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Mario and Peach's Theme

A team collaborative effort between myself and @exstarterrestrial! We’ve been fiddling with several different sound samples from Super Mario Galaxy and trying to make them into a soundfont, so here’s a taste of what’s to come. A song from Paper Mario redone in the soundfont used for Rosalina’s Storybook! 

Soundfont remastered by @exstarterrestrial
Remix by @starshipmario

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kuroken + animal crossing?

“I don’t get it,” Kuroo says, hooking his chin on Kenma’s shoulder. “You shake the trees and money falls out of it?”

“Yeah. Also when you hit the right rock.”

“What the heck. Why isn’t real life like that?”

Kenma huffs in amusement. He shifts his weight back, resting against Kuroo’s chest, feeling warm and slightly sleepy. Kuroo’s visiting for the weekend, and Kenma doesn’t want to miss a single second of it. He’s missed being able to sit like this, close enough to feel Kuroo’s heartbeat, close enough to feel Kuroo’s body heat. It’s so easy to fall back into this comfort, Kenma almost wants to cry.

“Wait, did you name the town Nekoma?”

Kenma presses his lips together, but his cheeks are flaming. Kuroo laughs, the sound low and familiar in Kenma’s ear. He focuses on guiding his avatar back home.

“I want to show you something,” he says. He waits for the loading screen to fade, navigating to the room he’s been carefully designing. When his avatar steps in, he feels more than hears Kuroo gasp.

“Is that… my room?”

Shyly, Kenma nods. “I wanted to keep your room how it was when… when we were kids. I mean, it’s still—it’s still there, but you’re living in the dorms now, and I just…” 

Kuroo sits up, prodding Kenma gently. “You just…?”

Kenma ducks his head. “I wanted to have a piece of you here, too. To keep me company.”

There’s a pause. And then Kuroo is nuzzling his face into Kenma’s neck, tickling him and nearly causing him to drop the game, but Kenma doesn’t mind. He turns and tackles Kuroo back onto the bed with a hug.

“You know,” Kuroo says some time later. They’re lying on their sides now, Kenma’s head pressed into Kuroo’s chest. His DS is still playing the cheerful 7 pm tune, but Kenma’s eyes are barely open now. “Now that I’ve watched you play, I kind of want to get the game myself.”


Kuroo shuffles closer, pressing his lips against Kenma’s forehead. “Mm. That way, I can visit you in that little room you built me, whenever you want, yeah?”

Kenma’s already half asleep, but he drifts off with a smile on his face.

Over the Edge

Summary: Tim Drake’s S/O (a superhero) gets pushed off the roof of Wayne Tower.

Pairing: Reader x Tim Drake/Red Robin

Warning: ANGST, death.

Author’s note: Does anyone remember the episode “Over the Edge” from The New Batman Adventures? *whispers* Because I kind of stole a page from their book, Shushhh.

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Wayne Tower, 12:15 AM.

Time had stopped. Every passing second felt like an eternity. Your body was entirely paralyzed and your mind was completely stunned. Your hair was flowing through the air, however, you didn’t feel a damn thing. Despite your body falling at an increasing speed, you felt as though gravity had slowed down. The fall from the top of Wayne Tower was dreadful. You saw Tim plunge from the top of the 1,000 feet tall building attempting to save you. But he was too late. You were falling too quickly for him to catch up.

Wayne Manor, 7:35 PM.

“[Y/N], you look lovely!” Said Tim blissfully.

You were wearing your brand new scarlet red sweat heart neckline open back silk dress with a slit from your hip bone all the way down to the ground covering your stunning high heels. The gorgeous dress you were wearing hugged all your curves in the right places. Your outfit was complete with a lovely set of gold jewelry. Rings, bracelets and a necklace. The whole nine yards. Earlier that day in anticipation for the annual Wayne Enterprise Charity Gala, you had even gotten a manicure along with a fresh haircut and color.

“Tim, take a picture, it’ll last longer” You teased.

“My love, you know how the press is. This isn’t your first rodeo, [Y/N]. The media will be all over you this evening. They will literally take hundreds of photos. Why would I need to take a picture?” asked your boyfriend.

