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Bronies and Porn 2.0

So I received quite a response to my Brony Myths:  Bronies and Porn post.  I was surprised but also pleased with how well it spread, but I was more impressed with the responses.  In all the reblogs or comments, I think I saw maybe one or two anti-brony posts at most.  Normally a post defending bronies will get a lot more hate and a lot more resistance.  Perhaps this is a sign that things on tumblr are changing.   I can only hope so.

Although there wasn’t much hate, I did get several of the same questions and same comments that I responded to, but I’d like to do a write up with those questions here to clear the air for everyone.  Again this is in response to my Brony Myths:  Bronies and Porn post.  If you haven’t read that yet please do so or else this write up might not make sense.  (


1.  Were the searches done before or after Safe Search Wrap Up?

To be honest, I didn’t even KNOW about Safe Search Wrap Up until people started talking about it.   I just want to point out that I think it’s overall a great idea, and I’m glad other fandoms are taking part as well.  Nothing wrong with making the internet even safer for the younger fans.  But how much did Safe Search Wrap Up affect my search?

Well the searches I did were done on the 11th of February, which would have been 4 days after the very first SSWU, but it’s really hard to tell how much of an impact on my search.  In this video created on the 8th, they point out the image of Pinkie Pie wearing Rainbow Dash’s face as a mask:

I ALSO mentioned in Bronies and Porn that the same image was there when I searched, but had been removed when I published the article on the 25th, (which would have been after two SSWUs).  Taking into account the many times I’ve searched for MLP related images on google before, and the fact that there are STILL porn images of Pinkie Pie in Google’s search, it would appear that while SSWU is effective on some level, it’s not super duper fast effective like others would believe.  

So based on the fact that images that were being flagged in SSWU were still there when I took my screencaps, and how long it takes google to remove an image, I’ve come to the conclusion that if SSWU DID have any effect on my searches, it was extremely minor.  In other words, no, the MLP searches were not saturated in porn before SSWU started.  There has always, and always will be, very little, if any porn.


2.  But there’s still a higher stumble upon rate for MLP related porn.  

I haven’t really had THAT much of a problem just randomly stumbling upon porn in the MLP fandom, but others have said they have.  I don’t think this is due to BRONIES ARE PEVERTS LOL!.. I think this is due to the fact that, for many bronies, this is their first fandom.  

So what do you do when you run across porn that’s not tagged properly?  Throw a fit, make a post saying bronies are awful and ruining the fandom and tell every hate blog in sight, right?…  uh… no… just no.  Many of these people are simply uneducated on how to tag porn and unaware  that they need to.  Most times, simply telling someone they need to tag it or telling them how to do so will solve the problem.  

A few days after my research, I was searching Rainbow Dash just to see if much changed, and sure enough I found some questionable imagery in there.   I don’t want to call anyone out, but I will say that partial nipples were showing.  The image linked back to DeviantArt and was not under mature content, but rather than throw a fit about it, I contacted the artist and asked them to put it under mature.  I didn’t hear from them for a few days and at first assumed they ignored me… but to my surprise, I checked the deviation a few days later, and lo and behold it was now under mature and no longer showed up in Rainbow Dash’s search.  

What do you do when they refuse to tag it or put it under mature?  Report them I say.  I don’t see anything wrong with reporting the person if they’re breaking the site’s TOS so they can show everyone their smut.  Not everyone wants to see that and not everyone should HAVE to see that.

Now this doesn’t mean you get to harass people.  Be polite about it and just try to educate them on what they need to do and why they need to do it.  


3.  On [REDACTED], MLP has more porn than any other cartoon except for Pokemon. There’s over 45,000 images.  That’s a lot in the short amount of time that FiM has been out.

I’ll admit, that is a lot of porn in a short amount of time but it really doesn’t surprise me that much.  I think a lot of people who notice this underestimate just how large the fandom is.  The fandom is huge and growing bigger with each day.  Hell, 4Chan had to make its own separate /mlp/ sub forum because of how many bronies there were, and they weren’t the only site that had to do this. Not only that, but this community is extremely creative and can churn out animations, fanart, fanfics, customs and plushies like no other.  Tumblr is probably a big reason for this.  Look how many ask blogs there are and how people found the show because of them and created their own ask blogs and so on.  The fan base is absolutely gigantic and happens to have a lot of artists in it.  

For example, Maud Pie just aired on Saturday morning and there’s already over 600 deviations of her on deviantart.  Several ask blogs have begun and we even have small animations and videos of her.  I can’t speak for everyone else, but I myself know that I’ve never been in a fandom that would produce fan material THAT quickly or in that amount.  When you take this fact into consideration, and also realize that that those 45,000 images were not drawn by 45,000 people, it’s not as bad as it looks.  

