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You should write some headcanons for the gang,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Being Nice Boys and Doing Non-Sinful Things™


-Ponyboy will mow his neighbours lawns for free in the summer
-Soda stays up late with Darry on Monday nights and helps him fold laundry
-Darry gives guidance to the younger kids that come to the gym and helps them with their technique 
-Two-bit is always willing to help out the older ladies with their groceries 
-Steve will quietly help clean up around the Curtis house and just sorta shrugs and mumbles whenever anyone comments on it
-Dally’s always there whenever anyone in the gang wants to talk shit, like Darry can be like “Scott from work his such an asshole” and Dally will just nod his head and be like “yEAH fuck Scott from work!!!” 
-All of the younger kids in the neighbourhood love Johnny and really look up to him because while they think he’s tuff, he’s also really nice to them ((and helps keep Dally off of their backs))

Curtis Family Photo Album

((this is nerdy as hell, ignore me))

A rare photo of Dally that Mrs. Curtis managed to get

Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy at Soda 7th birthday

Johnny and Ponyboy on their first day of school

Darry and Soda during summer break

Darry, Soda, and Mrs. Curtis picking flowers

Dally’s 10th birthday party with the gang

Ponyboy and Johnny playing together (age 2 and 3)

Darry and Soda on Halloween

Mr. Curtis and Soda

Darry and Soda before just before school

Dally trying to hide from the camera (with Ponyboy in the background)

Darry, Soda, Ponyboy, Steve, and Angela hanging out

The Outsiders Fall HC’s

-Steve is allergic to hay but won’t admit it
-”Nah man, my nose is always this red, fuck off” 
-Since Soda’s birthday is in October, he refers to it only as ‘Soctober’ 
-Dally jockey’s a lot since Rodeo season is coming to an end 
-Johnny is a fucking weather magician and can always tell whether it’s going to be a cold fall or a warm fall
-Ponyboy constantly goes outside to draw the leaves and Darry’s always nagging at him to bring a jacket
-Darry picks up a few shifts at the fire department to bring in extra cash since the cold weather and rain means he has less roofing jobs 

I’m Tired As Hell So Here’s Some Outsiders HC’s

-Ponyboy always has at least 3 books on the go at a time
-Darry has, in fact, has sex with a girl while wearing his tool belt
-Soda plays Frank Sinatra when he’s cooking
-Two-bit brushes his teeth in the morning but no before bed and it bugs the hell out of Steve??
-Steve’s boss always call him ‘Steven’ and it makes him want to F I G H T
-Dally can’t fall asleep without a fan on
-Johnny refuses to walk on hardwood or tile floor with bare feet because it honestly just feels gross 

the outsiders characters staring in ‘Weird Shit my Older Siblings Did’

Ponyboy: Disappearing for about 2 hours at the age of 3, and when being asked where they went, responded with “I was following the faeries”

Soda: Caught by my mom sitting in the car blasting ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ with his friends

Darry: literally became a roofer??? ((lmaooo))

Two-bit: set off firecrackers in the house while babysitting my younger brother and I- nearly KILLING everyone 

Steve: bought an old van and installed racecar driver seats in it so they could roll the van down hills while they were in it and supposedly be safer??

Dally: got picked up by the police so many times that they would just drive my brother to the other side of town and make him walk home on foot instead of going to the station

Johnny: made friends with someone simply bc that person had a pet duck

the outsiders characters staring in ‘MORE Weird Shit I did as a Kid’

(( you guys seemed to really like my last post, so here’s more!!))

Ponyboy: Joined a baseball team and got hit in the face with the ball on the first day

Soda: At 6 years old, walked off with a stranger who ‘wanted to show me their apartment’ and my mom had to run down the street after me

Darry: Gave my cousins timeouts when they started to annoy me even though I was only a year older than them

Two-bit: Talked my friend into jumping and climbing an electric fence because there was some bubble gum on the ground behind it that I wanted

Steve: Ate the bubble gum that was on the ground behind the electric fence

Dally: Got kicked out of the mall for riding the kid rides and ‘looking too suspicious’

Johnny: Started an entire campaign to save the bee’s when I was 12, and then forgot about it 2 weeks later

Tim: Woke up extremely early on Easter morning to I could collect more chocolate than my younger brother

Curly: Rolled off our 12ft back porch as an ‘experiment’

Angela: Would threaten to tell my mother bad stuff my brother did if he didn’t let me put makeup on him

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okay this is gonna be a scary imagine kinda 😂 Do a reaction of the gang playing and reacting to playing Charlie Charlie game or the Ouija Board. (Whichever you choose) Thanks fam!!!

