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EXO PLANET #3 - EXO’s A to Z during The EXO’r DIUM North America Tour Concert! From feverish concert place and rehearsals to the members’ travel in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas! Includes 20 main episodes (About 220 minutes ), Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN (1 ep), 4 GIFT VODs of LA Live concert footage, and video letters from each member. [LINK]


  • 08/18 9:00 PM Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN
    Introduction to EXO TOURGRAM, behind the scenes during the North America Tour Concert, and free traveling stories by SUHO & SEHUN
  • 08/19 10:30 PM Ep. 3 The Delivery: New York
    They called a delivery of Hollywood celebrities’ favorite foods from New York’s restaurants! Which one would be EXO’s favorite?
  • 09/02 11:00 PM Ep. 10 Hola, Mexico City!
    EXO’s first solo concert in Mexico! Who could be the member who had a ghost dream the night before the concert?

Dazai finally dies by suicide. Chuuya has a mental break down sometime later, corruption goes out of control. ADA & PM team up to stop him, but Kouyou decides to fight him first. She is family after all. Sadly, Kouyou and almost all the members of PM and ADA don’t survive. Kyouka watches as the ‘big brother’ she knew is now nothing but a monster.

Theory time: Dazai told Ranpo in advance that if there was ever a time where he himself was incapacitated and things started to go south against Fyodor, that Ranpo was to find a way to remove Chuuya from the action temporarily. Everyone in the ADA is obviously aware of Chuuya’s ability and more than likely have been told about Corruption as well: we now have a situation where both faction’s bosses have been eliminated, Dazai is down for the count, and everything’s been sent into a state of chaos. It would be incredibly tempting for Fyodor to go after Chuuya at this point to wreak more havoc by potentially killing ADA and PM members alike who may be caught in the carnage while eliminating another mafia executive/leader, hence why Ranpo had Poe trap himself and Chuuya in a book so they could keep an eye on him until Dazai gets back and the danger of Corruption without a fail-safe passes. 

I just realised that this is literally how I got into Seventeen

Jaebum x reader Gang! AU

Summary: Jaebum protecting you and saving you.

Genre: Fluff

Jaebum was the leader of a gang in town. The gang was not the typical bad boy gang. The gang help people to solve client’s problems and provide protection. The gang members were all students, the whole school knew that they were in a gang. What the students didn’t know was the gang was protecting them from an attack of another gang in other district. The students in school were afraid of them.

You were Jaebum’s girlfriend for 3 years. You were not afraid to approach them because you saw them helping people at night. You worked a night shift in an convenience store and bumped into them a few times. When you knew they were studying in your school, you approached them boldly, wanting to befriend them. Your friends were frightened with your acts but the more times you go and sit with them, talk with them, your friends started to warm up with them and love started to bloom between Jaebum and you.

It was lunchtime, you sat in the usual spot. Jaebum and his friends came and sat down with their lunches in hand. The cafeteria quiet down, only a few mumurs here and there.

“Hey. How’s your day?” Jaebum sat down next to you.

“It’s ok,” You dug in your pasta with broccoli and green peas.

Jaebum opened his lunch box. It was risotto with asparagus on the sides. You picked up the broccoli and peas with a fork and made its landing in Jaebum’s lunch box. You didn’t like broccoli and peas at all, you hated the taste of it. Jaebum was not surprised when he saw you gave him him all your veggies to him. He picked up the asparagus and put it into your lunch box. You two didn’t say anything during the food exchange. It was normal that you gave him what you didn’t like to eat in exchange with food in his lunch box you like to eat, vice versa. The members were not shocked by their leader’s actions, they were used to it by now. But when they first saw their cool and charismatic leader smile and being gentle with you, it had their mouths dropped.

Jaebum remembered you love sausages, he forked some into your lunch box. You look at him and gave him a questionable look. He shook his head, finishing his lunch. It was these kind of moments when your friends wondered if you two had some special telepathy power.

You finished your lunch and asked Jaebu, “Where were you last night? Were you doing something important?” You looked up waiting for his answer, You were asking him not because you were clingy, it was just he would text you back no matter how late or, rather, early in a day. You were especially worried about your boyfriend since he was in a gang. You couldn’t sleep last night hoping he would be fine and text back.

All the members tensed up and the tension lingered in the air. You could feel something went wrong.

”It was just a few ignorant rats scrambling on our grounds. Nothing to worry about.” He looked at your worried face.

The bell rung and Jaebum picked up his and yours lunch boxes to put back the trays and boxes. “Go back to class now. Wait for me when school ends in your home room.” He kissed your crown before walking away, leaving you to walk back to your classroom.

