plz make it sync

yourfavoritedehydratedcactus  asked:

Hey I just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me, like you have no idea. I've seen how much you've improved, and I can't even believe how far you've come. Do you have any advice for editors like me who want to improve? If you have any tips and tricks you'd like to share, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! <3

Well a lot of it really depends on your software but there some basic things that help it look and sound good.

-Render/export in high quality

-personally I like higher frame rates (24, 60 fps) some people like the look of 15 fps

-Have smooth transtions

-Don’t make colorings to bright/to dark

-Make sure your audio is in good quality… plz///

-Make it sync

Most of my other tips revolve around Svp since that’s the software I’ve used for more than a year. If there’s anything you need help with about svp I can probably answer