ guy
-Steve is friends with all of the auto-shop teachers
-Johnny is addicted to Shameless (US)

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Hc's for what the boys do on Halloween? (I'm sorry if these ideas are bad I just like to know little things hahaa)

these are my favourite hc’s to write, no worries man!! <333

-Ponyboy reads every horror story in the house
-Johnny and Ponyboy always paired their costumes together as kids (One year they both went as super hero’s, the next year they went as vampires, etc.,)
-Darry still drags up the Halloween decorations because he honestly likes them
-Soda and Steve still trick-or-treat
-Dally is convinced that it is completely legal to egg houses and slash tires on All Hallows Eve
-Two-bit will literally crash any Halloween party he sees
-Steve starts a rumour that the abandoned house at the end of their street is haunted and dares Ponyboy to spend the night there
-Pony and Johnny both attempt to but only last 2 hours, apparently they saw a ghost and not even Darry can convince them otherwise
-Darry actually really likes handing out Halloween candy to the kids
-Dally stays at the end of the road and steals the candy from the kids

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Who in the gang would you think would actually decent singers? How about any other small talents??

-Ponyboy is really good at singing and playing piano but he doesn’t do either very often
-Soda played the drums in band when he was in middle school and was damn good at it
-Darry’s good at gymnastics; mainly the acrobatics
-Get this!!! Okay, Steve is actually really good at tap dancing!!! 
-Two-bit is pretty damn good at cooking ((when he bothers to))
-Dally is also a pretty good drawer, not just Ponyboy
-Johnny’s really good at bluffing during poker, like goddamn this bitch will take you for everything you’re worth

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Hc's for what the boys do/did in a boring class?

Ponyboy- Literally falls asleep. Other than Darry, this boy has the worst sleeping schedual and honestly can’t be bothered to stay awake during a boring class
Soda- In and out of his seat to sharpen his pencil, stares out the window, taps of his desk until the teacher yells at him; just cannot sit still
Darry- Stares at the clock trying to mentally will it to move fast, literally counts down each minute in his head, wants to bang his head against the desk
Two-bit- Pulls food out of his backpack and starts eating it. And yes- he does have enough to share with the whole class, thank you very much, teacher.
Steve- This boy asks for a hall pass and doesn’t come back to class. Leaves to go get food or some shit. 
Dally- Whether he finds the class boring or not, he gets up and leaves half way through because that’s just how he does.
Johnny- Doodles on his work, and tries to balance his chair on two legs until the teacher gets annoyed and asks him to stop 

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Hc's for the gang going camping? (Have you already done this because I don't know haha)

bless this <3333 clean and pure :”))

-Darry overpacks
-Ponyboy is convinced that he can survive a week of camping with just the clothes off his back  ((spoiler: no, no he cannot))
-Two-bit’s only going because Darry is bringing beer
-Soda and Steve plan to find Big Foot once and for all
-The thought of Big Foot is making Johnny a little nervous tbh
-Steve has to share a tent with Ponyboy and considers setting it on fire
-Darry makes Pony wear bug spray and Pony is unimpressed
-Two-bit is banned from the fire pit because he almost fell in
-Johnny and Ponyboy stay up late looking at the stars
-Steve and Soda wake Darry up at 5am convinced they saw Big Foot
-Darry threatens to feed them to Big Foot
-Johnny is the only one who has the patience for fishing
-Ponyboy is surprisingly good at kayaking

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fluffy ponyboy hc pls??

-Usually falls asleep with a book on his chest
-Traces his fingers up and down your back at night
-Always cuts up his food super tiny???
-Lowkey likes to try and match his outfit to yours
-Always trips over shit in his room
-Always thinks that he’s lost his pencil because he keeps it behind his ear

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Hc's for how the gang did/does on their driving test?

-Ponyboy passes on his first try because Darry made him work his ass off
-Soda passed the first time around too, and his score was actually better than Ponyboy’s!!
-Darry lowkey didn’t pass his first time ((whoops))
-Two-bit failed the most out of anyone in the gang but he really wasn’t trying because he honestly is a pretty decent driver
-Steve passed and did the best out of anyone in the gang
-Dally never even bothered to get a legal license lol
-Johnny didn’t pass his first time around but just barely, and then passed on his second try!!