BurLOVE THIS!!! gonna do ouija board, i’m more familiar with those ahahah

-It’s late at night
-Two-bit’s drunk
-Pony’s out of weed
-Steve is pissed at Soda because he keeps cheating during poker
-Legit fucking DARRY whips out an ouija board
-He bought it in high school as part of some teenage rebellion 
-Two-bit grins and turns out the light
-Ponyboy makes him turn them back on bc they forgot to light candles lmaoo
-Steve’s oddly quiet
-The gang is sorta like ‘…..’ but since it’s Darry’s idea, they all get in a circle
-Everyone places their hands on the planchet 
-Darry leads
-His voice is low and you can hear everyone’s breathing “Is there anyone here?”
-”Okay, who’s fucking around?”
-”Soda, quit movin it, I know it’s you!”
-”It ain’t Steve, I swear”
-”I’m too drunk for this”
-”Am I the only getting a little freaked out?”
-”Quiet, Pone”
-It lands on ‘Yes’.
-A nervous silence settles between the gang
-Darry places the planchet back in the middle
-”I’ve used these things before, they work, ya know?”
-”You’re fucking lying, Darry”
-”Watch you mouth, Pony. Okay…Is there something you want to tell us?”
-… ‘S’
-”Knock it off”
-”Hush, Pony!”
-”Wait, what’d that spell?”
-”Shit Two-bit, it spelled Stay, lordy you’re drunk”
-”Can it knuckleheads, it ain’t done!”
-The planchet quickly slides to ‘Goodbye’.
-Pony pales and backs away from the board
-”Stay gold…It wrote ‘Stay gold’”
-”Burn it, Darry. Just…Get rid of it”

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I was wondering if you could do a hc for you and johnny on your honeymoon??

-There’s a bouquet of flowers already on the bed when you guys get to the hotel
-Little kisses and pecks just randomly
-Catching him staring at you and smiling
-Takes you to eat out at a new restaurant every night of the honeymoon
-Blushes and pouts whenever you take a photo of him, but he is constantly taking your picture
-Long days at the beach, swimming and splashing the water like the both of you were still kids
-Coming back with inside jokes between the two of you that confuse the hell out of the gang 

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headcanons for the gang's odd habits and quirks please?

Ponyboy- Ducks his head down when people talk to him without noticing it and slouches a lot
Soda- Bounces his leg up and down when he has to sit for dinner and his voice gets really loud when he gets excited 
Darry- He always lines up everyone’s shoes at the doorway because he can’t stand it when they’re all messy and strewn about and holds up the newspaper to look like he’s reading when he’s really just thinking 
Two-bit- He has a really poor sense of personal space so his arms are always smacking into someone and he will only eat cereal dry (without milk)
Steve- He scrunches up his nose when he’s thinking and whistles a lot without really noticing it
Dally- Unless he’s with a girl, he always sleeps with jeans on and he bites his fingernails when he’s bored
Johnny- Fidgets constantly and somehow always manages to get holes in his socks and his shirt sleeves 

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hc for the group going to a zoo!

-When they go look at the monkeys, Soda turns to Ponyboy with a dead serious face and says “This is where mom and dad got you”
-Darry puts his hand on Pony’s shoulder and continues “But know that you’re older…We figure it’s time to give you back to your family, Ponyboy”. 
-Ponyboy spends the rest of the time at the lion enclosure wishing he could feel his brothers to them :))
-Two-bit spends all of his money on souvenirs even though they go every year
-Johnny really likes the hippos!!!
-Steve buys Ponyboy a stuffed monkey from the souvenir shop and smiles innocently 
-Dally reads the ‘Do not feed the animals’ sign and slowly dumps an entire bag of chips into the Ostrich Pen

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What's each member of the gang's biggest flaw?

Ponyboy: Beyond being naive  ((mainly due to his young age)) he spends too much time in his own head which sort of disconnects him from those around him and he becomes resentful when other’s don’t see things that same way he does. 

Soda: He has a hard time expressing his emotions at the appropriate time and is prone to ‘blow up’ and taking his feelings out on others. Because he’s so concerned with keeping those around him happy, he neglects his own feelings and struggles to deal with the appropriately. 

Darry: His inability to ask for help, mainly because he some slight pride issues. He doesn’t want to be seen as weak or incapable, but occasionally his drive for self preservation ends up hurting those around him or even himself.  

Two-bit: He has a hard time coping with reality. When things get tough or he starts to feel to much, he tends to either drink or appear as though he’s oblivious to anything serious that is going on. 

Steve: He has a tendency to hold grudges and struggles with letting though. Because of this he can come across as hostile to those who have previously wronged him and he is not likely to give second chances. He has a hard time seeing the good in those he’s already deemed as ‘bad’.

Dally: He isolates himself a lot. Whether it’s through being mouthy or violent, or simply by staying in his room for weeks on end or getting himself tossed in jail. He tries desperately to not get too close to others, but because of this it’s hard for him to reach out when he really does end up needing it. 

Johnny: His loyalty. While its a good thing to be dependable, Johnny is willing to do anything to protect those he loves without considering the consequences for himself. He’d be willing to stare down a barrel of a gun just to protect someone important to him. 

