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I always loved the idea of Pokemon Centres as a central hub for all sorts of trainers, and how tranquil the pokemon regions feel at night. 

I’m going to try and get this as a print at some point! Stay tuned!

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Featuring the trainer OCs of @kell0x , @xfangheartx-pmdu and @an-amethyst-moon


And here’s my full PMDE/U Team for Team Musical Crescendo - so recently i finalized the design of my Frogadier team member because I never got to add him on my team during PMDE/U. I’ve wanted to make him come alive, so expect doodles. Anyway here’s my full team now:

Fresh the Grovyle, MC the Combusken, and Bouncer the Frogadier

also added a bonus because the look c:


I made some miniature refs for OCs of mine. Not for the comic of course. These guys aren’t for anything specific yet.

They’re all people with animal ears. Also Ian and Bucky are brother and sister, yes. And Basil is all about that 80s new wave / new romantic aesthetic.