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Hc's for how the boys would be like if they were socs? (Badly worded I'm sorry)

Ponyboy- Doesn’t really hang out with the Soc’s but also not the greasers, and mainly sticks with the middle-class kids. Honestly? He’d lowkey judge the greasers.
Soda- Always has the freshest kicks- amen. Buddy’s with anyone no matter their social class, he just plain likes people.
Darry- Always well put together and takes pride in his things. Mainly associates with socs but has old friends who are greasers and it kinda makes him sad. 
Two-bit- Constantly buying unnecessary shit, hangs out with a lot of Pony’s friends and usually bad-mouths greasers although he doesn’t really mean anything he’s saying
Steve- Fuck cars; this bitch owns motorcycles, buddies around with pretty much anyone Soda hangs out with, and this social classes are dumb
Dally- He has money?? Literally you cannot tell??? He’s still getting into trouble and fucking shit up (and Johnny ;)
Johnny- Doesn’t try to flaunt his money or anything, and brings Ponyboy down a few notches when he gets a little high and mighty 

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Can I get some Headcanons about Angela dating a girl? I love your blog btw!

-Always holding hands
-They get a cat together ((goals tbh))
-Angela always has toys and lube ready
-Sharing each other’s clothes
-Late night car rides that end in pulling over on the side of the road and eating each other out
-Blasting music during sex
-Sharing lipstick
-Talking about life late into the night

the outsiders characters staring in ‘Weird Shit my Older Siblings Did’

Ponyboy: Disappearing for about 2 hours at the age of 3, and when being asked where they went, responded with “I was following the faeries”

Soda: Caught by my mom sitting in the car blasting ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ with his friends

Darry: literally became a roofer??? ((lmaooo))

Two-bit: set off firecrackers in the house while babysitting my younger brother and I- nearly KILLING everyone 

Steve: bought an old van and installed racecar driver seats in it so they could roll the van down hills while they were in it and supposedly be safer??

Dally: got picked up by the police so many times that they would just drive my brother to the other side of town and make him walk home on foot instead of going to the station

Johnny: made friends with someone simply bc that person had a pet duck

the outsiders characters staring in ‘MORE Weird Shit I did as a Kid’

(( you guys seemed to really like my last post, so here’s more!!))

Ponyboy: Joined a baseball team and got hit in the face with the ball on the first day

Soda: At 6 years old, walked off with a stranger who ‘wanted to show me their apartment’ and my mom had to run down the street after me

Darry: Gave my cousins timeouts when they started to annoy me even though I was only a year older than them

Two-bit: Talked my friend into jumping and climbing an electric fence because there was some bubble gum on the ground behind it that I wanted

Steve: Ate the bubble gum that was on the ground behind the electric fence

Dally: Got kicked out of the mall for riding the kid rides and ‘looking too suspicious’

Johnny: Started an entire campaign to save the bee’s when I was 12, and then forgot about it 2 weeks later

Tim: Woke up extremely early on Easter morning to I could collect more chocolate than my younger brother

Curly: Rolled off our 12ft back porch as an ‘experiment’

Angela: Would threaten to tell my mother bad stuff my brother did if he didn’t let me put makeup on him

Ponyboy Headcanon’s

I saved Ponyboy’s for last…First of all, because I love him- second of all, but I relate to him entirely but also not at all, ya know?? ANYWAYS-

-His clothes are always stained, whether is paint, grass stains, mystery lunch meat stains…They are all there, driving Darry nuts. 
-He and Johnny made a pact together that they would tell each other when they finally got with a girl
-Someone always had to keep an eye on this boy whenever they went out when he was little because he’d constantly wonder off
-He rode the bus to school up until his parents died and then he started getting rides with Steve and Two-bit
-His favourite colour is purple but the gang started teasing him about it so he doesn’t tell people that anymore
-Every since he watched Dally being shot, loud sudden noises scare the hell out of him
-He collects bottle tops and they gang always end up sitting or stepping on one
-Darry still has to do his laundry for him, otherwise it literally just will not get done
-He flexes and posed in the mirror before going out the door for school

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Modern day darry hcs?

-Secretly is really into Riverdale
-This bitch does crossfit and it as hot af
-Checks Pony’s grades online so he can’t hide his report card from him
-Can never get the filters on Snapchat to work??
-Has like 5 laptops for some reason
-Always complaining about how much Pony and Soda are on their phones but he is literally just as bad
-Thinks flamin’ hot cheetos are fucking amazing
-Would literally fuck an avocado 

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Cute lol Soda hc? Thanks :)

-Always has fucking holes in his shoes no matter how new they are
-Likes to impersonate Elvis Presley when he’s in the shower
-NEver fucking wears socks with his shoes
-Won’t let anyone in the house kill spiders, he insists on getting them out safely 
-Always sleeps with one arm hanging off the bed, and tbh is makes Pony hella nervous
-Literally cannot fall asleep is the TV is on in the other room
-Hates moths 

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can you do hcs for each of the members of the gang and how they react to you being pregnant and how they react when the baby is born??

