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Yesterday, there were two meetups open to fans at the Zag Glendale studio, including a Q&A in the morning session. During both, you could meet the visiting team from Paris, and were allowed to see the showcase for the merchandise, including items not yet available. MLSubbing organizer @madelinelime attended the 5 PM event. At that session, fans received some items, including limited quantity signed mini posters, copies of the comic teaser, and a keychain you might recognize from “The Puppeteer”:

The easter event: How to play it!

The easter event has 4 parts!

The first part:

Jus like the valentine´s event, in the easter even tto get the clothes(3 out of 4 oufits) you willneed to make chocolates. 3 per day to be more precise.

Just like the previous eent, you will need to get theingredients:

Broken Murphy Pot- Log in the game 
Dewdrop Peat- Win 7 manaa in the guards game- 7 manaa not 7 experience!
Lucky CLover Seeds- Going to exploration
Leprechaun Water-By buying something in the boutiques- NOT THE MARKET

Once you have all the items you will be able to get 3 chocolates and you will be able to feed them to Ykhar, Jamon and Chrome. Once you feed all the chocolates to the three of them this are the outfits that you get:

You will be able to chose the color that you prefer and if you wish to get in other color you will be able to buy it in the boutique after you get the item ^^

The second part of the event:

To get the event´s familiar you will need to get easter eggs from your friends and search for them through the whole website. You can also send them eggs. How?

1- Go to exploration
2- If you´re lucky it will appear this:

3- Choose the friend you want to sent it to.

Note: You will only get the famliar once you have 30 easter eggs AND the 3 outfits!

Another note: This is a question of luck if it appears or not during exploration, okay? 

Now let´s go the third part of the event!

The event bundles!

Just like any other typical bundle, we will need to collect stuff to open it.

Once you open it you will be able to get an outfit item or purropass. Unfortunatly you cannot chose the color ot the item you get, it´s all a question of luck really :´)

Note: Once you open a bundle you cannot sell the itme you got but you can sell the bundle if you do not open it!

Finally the last part! The Illustration!

To get the illustration you will need to collectall the 8 llustration pieces through exploration. It´s quite random and a question of luck :)

Once you get all the pieces a button will appear to rearrange the illustration ^^

Any aquestions? PM me ^^

It’s a bit late since I said I’d have this done by Odaiba Day, but here’s the update! For those people who have never seen this, this is a list of all blogs in the Digimon fandom broken down into different categories. It’s a good way to find new blogs to follow. To the best of my knowledge, all blogs on this list are SFW and do not post stolen content. If you want added, message me. If you think a blog is missing or in the wrong place, message me. And if you know any blogs and dates for the ship weeks or other event weeks, please let me know because I only have a very small list of the events held by the fandom throughout the year. Hope this helps people find some new blogs to follow! And if you have any questions, feel free to message me! Click the Read More for the full list!

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Witch Haven Discord Community Special Event TONIGHT (5/5)

Come one and all, lovers of the paranormal, horror enthusiasts, ghouls and goblins of all ages!  

Tonight at 8 PM EST on Witch Haven (my witchcraft Discord Server) @baron-bones will be hosting the first ever POP-UP SPOOK SHOP where we will be sharing spooky tales, haunts and haints experiences, and tales that will make your skin crawl.  

This event is not for the faint of heart or those who get scared easily (just a warning, because I never want to make you all frightened!)

Join our server by clicking here and we will see you at 8 PM.  The event lasts until the wee hours of the morning, so even if you don’t get there at start time, there is sure to still be discussion.  Make sure you have headphones and read over the rules!

The Perfect Match - Part 6

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Pairing - Dean X Reader, Sam X Reader.
Characters - Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Penelope (Mother/ofc), Theodore (Father/omc), Mark (omc).
Word Count - 2269
Warnings - Angst, swearing, drinking, cheating (kind of).
Summary - Wedding preparations continue as relationships grow and break between Y/N and the Winchesters. 
A/N -  Part 6 in my The Perfect Match series. 

Part 5

The week slipped by in a blur of wedding planning, dates with Sam and spending the nights in Dean’s arms.
It had been 7 days since Dean had told you he loves you, yes he was half-asleep when he said it which is why you hadn’t brought it up. You wanted nothing more than to hear him say those 3 words again.
You allowed yourself to dream of a future with Dean, a house of your own, date nights, movie nights and even a family.
A smile formed on your face as you imagined a life with Dean.