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Can I please have some Halloween hc for the gang. I miss the spooky time of year;-;

shit man me 2, i l i v e for spooky season honestly :”)))

-Darry has to buy an extra pumpkin for Ponyboy every year because he is an Artist and Demands It 
-Soda and Steve both make it their mission to freak Ponyboy out ever year, and even though he’s expecting it, they still manage to get him every time, the only difference is that he stopped crying each time once he turned 13
-Darry genuinely likes handing out candy to the kids because seeing them reminds him of the gang when they were little and would go trick-or-treating
-Steve catches Johnny and Pony playing with a Ouija Board and nearly loses it “Don’t mess around with demons, you idiots!!”
-Two-bit goes to all of the costume parties, soc or not, because this boy is not passing up an opportunity to see girls bob for apples and girl their shirts wet
-Dally would steal Ponyboy’s Halloween candy every year, but now that he’s too old to trick-or-treat, he gets shitfaced and bugs Two-bit’s sister for her’s
-Johnny legit keeps his hall light on that night after Steve got him all paranoid about demons

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Okay how about the gang on a reality tv show??

-Drama’s going down and the camera cuts to Ponyboy just silently stares into the camera makin that ‘bitttch for real??’ face
-Soda, Darry, and Ponyboy all yelling unintelligibly 
-Two-bits always drunk by 12 am and constantly just like ‘?????’
-Steve yells unhelpful shit to start drama while Darry is yelling at Pony
“Pony, why haven’t you finished your work??!”
“Yeah, Ponyboy- you whORE!”
“Back the fUCK UP, RANDLE!!!”
-Dally is rarely ever in it, other than for his ‘In Prison Talk Special’s 
-Johnny is the underdog everyone cheers for but,,, talks trash in the confession room
-Ponyboy wears sunglasses indoors bc diva
-Soda and Steve constantly moon the camera
-Shots of Darry drinking alone in his room with the door locked 

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hmu with some random was ponyboy headcannons b 👌😤

-He nearly broke Soda’s nose once because Soda tried tickling his feet and he kICKED
-During Darry’s entire four years of high school, Pony never missed a single one of his football games
-Sometimes he has to hide his snacks because otherwise someone else in the gang will eat them on him
-Soda knows all of his hiding spots for snacks but usually leaves them alone,,,,, usually
-When he was little he used to make everyone hand-made birthday cards, and there’s an entire box filled with them in the basement because Mrs. Curtis kept all of them

The Outsiders Photo Album pt. 2

You guys loved the last one, and I still have a BUNCH of images ((don’t judge me)) so here’s part two!! 

Darry’s first Christmas

Darry and Mr. Curtis

Johnny and his mother


The gang and Shepard’s playing in the street

Darry, Soda, and Tim playing 

Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy taking a nap

Ponyboy Headcanon’s

I saved Ponyboy’s for last…First of all, because I love him- second of all, but I relate to him entirely but also not at all, ya know?? ANYWAYS-

-His clothes are always stained, whether is paint, grass stains, mystery lunch meat stains…They are all there, driving Darry nuts. 
-He and Johnny made a pact together that they would tell each other when they finally got with a girl
-Someone always had to keep an eye on this boy whenever they went out when he was little because he’d constantly wonder off
-He rode the bus to school up until his parents died and then he started getting rides with Steve and Two-bit
-His favourite colour is purple but the gang started teasing him about it so he doesn’t tell people that anymore
-Every since he watched Dally being shot, loud sudden noises scare the hell out of him
-He collects bottle tops and they gang always end up sitting or stepping on one
-Darry still has to do his laundry for him, otherwise it literally just will not get done
-He flexes and posed in the mirror before going out the door for school

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Johnny hc pls💖

-Dust makes him sneeze like a motherfucker 
-His socks never match and it drives Steve nuts
-He can destroy anyone’s ass in a game of marbles 
-He’ll break up fights between the neighbourhood kids and make sure they’re all being nice
-The neighbourhood kids fucking love him
-He’s actually Bilingual which is part of the reason he has a hard time at school, he lived with his grandmother when he was really little and she always spoke their native language
-He may be as sweet as apple pie but it’s the one pie that he can’t fucking stand
-Helps Steve work on cars a lot especially when Soda is off on a date or something

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I asked you this before, but Tumblr may had ate it. But, anyways, can you do the Curtis Bros being Bros? Thank you!!

-Darry still gives Ponyboy piggyback rides
-Arguing over who is making dinner and sometimes just deciding to all cook it together
-At least twice a week Soda farts in bed and then traps Ponyboy under the covers
-Soda and Pony think it’s funny to lock Darry out of the house when he takes the garbage out at night
-Darry flushes the toilet every time Ponyboy showers
-Soda let’s Darry shower first in the morning so he can have the majority of the hot water
-Ponyboy tries his best to have the house at least slightly clean when his brothers come home from work
-The three boys falling asleep on the couch together, watching tv :’))