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Member: Chae Hyungwon / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 3,300+
Genre/Warning(s): Fluff, Angst, Slice of Life, Suggestive Themes, and Mild Language.
A/N: First story on Tumblr, let alone for such a precious man. So, I hope you enjoy it, really. P.S. if you remember me from elsewhere (which I highly doubt), hi again!

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11:44 PM

A soft whirring of the air-conditioner fills the bedroom, throwing wafts of cool air toward the bed you’ve been occupying for the past hour or so. Or, at least you think it’s been an hour, given that the man that’s slumped over your body has fallen fast asleep. Not that it takes him very long to drift off anyway. There’s no television to give any sort of visual pastime, yet it doesn’t quite bother you. In fact, you delight in the silence and quietude and make use of it for gathering your thoughts and spending time doing normal things to pass the time instead.

Yawning, you extend out an arm as best you can to turn off the lamp at your bedside table. The mattress creaks a little with your movement, and yet, Hyungwon doesn’t stir, not that you were expecting him to in the first place. His cheek is still pressed comfortably against your bosom, warmly shampoo-scented hair tickling your chin, lanky arms hugging your waist, and long legs entwined with yours. Truth be told, you feel rather guarded and content in the simplest way.

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Screaming out Loud (Xiumin Smut)

I never did a Xiumin smut, but here we go. I hope you like it guys :)

Smut: Party Scenario
Characters: Xiumin & Reader


10 pm. Every Exo member was in the living room. Xiumin and you had prepared some shots, food and stuff for the party. Everyone seemed so happy, that you decided to take some shots as well…

Y/N: Just… one more tequila, and i’m done. I swear!
Exo members: Shot! Shot! Shot!

While you drank your last tequila shot (Or what you thought) you saw Xiumin doing some eye contact with a kind of signal *let’s go*. You let the Exo guys keep it up with the tequila as you went with Xiumin.

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Y/N: Whats… up? *you said kind of dizzy*
Xiumin: ____, i need to show you something. Now.

He grabbed your hand, and almost running you went to your bedroom. Opening the door and pushing you against the wall you felt him hard as hell.

Xiumin: I can’t take it anymore. *He threw you on bed and started kissing you*

Y/N: Do… do you think… we shou *he kissed you again roughly*

Xiumin: Yes. We have to.

As he undressed you, he put your hand on his member and as you did it, you felt all his abs on you and his strong arms holding you. Now that you were undressed, he started puting 1 finger on you, and went back to kissing. Your neck was now full of bruises with the strong licking he did on you. After this, he went to your nipples.

Xiumin: Now… *He takes your hands and put them against the bed holding them still* I’ll make you mine again.

He put himself inside so roughly that your moan was almost a scream. 

*You heard the door knocks* Guys, are you ok? ____, is Xiumin hitting you? I told you to be nice to her!* Chanyeol said. *Do you need help ____ ? Lay kinda yelled.

Xiumin kept thrusting you harder and harder and whispered you on the ear: Come on, answer them.

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Y/N (yelling): I’m ok guys, *Xiumin went even harder* I… just ¨ahhhh* have a stomach..ache. It’s the….*ahhhh* tequila.

Xiumin: Good girl *he whispered*

Kai: If you guys need an aspirin I have one right here.

Xiumin: We are ok guys *He thrusted harder and took one breast with his hand* I think ____ is getting better.

You heard the guys walking off again to the living room and now Xiumin rubbing your clit… was killing you.

Y/N: I’m… i’m almost *Xiumin went out and started eating you* Oh my god, i can’t… I can’t. You cum all over his face, and he licked it looking at you. 

Xiumin: Ugh… It’s delicious ____.  But… *you went over him and started licking him until he fulfilled your mouth with his cum* Can we take a nap now?
Y/N: No. We need to be with the guys, it’s a party after all…

Xiumin: Only with one condition…. Can we do this again later? *He smiled and begged you with his puppy face*¨

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Keep the requests coming guys, love you so much.

I just realised that this is literally how I got into Seventeen

5 days after coup attempt in Turkey: ‘state of emergency’ established for 3 months, 2700 prosecutors and judges laid off or arrested, 25 tv and radio stations closed, 15.200 education employees laid off, 257 pm cabinet staff members laid off or arrested, 8000 cops + gendarmerie and 5000 military members laid off or arrested, 1577 university deans laid off, forbidden for educators and academicians to leave country, 15 universities closed, 35 health facilities closed

This Weekend at the Museum!

There is so much to see and do this weekend at the Museum. In addition to the recently reopened Hayden Planetarium Space Show, Dark Universe, the new exhibition, The Secret World Inside You, and the imminently closing Life at the Limits, there are many special events and activities for visitors to enjoy. 

Meet the Scientist: Susan Perkins

On Saturday, December 5, kids are invited to the Museum’s Discovery Room to meet Susan Perkins. As a graduate student, Susan Perkins got bitten by the “parasite bug” and has since been fascinated by the tiny creatures that call the bodies of other animals home. Her work with parasites makes her a perfect co-curator of the new exhibition, The Secret World Inside You, where visitors will learn how the microbes native to our bodies keep us healthy and happy. Sessions at 2:15 pm, 3:00 pm, and 3:45 pm, free for Members or with Museum Admission. Learn more.

Family Bird Walk

On Saturday, December 5, Explore the birds of Central Park with Museum naturalist Noah Burg. Young explorers will begin their adventure by learning the tools and skills of observation using Museum specimens. Then we will head out to Central Park to identify the many bird species and habitats in our own backyard. Binoculars and bird guides are included. This program is recommended for families with children ages 4-10. Learn more about times and pricing.

Milstein Science Series: Ocean Locomotion

Whales, dolphins, and sea turtles navigate the world’s oceans using their flippers and fins. Crabs scurry, while octopuses use jet propulsion. Locomotion is essential to escape predators, hunt for food, and find mates. On December 6 from 11 am - 4 pm, discover more about marine animals in motion with performances, live animals, and presentations from marine biologists, including Fabien Cousteau, who will talk about observing great whites from his shark-shaped submarine! Free for Members or with Museum Admission. Learn more.

Special Folding Fun Session with OrigamiUSA

On Sunday, December 6, share the beauty and wonder of folding paper! Highly skilled teachers from OrigamiUSA will lead “Special Folding Fun Sessions” at the Museum, with up to 10 classes throughout the day on all folding levels, including a family class! Learn to fold animals, stars, action models, and much more. Learn more about times and pricing.

sometimes it bums me out the contrast between being a Zhou Mi fan(site) and being a fan for anyone else.

I can post a shitty blurry picture of pm any other SJ member and hundreds of people will share it. I get maybe 20 shares for Zhou Mi.

Fans that post pictures and fan accounts regularly of any other member have thousands of followers, I have a few hundred.

I don;t get why people are so disinterested in Zhou Mi.
Is he not good-looking enough? Not funny enough? Not sweet enough? Not kind enough? Not good enough at singing or dancing or acting?

Like I don’t get what it is he needs to do for people to care.