School ended. You waited for Jaebum to come in your homeroom. These few days, Jaebum was paranoid when you go somewhere alone. He always tell you to go with your friends and his members, but you should not go out too much without him. You knew something was weird, you just couldn’t put a finger on it. You packed your bag and wanted to put some books to the locker while waiting for Jaebum.

You held your books close to your chest and walked to your locker. You walked down the corridor and heard footsteps behind you. It was strange for students to be in the main building in this time. Usually students would leave the school as soon as the bell rung. You stopped walking in the middle of the corridor and the footsteps had stopped too. You turned your back around, saw no one was behind you. Chills ran down your back. You just wanted to put your books back to where they belonged and waited for Jaebum to come to the home room. You sped up and walked to your locker. You were about to leave, you turned around and bumped into someone’s chest. Then you were knocked out cold.

Jaebum went in your home room and saw no one was there. He saw your bag lying on the floor but couldn’t saw you anywhere. He panicked because the gang that had recently stepped on their grounds warned them if they don’t give up the boundary line, the gang would take action. Jaebum quickly called the members for help. To help find you and to help who was behind all this. He went to your locker, trying to find you but failed. He found a slip stuck on your locker.

Im Jaebum,

If you want _______ to be safe. Come to 144 Avenue Grounds at 11 pm.

See you there.

The note infuriated Jaebum. He balled up the note and threw it to the nearest trash can.

“Damn it.” He cursed to himself. He had been so careful for the past month just to not let you fell into the other gang’s hand. He had warned you not to go out by yourself. He had picked you up everyday just to make sure you were under total protection. He hated it when he had to hand you to someone else to protect you. He protected you in every way he did. But there were loopholes that he didn’t notice. And that leaded to you being kidnapped. He was worried about you. Are you treated brutally? Do you have food and water? Are you alright?

He went back to the hideout to have a quick meeting and the members decided to wait until 11 pm. He was antsy as he waited for the clock to go faster. He kept pacing in the room. The members had already told him to sit down and relax but his anxious act kept Jaebum far from being calm. 

Your hands were tied behind a chair. The rope was so tightly tied you were sure your hands will be bruised. You were scared as you saw an unfamiliar surroundings. You were hit behind your head and knocked out. All you knew was the people who kidnapped you were a gang wanting to use you against Jaebum. You knew that from eavesdropping their conversation.

“Looks like your awake.” A man who looks like he was in his 30s came out from the corner, “You bitch. Useless piece of shit. At least you can help us broaden our boundaries. Not just here and eat our food.” He shoved a bowl of what looks like dog food in front of you. “Eat up. That’s all you gonna get.”

He didn’t provide any utensils for you. You were a smart person. You figured out he wanted you to behave like a dog and kneel in front of you. Your pride didn’t allow you to do so. You turned your head away from the food.

“So now you are acticg all mighty? I hate girls with pride. If you aren’t a hostage I would have killed you a long time ago.” His face full of disgust and he spat on you before leaving the room.

You heard him ordering his fellow members to keep an eye on you. You prayed for Jaebum to come and bring you out of this stinky, filthy place. 

It was finally 11 pm Jaebum and his members went to the address in the note. They waited for a several minutes until they saw a group of people walking towards them. You were blindfolded, gagged and hands tied behind your back. Jaebum’s face darkened. He would have rushed to your sides but his members held him back not wanting him to risk his or yours life with his rash actions.

“_______!” You heard Jaebum’s voice shouting out your name with worry dripping in his words. You wanted to tell him you were fine but the gag in your mouth is preventing you to do so. You knew you were safe as soon as you heard Jaebum’s voice, you knew he wouldn’t let anyone hurt you.

The man that looked like the boss of the gang ripped your blindfold off and pulling your hair in the process. You yelped a little bit because of the sudden pain. Jaebum heard your yelping sounds and jolted up. You saw Jaebum and his friends all on guard on what was going to happen.

“What do you want?” Jaebum voiced out loud and clear.

“Give us more grounds. Expand our boundaries.” The boss said.

“Not going to happen.” Jaebum said.

“Then there is nothing to discuss.” The boss signaled his men to attack, but Jaebum went at him first.

Jaebum was outnumbered but he and his members managed to take them down. The boss of the other gang was in panic and he grabbed a wooden board lying near the bin and whacked it onto Jaebum’s back.

“Mhm!!! Agh!!!” Your screams escaped the gag as you saw the horrific scene happened in front of you.

Jaebum didn’t budge. He turned around swiftly and hit the boss right across the eye. He fell right down. The members of the other gang saw that their boss was down, they all scattered and ran away. Jaebum quickly rushed to your side, untying your hands and gag. The boss used this time to escape. To be honest, no one cared because their gang were too weak and know nothing except for blackmailing people and putting people on hostage. 

“Are you hurt? Did they do anything to you? I swear I will kill them.” He cursed silently under his breathe.

