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NEW VIDEO: Internet Users In Real Life (ft iiSuperwomanii)

Yet another collab with the amazing iiSuperwomanii! If you use the internet regularly… watch this. Trust me. Also reblog plz & thx <3


So, uhh. This is my 1989 tour outfit. In case you’re confused, I’m Meredith (cat) dressed as a doctor. Haha get it?? Like it’s meredith dressed as meredith idk I’m so lame. I’m really nervous to post these pictures and even wear the outfit but I’ll be okay. I have really bad social anxiety so going somewhere dressed up like this is really hard for me but I’m so exciteeeeed anyway. I hope you guys don’t think this is a dumb idea or anything. (tho its a bit silly) And taylorswift I love you so much and I’m seeing you on September 17th at the 1st Columbus show. I’ll be in section 211, row H, seat 3 if you wanna you know.. meet.. hit me up. :p 1989tourcostumes taylorswift also plz reblog this thx kiddos