Ponyboy: tbh, I’ve never pictured Pony liking kids all that much so he wouldn’t like jump for joy or anything but he’d embrace it as a new phase in life and eventually begin to feel excited. He’d be super involved in the birthing process and he’d be in complete awe looking at the little person the two of you created. 

Soda: He’d honestly be even more excited than you! He’d immediately start rubbing your belly and talking to the baby, introducing himself “Hey lil guy, it’s me, your daddy”. When the baby is being born he’d do the breathing exercizes right along with you and is hella eager to cut the umbilical cord!!

Darry: His reaction would be calm and steady, but he’d honestly be really excited. He’d look forward to raising a kid that it actually his own and it makes himself feel as though he’s beginning to start his own life separate from his brothers. When the baby is born he’d be a little scared to hold it because it’s just so tiny and delicate and he makes a promise to always protect his kid, no matter what. 

Two-bit: Nervous laughter when you first tell him, but then he gets a little more excited. Honestly, the gravity of having a kid wouldn’t hit him until later in your pregnancy probably when you guys are putting the nursery together and he’d likely feel a little nervous. Hovers over you the entire time you’re in labour and is constantly asking the nurses if things are going okay and if everything is normal. You have to tell him to relax. He cries when the baby is finally born.

Steve: He’d be extremely quiet for the first few minutes but then look up at you with tears in his eyes, smiling. He’d be determined right from the beginning to be a better father than his own father and is very involved in every step of the pregnancy. He gets a little squeamish watching you give birth and has to take a few deep breaths before cutting the umbilical cord. He’d be the first person to hold the baby.

Dally: Okay, it’s pretty well established that Dally hates kids, and I don’t care how in love y’all are- he’s gonna be a little pissy. Seeing you pregnant makes him a little uncomfortable and he’s completely freaked out by the fact that you have a little alien thing growing inside of you. He’d be absent on and off during the pregnancy. Extremely quiet and distant during the birth, and it’s kinda surprising he even shows up. Looks really shocked when he first hold the baby and is like “Shit, he really looks like us” and stares back down at the baby.

Johnny: Honestly a little panicked at first and starts apologizing to you until you reassure him that you’re happy and excited about it. He always comes to your doctors’ appointments and insists on bringing home an ultrasound photo from every visit. Feeds you ice cubes while you’re in labour and has the nurses go over how to hold the baby several times before actually holding it. The baby grips his finger and he cries. 

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hey i asked for the steve hcs and it's totally fine omg!! i just see most hcs with x reader so i just wanted some about solely the character, not always how they are in a relationship, if you have anymore that'd be awesome but dont worry about it!!!

Here’s some Pure Steve hc’s man! <333

-Fucking hates cherry tomatoes 
-”Little red fucking demons, man”
-Has a massive collection of old rock record that he keeps in his garage at home
-He’s honestly a little self-conscience about his teeth, so he’s one of the few people on this earth who actually brushes their teeth 3 times a day
-His socks always??? have? holes???
-”The holier the sock, the closer to God, Soda- I’m tellin ya”
-Drums his fingers on the desks at school when he’s concentrating really hard
-He played the trumpet in middle school and the gang never stops teasing him about it

Jerry head canon’s nobody even asked for

-grew up on a dairy farm
-can fit his ENTIRE fist in his mouth
-has a cat named Monroe 
-his one party trick is an Elvis Presley impersonation and its pretty damn solid tbh
-he can actually play the banjo quite decently
-followed ponyboy’s story in the newspaper
-started greasing his hair for a short period bc he thought it would make the students think he was ‘cooler’
 -eventually cut down on smoking

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can you do some cuteass johnny hcs? :-))

-When he does sleep at home, he always makes his bed in the morning because it makes things feel more normal
-Has a habit of whistling whenever he’s by himself
-Has literally named every single one of the stray cats in the neighbourhood
-Buys comic books whenever he has spare change
-Firmly believes that finding a penny on the ground is lucky
-Loves coffee but can’t drink it because it makes him too shaky