This is a real ginkgo leaf taken respectfully from my favorite ginkgo tree in the Bastyr University garden. I painted it with about 50 layers of watered down silver clay to a good thickness. Each layer was allowed to dry before adding the next. After firing, 99% pure recycled silver is left behind with the shape and imprint of the original leaf~ I oxidized and polished it to bring out the venation of the leaf.

Bryonia, Bryony - Elven Leaf Necklace for Men and Women by Quintessential Arts

The leaf is completely handmade with fine silver.  This chain is a thicker and heavier version of my usual favorite sterling chain.  The necklace closes with a small lobster-claw-styled clasp.  There are no jump rings or weaknesses in the chain, it is all very sturdily wrapped together with wire.