Stroke of Luck chapter 3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Hard T
Summary: Adrien recounts the events of the previous night, a new realization dawning on him.
A/N: I wasn’t supposed to post past chapter 2 on tumblr but people on and AO3 keep PMing me to so here it is hahah
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Would you be interested in a Bakugou Katsuki Discord?

We’re currently discussing making one, but first we would like to see who all would be interested! Either like/reblog to show your interest, and if we end up with a great outcome, we’ll get one started.

If we end up making one and you’d like to be notified, please leave a comment on this post, and a link will be pmed to you.

anonymous asked:

From the leaks, does it seem like when Jon goes to danys room they start off aggressive/passionate similar to the penny dreadful scene or is it more intimate and slow.. idk which one I prefer, both will be great lol and I know you don't know for sure what it will be like but what did you take away from the leaks?

What I got from it is not slow or sweet haha. Initially Lads said nothing about the tone, but then someone PMed him and he had a VERY short exchange with them in which he established that it was 

1. Intense and sweaty 

2. Jon is the one who initiates. He knocks at Dany’s cabin

3. There is no dialogue. Or at least, there wasn’t any as of the October 2016 script draft when he was leaking info

So I am leaning more toward aggressive/passionate and…I WANT. 

200 Follower Christmas Photo!

At Christmas, i will release a photo consisting of Kyanite and 14 other gemsonas hanging out. To join, simply follow me, like, and reblog with the name of your gemsona. I will pick twelve random people to join (the other two are reserved for my friends), you will be PMed the words “Merry Gem-mas” if you got in. Good luck! :3

This will make up my previously cancelled raffle. Also, the reason i posted this so early is because i will do tons of effort in the photo.

Hey, how would you all feel if I made a blog that people can pm so they have someone to talk to..? This blog can’t be PMed because it’s a sideblog with multiple mods. The problem is I’m scared of getting overwhelmed, so I’d probably only give it on rq?

Idk, thoughts?


110% Little friendly kik group chat.

Hi guys! I want to make a kik chat that is 100% little friendly, no drama, no adult themes of any kind, and 100% SFW. I want this to be a very active chat. Please PM me if you’re interested in joining or being an admin. If 10 people or more want to join I will make the chat and make a more detailed post about it!

Due to my disabilities I’m home pretty much 24/7 and will be able to moderate the chat all the time unless I’m sleeping.

To clarify no adult themes means; don’t talk about anything that’s inappropriate for children/little minds: alcohol, drugs, ns/fw material, cussing, violence, aggressive politics, rated r movies, being mean to others, etc.

If you are apart of drama in any way you will be asked to stop, if you don’t stop you will be removed and PMed.

This chat will be open to any little or age regressor who can abide by those rules and are nice to others.

i am never running the forum secret santa again

700 Follower Raffle

I’m not even done with the 600 follower event! TBH I never thought I’d get this far, but well, here I am apparently. 

For my 700 follower event, I’ve decided to do a little writing raffle!

FIRST PRIZE (one winner): A longer one shot (4000-6000 words) or a three-chapter fic (each chapter being about 1500 words long) with any plot you’d like. 

SECOND PRIZE (two winners): A short story (1500-2000 words long) with any plot you’d like. 

All you have to do to enter is reblog this post! There will be three winners and two separate prizes. The URLs of those who enter will be put into a random generator, so it’s fair. 

Winners will be pmed, just give me a brief description of yourself (or an OC, if you’d like that), as well as a plot description/tone, and I’ll attempt to write it!!

You can reblog this starting now, ending on October 26!


I used to have autofill password for FR because I was lazy to enter in my password, and I don’t log out because I’m the only one that uses my computer. Period.

Well, one day my sister decides she wants to play with the dragons too. I skip the ‘13+ you gotta be to play the derg hellhole’ rule and helped her make an account anyways, because she’s a fairly smart one that can probably handle feeding/nesting/gathering, right?

No. She sells things for ridiculous prices, ugly dragons for 20kt+, and buys anything that looks nice. Even that hoard junk in the Other tab that isn’t Swipp/Baldwin. Then she begs me for food/money/whatever because she buys overpriced things and hoardsells when she’s tired of it, so she’s always losing money all of the time. She has no sense of economy or what money is even worth, apparently, real life and in-game. I used to send her over some stuff when she was starting out, but now I’m just leaving her by herself. I keep having to monitor her to make sure she isn’t making a fool of herself by begging everywhere for dragons. She’s constantly out of lair space because she buys all the pretty dragons and then randomly sells for expensive prices, and again begs for money from me for an expansion. Like hell no, girl. Do some work instead of sitting there buying everything.