Another way to look at this is to consider the ratio of clean images to NSFW images.  While it’s difficult to be able to tell exactly the numbers in clean art vs NSFW art, we can get an idea using DeviantArt and compare it to the number of NSFW art on the other site.  Now before I do this, I know what some people might say.  They might argue that not everything on DeviantArt is drawn or created, but some of it is just pictures, and there’s also fanfics and crafts.  So, for this experiment, what I did was looked up certain things on DeviantArt with the Mature Filter on (meaning mature deviants won’t count), SUBTRACTED the number of Photography, Artisan Crafts and Literature, and then used that total to compare the numbers.  I’ll admit, it’s still not perfect because as we’ve discussed, people sometimes have a hard time realizing to tag their porn, but it should be enough to give a general idea.

Now note, these numbers were at the time that I wrote this.  They’ve since changed I’m sure, but as of March 17th around 5:00 PM Central, these were the numbers.

The amount of Clean MLP images was 1059293 and the amount of NSFW was 46278.  The percentage of NSFW images is 4.3%.  It suddenly doesn’t seem like so much anymore, does it?

Let’s try it with some other fandoms.


Pokemon:  SFW images 2709121, and NSFW 71437.  So that’s 2.6%.

Adventure Time:  SFW images 418648, and NSFW 4122.  0.9%.

Phineas and Ferb:  SFW images 66025, and NSFW 1805.  2.7%.

Tiny Toons:  SFW images 11161, and NSFW 1594.  14.2%.

Kim Possible:  SFW images 26434, and NSFW 5132.  19.4%.


You could basically do this for any fandom, but even I’ll admit it’s not conclusive especially since I only searched 6 fandoms.  It’s just to give a general idea.  A while back I actually did a similar experiment only without subtracting crafts, fanfics and photos and included other fandoms.  I didn’t log the results, but the average ratio I found was between 2-5%.  Tiny Toons and Kim Possible are pretty abnormal, and Tiny Toons could be due to the fact that the show isn’t making new episodes.  Then again, it could just be the cartoons I’m searching.

The point is, while it may seem like there’s a lot of porn and dirty imagery, it’s really not as bad as it looks on the surface.  Even if other fandoms are lower in porn than MLP, 4% really isn’t that bad at all.  The more important matter is that people tag it and keep it off of children’s websites.  As I said, not everyone wants to look at smut.  Myself included.


4.  What about all the children who have found porn and been scarred for life?

I very much question these stories.  There was one in particular about a 4 year old.  The image of that is here:

Just because this one bothers me so much, I wanted to take a closer look at it, and with the help of NoBSZone I believe we’ve come up with the answer.  I have to thank him so much for actually taking the time to find these responses for me.  

*From tumblr user pigeony:

“As a child development major and while being a preschool teacher for a while, a 4 year old child wouldn’t even have the cognitive and language skills to even search for MLP things on the internet without adult assistance (not even a 6 year old can really do much mang).”

*From tumblr user adsumcirrat:

“Does Lori allow her 4 yo. daughter to type porny keywords? Is somebody watching brony porn on the computer and leaving it there for the kid to find? How comes that freaking 4 yo. girl know what porn is and how comes that she’s already so traumatized by sex that she refuses to play with her toys? I suspect child abuse.

Also, funny, how Lori, who doesn’t know much about the tumblr, knows she has to separate the text and post it backwards for it to appear this way.”

*User bornonthebattleground:

“1- why are you leaving a 4 years old alone at a pc?

2. pretty smart kid, reading and writing so young ( i presume she had to know how to write to do a google search, but maybe i’m wrong)

3. even if i search for MLP on google images, without any filter, it takes a long time before I get something remotely “NC17”

4. Kids that young don’t know instinctively what’s “filthy” and porn, so someone must have pointed it to them.”

*User jake-from-state-farm-school:

“notice how it’s presented as a mom who just so happens to line up -every- talking point against bronies, like the child being scarred forever, but is computer and internet illiterate, yet somehow knows how to send the messages backwards so they show up like that and note the breaks with -c-“

*From asexualporno:

“I’m not inclined to believe these are real. I’ve seen almost identical posts in another fandom.

Even if this is real you shouldn’t be letting a 4 year old on a site meant for people no younger than teenagers.

Wait, why the fuck are you letting your 4 year old use the internet without supervision no matter what site they’re on? Yeah, pretty sure this isn’t real.”

