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some of your favorite tumblr artists?? <3 and why if you want to but not needed hehe

@richardgoranski - I love Connor’s art so much, it always looks so soft and super adorable and I just aaaaaa I look up to him a lot. I mean damn even his sketches look super clean too.

@jakedillinger - Her art style is also super nice and soft and like if I could physically hug art then there you go thats how I explain how much I like it. I would hug the art. It always makes me smile to be quite honest.

@christinecanigula - Have you seen their art? They drew Jared in lingerie and I mean man I struggle with drawing people in outfits like that like what. Also Connor dancing and Evan just like ‘stop plz’ was another good one. Seriously man their art is super underrated and I love it and more people need to look at it because its s o g o o d

@bubbling-decipherer - They share their art often in the DEH discord chat and it makes me want to s c r e a m every time. I’m serious man traditional artists are just as amazing as digital artists. I love their style so much, everyone one looks so huggable. Their Dear Evan Hansen art is especially soft.

@taterdraws - Listen, their DEH art is also super soft and I think their art should be more well known because its so good and so pure and I love how they make every character look and I just akldhgdgjs;hae I really appreciate their art so much.

All of these artists are good and I love all of them and their talents and I just man oh man I’m geekin’ out over this I’m so sorry please follow them.
I have a bunch more I could list but it would be too long.

It’s nearly 4am. I have to get up for work in 2 hours. I’ve had 3 hours sleep so far. I have a very sore throat. Yippee, no sleep. (Can you sense my sarcastic dead tone of voice…?)
Have some ‘Slytherins that don’t sleep’ headcanons.

• Sofas by the fires sometimes get transfigured into sofa-beds by students who can’t sleep because let’s face it, lying awake in a dark dormitory with the lucky sods who can actually sleep sucks and staring out into the lake is much more interesting.
• The only ones more notorious for not sleeping than Slytherins are Ravenclaws. Only because who needs sleep when you can study astronomy out the tower window or learn about ancient civilisations? (yes I am talking about Lou who would rather read about the Egyptians in the dead of night and do the sleeping during the day)
• Anyway back to Slytherin… If more than 2 people are awake and up and about a trip up to the kitchen is made- a mission which with a bit of luck makes us tired enough to fall asleep when we get back.

I’ll add more maybe when I don’t need to find a way to get myself to sleep fast before I’m useless at work tomorrow (today? …uggh), or maybe just the next time I’m awake at stupid o'clock.


wehey Molly finally got off her ass and did a masterlist woo party

- au memes with * by the side means they have a one shot as well.
- au memes with ** means they could be triggering (I don't like writing triggering stuff so it's rare as fuck)
- au memes with *** mean they have smut in (yet again I don't really write smut yet)
the au memes listed at the top of each section are the most recent ones

ALL (the boys) AU MEMES






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  4. I want to start dong preferences but idk what do you guys think

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