“I’m fine. They didn’t do anything to me.” You reassured him. Although you were physically alright, your emotions had ridden a roller coaster. Maybe it was the familiar atmosphere Jaebum gave you or because your emotions started to kick in now. Hot tears rolled down your cheeks without you knowing.

Jaebum didn’t say anything. He wiped away your tears and carried you back to their hideout.

He dabbed some ointment on your bruised wrist and gently rubbed the bruise.You whimpered a bit as he rubbed your wrist. He looked up with guilty eyes.

“Just bear with the pain for a bit. The bruise will get better faster this way.” He said. You nodded at him.

It had been a while since he treated your bruise. The members all left the room to give you two privacy. He had finally finished treating your bruise and sat beside you on the couch.

“I’m sorry I let that happened. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was such an awful boyfriend for letting you go through this.” He kept talking and talking, taking all the blame. You hushed him with an finger.

“I didn’t listen to you to stay in my homeroom. It wasn’t your fault. I was wrong in the first place.” You said seriously.

“If I had told you the truth or if I went to pick you up just 5 minutes earlier nothing like this would happen.” He said with deep regret.

“We both did something wrong, so we are even now. Plus, i am not hurt in any way, just a few bruises.” You shrugged it off.

Jaebum was about to sit comfortably on the couch, leaning his back. A hiss could be heard and you glanced over to him. You remembered the horrible scene that happened right before your eyes.

“Jae, lift up your shirt and back face to me.” You said sternly.

“It’s nothing. Probably just a little bruise.” You stared at him blankly. He reluctantly did as you said.

He lifted his shirt revealing a large bruise with some bloody scratch marks. You leaned over and took some cotton balls and saline solution. You cleaned up his wounds and used the ointment to knead his back. After doing so, he took you into your arms and hugged you tight.

“Stay for the night?”

“Yea. I think it is a bit late to go home now.” You laughed a bit.

He brought you to an extra bedroom in the hideout and you both sleep in each other’s embrace. Leaving the horrific, vivid nightmare behind.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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August 7 1969: The Haunted Mansion Opens

After a decade, Disneyland’s newest attraction, The Haunted Mansion, finally opens its doors; though only to Cast Members. From 7:00 PM to midnight, Cast Members could enjoy the attraction. The attraction didn’t officially open to the public for two more days. And an official grand opening didn’t take place until August 12.

Screaming out Loud (Xiumin Smut)

I never did a Xiumin smut, but here we go. I hope you like it guys :)

Smut: Party Scenario
Characters: Xiumin & Reader


10 pm. Every Exo member was in the living room. Xiumin and you had prepared some shots, food and stuff for the party. Everyone seemed so happy, that you decided to take some shots as well…

Y/N: Just… one more tequila, and i’m done. I swear!
Exo members: Shot! Shot! Shot!

While you drank your last tequila shot (Or what you thought) you saw Xiumin doing some eye contact with a kind of signal *let’s go*. You let the Exo guys keep it up with the tequila as you went with Xiumin.

Originally posted by xiusenpai

Y/N: Whats… up? *you said kind of dizzy*
Xiumin: ____, i need to show you something. Now.

He grabbed your hand, and almost running you went to your bedroom. Opening the door and pushing you against the wall you felt him hard as hell.

Xiumin: I can’t take it anymore. *He threw you on bed and started kissing you*

Y/N: Do… do you think… we shou *he kissed you again roughly*

Xiumin: Yes. We have to.

As he undressed you, he put your hand on his member and as you did it, you felt all his abs on you and his strong arms holding you. Now that you were undressed, he started puting 1 finger on you, and went back to kissing. Your neck was now full of bruises with the strong licking he did on you. After this, he went to your nipples.

Xiumin: Now… *He takes your hands and put them against the bed holding them still* I’ll make you mine again.

He put himself inside so roughly that your moan was almost a scream. 

*You heard the door knocks* Guys, are you ok? ____, is Xiumin hitting you? I told you to be nice to her!* Chanyeol said. *Do you need help ____ ? Lay kinda yelled.

Xiumin kept thrusting you harder and harder and whispered you on the ear: Come on, answer them.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Y/N (yelling): I’m ok guys, *Xiumin went even harder* I… just ¨ahhhh* have a stomach..ache. It’s the….*ahhhh* tequila.

Xiumin: Good girl *he whispered*

Kai: If you guys need an aspirin I have one right here.

Xiumin: We are ok guys *He thrusted harder and took one breast with his hand* I think ____ is getting better.

You heard the guys walking off again to the living room and now Xiumin rubbing your clit… was killing you.

Y/N: I’m… i’m almost *Xiumin went out and started eating you* Oh my god, i can’t… I can’t. You cum all over his face, and he licked it looking at you. 