*User cold-never-bothered-me-anyways

“As much as I agree with the general point OP is trying to make, I’m quite doubtful of this story.Not only would any right - minded parent not let a 4-year - old on the Internet alone, I have a hard time believing that a child that young COULD use the Internet at that age. Children that young can’t read. Even if they can read a little, they aren’t advanced enough to read and maneuver around the internet, let alone spell whatever they are typing, let alone even be able to type. A parent would have to maneuver the Internet for them unless they were on a website designed for very young children and you certainly wouldn’t find porn on a website for toddlers.

So as noble as your intentions are, op, I’m going to have to say that your story is a lie.”

*User handicappedgrandpaweekly

“And believe it or not, I did research, across 3 search engines, typing in “my little pony”, “mlp”, and “pony” and some of the main cast, and the worst I came across for roughly 5 pages of website and image searching was some incredibly tame lesbian fanart on Deviantart, somebodies decaying zombie pony, mentions of rule 34, some link to the Molestia page on fucking tvtropes, and a fanart of one of Hot Diggity Demon’s cartoons.

And that was with safe search off.

With safe search on I saw nothing, zip, zilch, zero questionable content for more than 12 pages across every search engine.

You either have to be deliberately finding this crap that’s bad enough to traumatize a child, or they somehow put in a search inquiry that I couldn’t find.”

*User fearfulcaptainbiffelderberry

“But all the testing aside you should NEVER EVER EVER let a child you are supervising on the internet without supervision. It is the internet, there is porn on it. Unless you taught your kids to not look at things you don’t want them to look at (ie teaching them that porn is against your morals and they shouldn’t look at it) then don’t let them on without being directly over their shoulder (especially when they’re super young!) “

*And finally from disneyvillainsforjustice

“I’m sorta…skeptical of this. It strikes me as a little too perfectly “won’t somebody please think of the children-y” to be quite convincing. If you were going to fake asks from a distraught mother, this is what you would do.

First off, if this lady has been on tumblr for any amount of time she would have run into all kinds of NSFW fandom art. It’s unavoidable. She knows to -c- the end of each ask but she’s never seen NSFW fandom shit on tumblr? Really?

Second, if she is savvy enough to be on tumblr she would damn well have parental controls on the internet her four year old is using, unless she’s just negligent.

Third, she goes right to “these awful male fans who have no respect for women” when in reality both male and female fans draw and write porn for pretty much every fandom - which she would have inevitably run into on here as a tumblr user. The “male fans with no respect for women” thing is anti-Brony 101. Seems a bit of a coincidence.

It’s interesting to me that this “mother” who just happened to be exploring the horrible world of cartoon porn her daughter tripped into (due to her mom’s negligence) just HAPPENS to make every single point an anti-Brony would want her to, using their exact language. “Scarred for life?” Really? Her favorite pastime is “watching the Television?” And her kid at four years old already has such deep-seated sexual insecurity that seeing pornographic pictures I doubt she could even understand damaged her this badly? And her mother, likely knowing how much sexual images upset her, allowed her to surf the internet unnaccompanied with no parental controls?


"Curious amount of forethought on that Lori, who apparently hasn’t been on tumblr long enough to see the ocean of cartoon porn, and doesn’t know about parental controls for her internet browser, but knows Bronies R Ebil and knows enough to send her asks backwards so they line up all nice and perfectly presentable.



That happened”

And none of these even mention the fact that the person who this ask was sent to, was caught photoshopping porn images into a search of Rainbow Dash by yours truly:

So, yeah, I don’t trust this story at all.  This falls under "If bronies were really that bad, you wouldn’t have to make up stories about them."  I’ve actually seen many versions of this story.  One recently tried to use a 5 year old niece as an excuse.  This 5 year old apparently knows what rape is.  Let me tell you something, if your 5 year old knows what rape is, something is wrong.  Something is very, very wrong.  

Having said that, I don’t doubt there have been incidents of children finding inappropriate content on the internet, but I hardly think it’s exclusive to the MLP fandom.  And seeing as how we now have SSWU started by bronies, that OTHER fandoms are taking part in (and one must ask the question, if it’s just in the MLP fandom, how come other fandoms are taking part?) it hardly seems reasonable to blame all bronies for this problem.  


Overall, the brony fandom is pretty darn normal when it comes to Rule 34.  It might be a little odd to some people that someone would want to make R34 of ponies, but that doesn’t make anyone a freak or jerk. For that I invite you to read this amazing write up by Lapis Lazuli and how writing or drawing porn does NOT make you a pervert.

Bronies have gone above and beyond to make sure that porn is properly tagged, and that porn does not seep into places like Google Image search (Safe Search Wrap Up) and that’s more than many other fandoms have done.  Especially if these events continue, there’s no point in trying to blame bronies or look down upon bronies for any of this.  We’re just a group of people who enjoy a TV show and its morals.  We goof with our friends, we’re passionate about what we love, and we create.  And personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.