The Bratva AU I’m not writing

So I was talking in Google chat with storiesbyladychi​ and andyouweremine​ about the trend of Bratva fics in Arrow fandom and how a lot of them have some very similar things.

(Which is not, by the way, a necessarily bad thing. I’m not downing on anybody’s else’s fics. We were just wanting there to be some… variety in themes and tropes.)

And I had an idea. And god damn it, I’m not going to write it. I’m not. And I wasn’t gonna metafic it either. But I couldn’t keep sitting on my hands. So I told the story in chat to those lovely ladies, and I’m going to dump the transcript here.

Me        10:51 PM

like. why is there nothing in which bratva oliver falls for felicity and risks everything to get out to try and be with her?

except she saves his ass

like. oh geez. no. stop me

i am not spinning an idea for a fucking bratva au

Kris        10:51 PM

*whistles* I don’t knooooow Abbie

Me        10:51 PM

god damn you kris

Chi         10:51 PM


Kris        10:51 PM

maybe you should fix that problem

Me        10:51 PM


*whines* but i can see it…

Chi         10:52 PM

*laughs* I like a good tropey fic

Me        10:52 PM

fucking hell I’m tempted to meta it at you guys at least

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