“As you wish, Tim. But I’m warning you, I’ll be changing out of this in a few hours. I’m not missing out on patrol for a fancy Wayne banquet.” You replied.

“If I may, Miss. [Y/L/N], I would love a picture of you and Master Drake for my personal album.” Interjected Alfred.

“Yes, of course, Alfred.” You replied kindly, before glancing at Tim, “Come closer!” you ordered nodding our head.

With his camera in and, Alfred took the picture, “On the count of three say cheese. One, two, three!”

CLICK! *Flash*

Batcave, 11:45 PM.

Tim’s eyes suddenly grew wide open as he pushed himself away from his desk, dumbfounded.

“[Y/S/N]! It’s a trap! Fallback!” Tim ordered you over the comlink in an alarmed state.

“Red Robin, what are you talking ab- “

“[Y/S/N]!” exclaimed Tim already on his bike.

Tim arrived at the top of Wayne Tower in record time. But he still wasn’t fast enough. When Red Robin swung the staircase door to the roof open he saw Scarecrow push you over the edge of the tower. Normally, falling off a building wouldn’t faze you since shooting a grappling hook was child’s play to you. However, this time, Tim knew that something felt was different. You were distraught because scarecrow had exposed you to his fear toxin inhibiting you from saving yourself.

“[Y/S/N]!]” Yelled, Tim, in agony.

In the blink of an eye, Tim knocked out cold the enemy. Without any hesitation, Red Robin leaped off the building attempting to catch you.

Wayne Tower, 1:25 AM.

The air was cold and reeked of dirty chemical plants. The sky was jet black. Think black clouds draped over the city hiding the stars and the moon. Instead, red and blue lights accompanied by blinding flashes illuminated the streets of Gotham. Sirens, cops, forensic teams and journalist could be heard from afar.

Wayne Manor, 1:25 AM.

“Breaking news.” *theme song*

“Good evening Gotham, I’m Vicki Vale reporting from Gotham news! We’re here live at the scene in front of Wayne Enterprises where the young [Y/S/N]’s body has been found. According to the GCPD, the vigilante known as [Y/S/N] has tragically been murdered by none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane otherwise known as The Scarecrow. According to our sources, the man escaped Arkham Asylum yesterday evening at around 11 PM. Stay tuned, after the break we shall reveal the true identity of the [Y/S/N]!] *theme song*

Batcave, 2 days later.

A loud ear-piercing shout echoed throughout the cave prompting the many bats to fly around vigorously squealing.

“Tim!” Called Bruce urgently.

From the second floor of the Mansion, Tim came rushing down to the cave almost matching the speedster’s pace.

“She’s waking up!” Remarked Tim in a semi-excited semi-relieved tone.

“Wha-what happened!?” You inquired anxiously sitting up in a single swift motion from the hospital bed located in the batcave with your eyes as wide as a football. Your body was trembling in terror and you were covered in sweat, “Did I get hit by an eighteen-wheeler?” you continued while rubbing your temple.

“No, but you did, however, get knocked out by The Scarecrow’s newest concoction of fear toxin and almost plunged to your death.” Explained Tim.

“You gave us quite a scare Miss. [Y/L/N].” Interposed Alfred.

“Thankfully, Red Robin was there to catch you and stop the madman.” Added Bruce.

“How about we give Master Drake and Miss. [Y/L/N] some privacy? I’m certain they both have a lot to discuss. In addition, Miss. [Y/L/N] needs to rest if she’s going to fully recover.” Suggested Alfred before exiting the cave alongside Bruce.

In The Mourning/Landslide
In The Mourning/Landslide

paramore - in the mourning/landslide (fleetwood mac cover) - 102.9 the buzz acoustic session

“and now it seems like the whole world’s waiting. can you hear the echoes fading?”

“well, i’ve been afraid of changing because i’ve built my life around you.”

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Daniel P. Sheehan is a Harvard College-trained American
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John Mack, M. D., Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University, after
Dr. Mack was attacked for his human abduction research and book,
Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens. In 1977, Danny Sheehan served
as Special Counsel to the U. S. Congressional Research Service’s “Report
to the President On Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Phenomenon.”