Feeling REALLY Preyish

GOSH, I just wanna, like, curl up inside of a warm tummy and just fall right off to sleep.

I want a predator to pick me up, maybe tease me a bit with their growling stomach because I love hearing those noises and knowing that the predator is hungry, and that I can fix that problem for them. And even without the teasing, I just wanna know that I can be of use to them, that I can fill their belly and make them warm and full

I wanna be put inside of a warm, goey mouth, just feeling the pred’s tongue eagerly licking me all over to slather me up for the trip down, hopefully as they enjoy my taste, and I will rub the predator’s tongue to convey my thanks and hope that they like that

Then I wanna be gulped down by the predator, hearing them swallow thickly as I’m slowly sucked into the tube that is their throat, before being pushed down, down, down by their peristalsis, feeling the muscles of their gullet bringing me deeper into the predator’s body. I wanna hear their heartbeat as I pass by it and I continue my journey down, down, down, before I reach the end of the throat and plop into the pred’s stomach.

Then, gosh, I just wanna curl up inside of that warm, squishy tummy and just close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the predator’s body working all around me. I just wanna snuggle against the soft, wet, warm walls, hearing their strong, steady heartbeat not too far away from me, the breathing in and out of the powerful lungs, and the soft, satisfied gurgles and rumbles of their belly since they now have a snack tucked away inside of them. And I just wanna close my eyes and drift off to sleep, with the sounds of the pred’s body functioning around me as my lullaby while I lie tucked away safely inside of them.

GOSH I am in like a NEED of this because I’m so tired and sleepy and all I wanna do is curl up all nice and safe inside of a warm tum-tum gosh.

Plz could a kind pred help out a little prey that needs a safe place to go to? Gender doesn’t matter to me, honestly, I just wanna curl up inside of a pred’s warm belly and just let all my troubles and anxieties melt away by just being tucked away safe inside of someone, pleaseeeee.


I’m 33 away from my next hundred and it would be really sweet if you guys could help me out!! I’ll check out everyone who reblogs/follows and probably follow back loads of you!


Calling all members of the phandom!!
Since both Dan and Phil love dogs (and other fluffy animals) but refuse to actually get one, @ronweasely @fortunecookiepuns and I have come up with the next best thing! We are raising money for the Humane Society, which will be donated in Dan’s name as a birthday present for him!
The link to donate is
 All funds raised will be going directly to Humane Society International.
Please donate if you can—everything counts, even if it’s just a couple dollars!
If you can’t donate, please help us spread the word by reblogging this post!
Thank you for your help!! Hopefully Dan will notice us eventually and possibly cry…? Or better yet, Phil will see this and donate money or just GET DAN A DOG ALREADY.
Ok I’m done. Please donate, and have a lovely day everyone!
ps our twitter is @dansbdaygift if you wanted to know~

Okay but what would you guys think about AU naruhina?? ( running away far faar away from canon land ) where naruto and hinata are childhood friends and BOTH only start falling in love with each other when they’re older and get to know each other. Also buff naruto with curvy plussize Hinata. Imagine them talking together and helping each other out with insecuritues and motivating each other.