Sooo I'd like some advice?

I want to make drawing and animating my main source of income. To dedicate my full time to it and produce content every day. 

So what would you like to see? I can pretty much do anything if I put my mind to it, like more comics, tutorials ect :) 

I need to be earning about £600 ($770) per month to survive. So I know I’ll have to produce content everyday and if I could use my time to dedicate to it, I know I easily could. 

I also have a patreon if you want to see what i’ll be doing there :P

But I honestly would like to know what you would like to see :) Thank you xx

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  • Me after I Need U: Ok so everyone's dead except for Jin and Tae
  • Me after Prologue: Ok so everyone's dead except for Jin
  • Me after Run: Ok so everyone's alive except for Jin
  • Me after searching up ARMY theories: Ok so I know nothing and I'm really the one who's dead ok fine Bighit fine
It’s confirmed~ Yuuri has very womanly charms <3

He’s literally channeling a seductive woman and I love it. 

Yuuri is obviously quite innocent. And it’s confirmed that he’s inexperienced at the dating game and flirting.

Yuuri knows that he can’t complete with Victor in terms of pure playboy charm.

But as Yuuri himself says, he’s an adult and that he could exude mature sexiness if he wants to. 

But, clearly, the path of the debonair playboy is not for him.

So he tries something different.

Yuuri must have gotten inspiration from earlier in the episode when Victor said “I had long hair at the time, so my costume suggested both male and female genders at once.”

So he decides to play up femininity because he certainly is not as bold as a playboy.

He wants to channel being a devastatingly beautiful woman, that brings the men to him. A woman’s seduction is clearly more subtle, but definitely there and definitely as alluring. 

And, since Victor IS a playboy in this and fits that role extremely well, could this mean?!?!

Could this mean that Yuuri’s newfound charms will be able to seduce Victor?!?!

Also, Yuuri nails the emotional aspect of his program. And I can totally see how his confidence shines. 

His introspection has made himself realize just who he is and that while he may not be exactly suited for traditional masculine charms, he can be sexy and channels femininity to help him. 

He’s more ambiguous on the scale from ultra feminine to ultra masculine gender roles. He’s fluid in his gender presentation, at least in this episode.

I’m in love <3

I really hate to do this again, but i’m running out of options. (Atypical Autism, BPD, Severe Depression, ADHD, and Social Anxiety Disorder doesn’t exactly increase your already small chances of employment as a trans woman) 

Rent is coming soon, my meds are more expensive than ever because of a bureaucratic mistake related to my legal gender change. And due to transphobic laws here in Denmark i have to travel to and from Copenhagen to get the “treatment” that will finally allow me to access HRT (legally). But that trip costs $128 every time, that money does, eventually, get reimbursed. But only just in time for it to cover the cost of the next trip (excluding food).

Trying to balance the cost of those trips, my meds, my HRT, rent, food, and other expenses is a something i can’t keep doing much longer to be quite honest.

If you can spare anything it would mean the world to me, and if you can’t then please reblog the post so maybe someone who can will see it


Amazon wishlist: (mostly food and kitchenware)

Pietro could still be alive!

1.) There is a flesh building machine!
2.) Steve said “if you die WALK it off”
3.) He has a fast metabolism!
4.) Almost every one I’m the MCU comes right back like nick fury and Loki!

5.)Thor 6.) In the comics he said “not even bullets can touch me” 7.) They took him body with them!
Emergency Apartment Commissions

As some of you may know, I’m currently a college student who’s going into my 3rd year of college. My roommate and I decided to move out of the dorms and into one of the apartments on campus to have more space and more flexibility with things such as getting rid of the mandatory dorm meal plan, that we barely used but still payed for. Despite applying pretty early on, one unfortunate event led to the next and now we’re forced to look at apartments outside of campus.

The ones we’re currently trying to get into require us to have a bus pass to travel back and forth that’s $80 a month. Aside from that, we’re going to have to buy our own furniture or pay an additional $468 a month (split between us in addition to the monthly rent) for it to already be furnished. We’ll also have to pay for our water and electricity bill as well.

In addition to all of this, my younger sister is going to start going to college as well in the fall and my older brother moved out of the house recently. Him paying rent was basically paying for my stay at my dorm. I also found out that my job on the campus newspaper as an illustrator will not be paying me nearly enough to keep up with this. I can’t look for a job out of campus since I won’t be able to have a car either. The only place I can really turn to is here. The internet. To you guys.

I’ve been doing traditional drawings lately that you all seem to be liking and I was wondering if you’d be interested in having them added onto my normal commissions. Here are the prices I’m offering them for.

If you’re more interested in the digital aspect, here’s a link to my digital commissions. [link]

If you’re not interested in the commissions themselves, I would greatly appreciate it if you donated or reblogged this post/spread the word. Even donating $1 would help. There’s a link to my paypal on my blog’s description.

I’m sorry if this was a bother, but thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this.

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“How do you manage to talk to Snoke like that? I mean- You’re really brave, Y/N.”

“We don’t have to fear him, Kylo. He is powerful, but so are we. If both of us work together, he will have to fear us.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that we don’t have to work for him. The galaxy could be ours, if we really wanted to.”

“We don’t need him, he needs us. Right?”

“Exactly, Kylo. Don’t be afraid of Snoke. I’m right by your side.”

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  • Me: cough, sore throat, headache, fever
  • WebMD: well it could be...
  • Me: hoe don't do it
  • WebMD: you have cancer
  • Me: oh my god
  • Me: haha that's kinda funny
  • Me: *sweats nervously*