Xiumin: Ugh… It’s delicious ____.  But… *you went over him and started licking him until he fulfilled your mouth with his cum* Can we take a nap now?
Y/N: No. We need to be with the guys, it’s a party after all…

Xiumin: Only with one condition…. Can we do this again later? *He smiled and begged you with his puppy face*¨

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Keep the requests coming guys, love you so much.

[STARCAST] BTS, show us the stand- by room of 'I NEED U'!

SUGAdid u enjoy watching BTS’s ‘I NEED U’ comeback stage? They came back after a while, thus it would be not right to have behind the scenes of their first broadcast, do you agree? So here is what we got! We are revealing behind the scenes of BTS’s noisy, full of crisis, and one-of-a-kind style of stand-by room.

V “I am thinking about what accessory I should put on my stage costume”

JIMIN "I have to let people know I’m wearing shorts…

SUGA “Hey girls do you like my fancy T-shirt? ~" 

BTS took pictures that are unexplainable without an explanation! What we asked them in the first place was “what features your outfit”…. We didn’t expect that such outcomes will come out. 

JIN&J-HOPE&RAP MONSTER "We have beautiful legs!" 

The feature of stage costume is shorts! (Said the members) They boasted their nice-looking legs as saying smooth legs are needed to complete your shorts fashion. Yet, we had hard time figuring out JUNG KOOK’s idea on his picture….hmm…. it looks very strange.. (JUNG KOOK, tell us about your picture ;;)

JUNG KOOK "Guess what is it that highlights my outfit”

[show us the stand-by room of ‘I NEED U’ performance!] 

‘Excited BTS’ are getting ready for ‘I NEED U’ stage. Now it looks like they are in the stand by room of music TV programs. They are on their way to hold a rehearsal as wearing a big name tag on their chest. 

To perform a perfect stage it is necessary to go over the recorded rehearsal clip! They are watching the clip as soon as they come back to the stand-by room even before they wipe their sweat off. 

JUNG KOOK ” I hear fans shouting at us~“

Now they wipe their sweat off, and each member sat down quietly to monitor the recorded rehearsal again. J-HOPE explains each member’s line of movement one more time~ and makes sure that everyone is on the same track. (JUNK KOOK is being a good leader!) 

Now it’s time to perform the stage of their title song ‘I NEED U’. They are smiling yet I can feel the air getting heavy!

[Imitating my own picture! Same pose, with different feelings!]
BTS love taking set-up shots! They also selected a theme for the day. It is ‘Same pose, yet different feeling!’ Today’s mission was to take pictures just like the one they did for cover image of <In the Mood for Love pt.1>. They of course completed the mission very well. 

SUGA "I can easily do a lethargy pose”

J-HOPE “All I need is a mirror”

JUNG KOOK “19-years-old.. A period when you have lots things on your mind. arrr~ headache" 

JIMIN "I am going to do this pose!”

V said he liked the couple picture that he took with JUNG KOOK the most, yet he is still sleeping;; RAP MONSTER ‘the native backup’ filled in for JUNK KOOK.

V “Hey bro, I’m not grabbing your back neck~" 

We asked the older brothers to express their feeling towards ‘I NEED U’ with their body :)

SUGA&RAP MONSTER "depressed, anxious and…. tired?”

JIN “I NEED U is a sad song" 

Then what is BTS’s favorite part of the choreography? It is going to reveal via Naver mobile Entertainment page today at 5 pm with the members’ moving picture! The bonus cut that boasts the band’s cutesy move, ‘ARMY’s don’t miss out on it! It’s today at 5pm! 

cr: star cast

hello everyone!! thank you so much for all the support you have given our little creation. below is a list of everyone who has been accepted into jinx. if you would like feedback or anything on your application, please let us know, and if you were not accepted and would like to reapply, we are going to remove the app count for the next 24 hours. this means that as soon as we see an application, we will accept it!! so please, apply again (or for the first time) to join us before opening tomorrow at 5:00 pm EST. **members have 24 hours to send in their accounts.

okay now that the official business is out of the way, here is a list of those accepted:

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The Rise And Fall of Go! Child

Real-Time Fandub of Steven’s Birthday and Keystone Motel

Listen to Go! Child’s first album Masquerade at this link tonight at 8 PM!

The two members of Go! Child, @chongoblog and @knittinggiantbeanies, voiced Steven and Connie in the first episode here, and Ruby and Sapphire in the second.


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omnivitia  asked:

✥ (PM member[s] of your choice)

✥ Play fighting!

Bizarro had been “practicing fighting” with Claquesous and had been pinned down multiple times, but to be honest, he was loosing on purpose just to be pinned to the ground by him. Finistere looked over at Montparnasse and rose his eyebrows, “You seem to be enjoying this. Do you want to go one on one with me?”