I’m playing FR on my computer with her on hers, and I close the damn tab to go do something. She sneaks over while I’m gone, opens Chrome, and finds that my account is autofilled for password, so the little bitch sends a bunch of PMs and one-way CRs to her account with some of my familiars and half of my food stock, plus 50kt.

I discover this when logging back on, immediately seeing how short I am on money, and why I have so many notifications that she’s accepted ‘my’ CRs back on her computer/account. She sold all of my familiars (including a sprite) for 1 treasure each. Thankfully, kind souls saw this and noted my username before buying it immediately (so no one else would). They PMed me and we worked something out (with me getting my familiars back and them getting some compensation, still thankful), but am I still so salty about this? Yes.

Recap: Never let siblings play on your account. Ever.

anonymous asked:

What happened?

Some non-dysphoric cunt PMed me wanting to talk about how ‘transgender IS an identity. and anyone can identify as trans!’ Which I was fine with discussing

But the cunt said, and I quote, ‘I often wish I was dysphoric, because I feel like I’m not trans enough’

like… BITCH. you’re not trans.

essentially, it’s late, I get my most dramatic mood swings late at night, and it triggered my own dysphoria real bad. So. I’m pissed

falling-rhayne  asked:

Ia, it's Rhayne!! I'm kind of, sort of, uhm really stuck at my flower girl Nepeta Concept, and you're the style expert. Can you give me thoughts or clothes or links to thoughts/clothes that would be good to wear for this concept?? I love ya, thanks!! <3 <3 <3



but here bby <3333. i wasnt sure what you wanted? so i went casual, formal and cochella.  (you should’ve just PMed me on fb!!!)

I posted “I’m finally over you” on twitter, then later that night my ex pmed me saying “I miss you” lol hun of course you do, keep missing me. What a great morning, have a great day y'all 😊

I really hate the mods sometimes. I’ve never ever trusted them, but now I just am straight-up pissed at them.

My friends and I had a long-time running thread, and recently it was just DELETED out of the blue. Only OP got the PM, but she shared the details (and a screenshot of the PM with us). It was deleted for censored profanity (no slurs just standard starred-out swears) and because it had recently got off topic.

Like, uhhhh every other thread I’ve seen with that problem had a mod post and ask people to stop??? You don’t just? delete a 5,000 page thread? full of a group of people’s RP ideas???

We got off topic because a newbie was being kinda… Rude to us and we were trying to get her to be more considerate. We all think that maybe she didn’t take that calmly and reported us. The kicker is the mod who deleted it (Mr. Uptight Hummingbird) had actually been on the thread before, reminding us to keep Cards Against Humanity setups off the public forums (like just don’t mention the game). And there was still censored swearing there and he didn’t care.

But yeah I’m just… We’re all super upset to have lost everything. OP feels guilty, we all feel guilty. It was kinda a home for me since I don’t exactly… Have a lovely RL homelife.

We all sent contact us’s and tried to appeal and stuff. I even PMed a mod directly asking about why they didn’t warn us first, and nothing. Hell, I pinged a mod to a thread asking about if the Wayback Machine was compatible with FR and allowed to be used for an unrelated reason and I was still ignored!!!

Does the staff even freaking exist? They’re doing a shit job and things need to change. NO MORE threads deleted on the sly (unless it’s literally something like “hurr I’m gonna multiaccount” or harassment or “let’s spam now” but no legitimate threads)


I don’t want to hear “oh well you were breaking the rules” because those were MINOR RULES and we have a profanity filter for a reason. Who cares if a bunch of stars are shown for god’s sake. Minor, minor rulebreaking should be handled way differently and we would have stopped had we known and been asked to. That is the point. It escalated too goddamn quickly.

Just some angry, heartbroken salt.

i need to take a step back cause this vile old man just PMed me and is liking my selfies and like

i am angry. angrier than i ever get.

and i know if i dont back off i will say awful, awful things to him. things he deserves to hear but things that i promised myself ill never say.

ive gotta come off tumblr for a while guys. only a couple of hours but yeah. ill be fine and safe i just cant be on here or im gonna do something that could get my tumblr deleted.