Recently I started to draw hair in a strange way because of you @xnatiix

Do you remember this conversation

He/She was right, omy, you will brainwash us all! xD

You thought you followed me for some good content? No.

Voltron x Slime Rancher.

Shiro is a lonely Rancher who just really liked satisfying Slime videos so he sent himself to space, finding the Paladin slimes.

Kuro was his brother who liked the tars, and didn’t understand why people didn’t like them so he joined them. (they then enslaved all slimes on the planet with TARkon).

The lions are Tabbys.

The Hunter slimes are BOM.

  • Me, a smol girl seeing a tol girl: oh god. oh. oH GOD. i have been blessed on this day. oh dear lord. plz have mercy on me. plz. i am just a smol queer girl. please. pLEASE. tall amazonian queen. goddess. wonder woman incarnate. plz do not step on me but also if you do i'd thank you. divine woman of love and light. plz look down and notice me.

lucariolulu  asked:

Ania plzzz don't stop dubbing pj's daycare cuz it would be the end of meh, and from what I've seen you don't look like an evil person. So plz have mercy! 😢

Don’t worry I won’t stop making videos after I end PJ’s daycare!

But if all you want is PJ’s daycare then…I guess you could unsub?


I finally did it! Praise the weather for giving me snow I could work with! Now these two happy cinnamonrolls are sitting side by side like they should be! (Ford lost his leg – snow plows in my neighborhood are vicious creatures! - but he’s a survivor and now fixed)

The dusk always manages to crept upon me… And because of the backlight, all the details won’t show up in the photos. 

…I just realize I’m going to have a heartbreak when weather turns warmer….


[On Captain America] “I think he still hasn’t quite found his footing. But I think they do a good job of making him care about things. If you show that he has something that can touch his heart, if you see where he emotes, even if it’s privately, you see he’s affected by love in some capacity, whether it’s the love of a woman or a friend or a responsibility. He believes in something and loves something and he’s affected by it. And so when you see him in that pain or show that compassion, I think that’s what humanizes him and makes him interesting.” Chris Evans photographed by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine, October 2016.

random v route theory

did you see the V route? Yes, me neither.

since the only thing I can think about lately it’s about our lovely hipster photographer™ Jihyun I just came with a theory that hit me yesterday at 5:39 a.m. and also sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language but @peachyslaine told me “omgyouHAVEtopostitontumblr” and i couldn’t refuse her cuteness lol

So, we know how the only True Ending it’s after 707 route, right? and how the others route are like alternatives timelines or something like that (in my head all routes are canon, but they are separated in diferents timelines or universes because the hacker problem/mint eye problem it doesn’t resolve how it should).

what if V route is just another timeline?

Like three days ago I read someone saying “we maybe play as Rika ‘cause if V/Rika relationship doesn’t happend, then the main story doesn’t happend either.” But, who said the main story HAS to happend in V route?

Well… The route name is another story isn’t it? 

Just imagine it: An early created RFA, no Mint Eye, everyone we know but younger because we are in the past, we are before Rika created Min Eye and maybe, just maybe, we can even avoid Mint Eye creation. The route can be romantic, platonic, whatever, but in the past.

It would be interesting, idk, this is like the random and longest thing i’ven posted in my entire life so it’s already time to go back to my natural i-never-post-anything state


As some one who is

1: a harry fan
2: a movie fan
3: a movie theater employee

I’d like to remind you to BEHAVE YOURSELVES when you see Dunkirk in theaters. I know you’ll be excited, we all are, but remember that people /besides you/ have shelled out $10+ for a ticket, and they want to WATCH THE MOVIE, not listen to you. No matter how excited you are, or how clever your comment is, please PLEASE keep it to yourself. Not only is it impolite to other customers, those customers take those complaints to theater employees, who then have to deal with you instead of doing their jobs.

Save a squeal for the hallway once the show lets out if you must but remember this is going to be a HUGE movie and there’ll be people seeing it for reasons besides Harry. So show up early to your theater, buy some snacks, grab good seats, and just /enjoy the show/!


HEYO It’s My First Time Offering Commissions!!

I’ll be offering sketch commissions mainly!

Prices are as listed above!
Payment will be taken by Venmo!
5 slots will be open at a time!

Please do no reblog!

More details undercut!

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