plz make it canon

When peple think about heaven they hope for sex, food, woman, mans, woman and mans, answers, i just want :

-Unlimited number of fanfic about the OTPs you want.

-Unlimited number of books.

-Unlimited comics, movies, series.

-Canon OTPs

-Book and movie about how Lily and James got together

-Unlimited number of Suernatural seasons

-What hapenned in Budapest ?

-Season 5 of Sherlock.

Headcanons for the next generation of fairytail kids

-Gray and Juvias kids learned water magic and think there dad is hella lame (which upsets him to no end because he just wants to be the cool dad)

-Gajeel and Levy have a daughter that’s smart like her mum and a little asshole like her dad. And all Gajeel wants is for her to be his little princess

-Loke and Lucy have a daughter who dresses like Lucy and Loke is constantly trying to make her cover up and keep her away from boys (because she’s a flirt like her dad)

-Lisanna and Natsu have the sweet little cinnamon rolls who love everyone but go ape shit when it comes to battles

-Jellal and Erza have twins that are so cool calm and collected but everyones still a little scared of them and Erza can’t work out why the other kids never play up in front of them.

I don’t want Bellarke to be like Stydia. Wait 6 seasons. Make it canon. But in an episode something like finale. No sex. No make out. If you’re lucky you get a kiss -maybe hand holding. And think “At least I was right about it being endgame” for the rest of your life.


I swear to god, The Walking Dead better not pull a Supernatural where the writers screw over the cutie patootie in a trench coat for wanting to do the right thing just to create conflict.

no no wait about that last post imagine if adrien catches feelings for marinette and they finally start dating without knowing about the whole superhero deal and then they kiss for the first time and mari goes “you kiss like chat noir” and adrien looks at her suspiciously like
“how would you know? have you kissed chat noir?”
and then they both realize at the same time

  • Shannara season 1 fans: Princess Rover!! Wilberle!!
  • Shannara season 2 fans: Lyretria! Princess Rover! Wilberle!
  • Me the whole time: Wiltria!!!
Things I want in season 2

• more Pidge climbing on people
• Klance
• Shiro to get the Black Paladin’s Bayard
• Shiro to be happy
• everyone to be happy tbh
• except Zarkon
• he can go die
• more Hunk
• just in general, I want more of him
• Matt Holt
• Dad Holt
• Dad Holt vs Space Dad (over protecting Pidge)
• Pidge is a cat who will sleep anywhere and everywhere
• also likes hugs
• did I mention PIDGE CLIMBING ON PEOPLE!!!!

I Am Entirely Too Amused.. that pair of Ignis Tags I just did. Put aside any fan-flailing about my heavy perversion of Ignis alright?

Imagine it from my perspective for a second…

Interior, Brainroom.

Future Scenario.

Ringhand! Ignis: *Posts a post entirely out of character for Canon! Ignis involving possible violence against his lady-woman.*

Canon! Ignis: *scowling deeply from across the room, arms crossed* I find you to be completely repulsive, furthermore-AHH!


Ringhand! Ignis: *Violently brushing his bangs out of his flaming eyes and seething out* Silence nerd! If we had desired our opinion on the matter we most certainly would have given it to us!! *narrowing his now shifty flame eyes and pointing menacingly before slowly turning his gaze back to his blog*

I am sure you can agree that despite my numerous crimes regarding Mr. Scientia, (Or honestly Prompto as well if we want to really roast me..) that is fucking HILARIOUS!

Just me?

I am amenable to that.

anonymous asked:

"Well they couldn't get away with making them canonically LGBT so they just CODED them..." Plz stop ppl. I'm so tired. Either characters canonically represent LGBT people of they don't. Content creators shouldn't get credit for LGBT rep for doing anything less than, you know, ACTUAL LGBT REP. God. I'm so tired of this argument. Sexuality headcanons are awesome, but if character x isn't EXPLICITLY ____ then they're AMBIGUOUSLY ____. Meaning they can be headcanoned however anyone damn well pleases


100% AGREE

for the star wars crowd