“Y/N.” Your Father snapped at you.


“Are you even listening?”

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anonymous asked:

Gillovny fans are acting shocked and blame Gillian for misleading them but you wanna bet than in a couple of months they'll go back to believing she's with DD in a super secret relationship and when she'll appear again at an event with PM they'll blame her again. I already see it happening, they'll choose to close their eyes and to not learn anything.

Okay, but can we not call them “Gillovny” fans? I’m a Gillovny fan. I will always be a fan of David and Gillian together.

As for the folks who are bitching and moaning about being misled and blaming Gillian (and David): give me a fucking break. We’ve all had access to the same information. Gillian has been appearing with Peter for what…nine months now? But those who ignored what was right in front of their faces, while eagerly choosing to lap up nonsense marketing theories are now bawling about how they were sold a bill of goods? Please. We were all presented the same evidence and they chose to believe what they wanted to believe. In fact, when I (and others) tried to point out the obvious, they vehemently fought back, “Let us speculate! Let us have our fun! We can believe if we want! Stop pissing on our parade!”

So, fine. I stayed on my “side” of the fandom. But don’t expect any sympathy from me for these people who buried their heads in the sand for the better part of a year and are now crying and looking for someone to blame for their own escapism. It’s their own fault for not wanting to accept reality; the fact they are trying to put it on Gillian is just juvenile and patently ridiculous.

Lalafell Meetup Event - Beach Party

On June 3rd, I’ll be hosting a Lalafell meetup event from 3 - 7 PM EST. The event will take place in Eastern La Noscea at the Hidden Springs just north of Costa del Sol.

There used to be lalafell meetup events hosted, but they seem to have come to a halt and I haven’t seen another one posted in a long while… so here I am trying to revive that… especially since it was one of the ways I met some of the folks I talk to now.

Depending on how popular the event is, I might host another one and maybe make it a weekly or bi-weekly thing. It really depends on how many people show up and if it’s in high demand or not.

Oh, and I feel I should mention: it’s for Balmung. Not sure if that was obvious already or not.

Sorry for the er… basic, not-flashy event posting. Being both a first timer event as well as being the first of this kind of RP, I don’t really know how I’d go about making pictures or anything for it. So there you have it, my official plain ‘lookit, an event!’ post.

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do you think of chaos as only pure disorder, or do you believe in chaos as more of a balanced connection between order and disorder?

Neither. I don’t personally find the colloquial definition of “disorder” particularly useful and order/disorder are functions of chaotic systems rather than chaos itself. When describing chaos as it relates to magick, I tend towards the mathematical definition: a complex system which is highly sensitive to initial conditions [1] . This is commonly illustrated by the butterfly effect - a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Texas setting off a series of atmospheric changes which culminates in a storm in Hong Kong. This has two important implications for magickal workings:

  1. Seemingly random systems have an underlying pattern which can be manipulated
  2. We can greatly effect a system by introducing minute changes

Magick at it’s core is the manipulation of the probability of a given outcome by changing the initial conditions in a chaotic system. Peter Caroll describes this by the illustrative but computationally useless equation Pm = P + (1-P)M1/p 


  • Pm : Probability of desired outcome
  • P : Probability event will occur without any outside manipulation
  • M : Magickal factor (M = GL [1- A] [1-R])
  • G : Gnosis
  • A : Conscious awareness
  • R : Subconscious resistance
  • L : Magickal link/taglock  

So to increase the probability of an event occurring ( Pm = 1), we need to choose an event already somewhat likely to occur (has a value of P close to 1) and decrease conscious awareness and subconscious resistance (values of R and A closer to 0). Simply stated, this means that a properly executed magickal working introduces turbulence into the system the magician is attempting to manipulate thus changing the final outcome (ie alters the value of  Pm).  Ideally this produces the desired outcome however since the system is highly sensitive to initial conditions, this can produce unpredictable and seemingly random results (typically referred to as “backfire”). Thus the more tightly we control the initial condition, the more likely we are to produce the intended result. 

[1] Please note that the mathematical definition of chaos is much more complex than this however the butterfly effect is the aspect most relevant to magickal practice

May 23 - Othardian Society -Resistance potential

There will only be a 9 pm est event May 23 2017.

However, those interested in resistance entrance are welcome to come to the Society Stage at 3pm where Mishi will be. Frist official Resistance meeting will be held May 27 2017, 8pm Est. Official post to be made soon.