In a Pickle || Cool Cucumbers

Gus walked into the Three Broomsticks hurriedly, tugging at his clothes. They’d become much too big again, given the worsening of his condition. They were also slightly dirty and smelled persistently of pine needles from his current forest-living situation. He would have tried to wash them if he hadn’t been in such a rush to get here. Combing his fingers through his shaggy hair in hopes to make it look somewhat presentable, he grabbed a table and ordered two butterbeers while he waited for Mer to show up. He still had some emergency cash, and he could stomach liquids for the most part. Besides, from the urgency of her letter, it sounded like she might need one.


KontraBand x PMER Presents The Neverland Sessions!



PMER - On The Road (ft. Kontraband)