plz im begging u

listen… i need u to all promise me a thing….. wen the newsies live on stage movie goes up on netflix…. u gotta watch it…… u gotta promise me…. gotta promise urself…… that u will watch it…….plz… im begging u…. my crops….. they need u to do this…….they need u to watch this disney musical about the power of trade unions as told via a bunch of scrappy muddy new york boys who like to leap into th sky and spin…….. 

Shadowhunters themed questions:

Luke: Something that significantly changed your life?

Magnus: What are you willing to fight for?

Clary: Something you’re passionate about?

Jace: A secret insecurity?

Alec: Who are you most loyal to?

Isabelle: Three things you like about yourself?

Simon: What kind of art interests you the most: theatre, film, music, art, or other? 

Raphael: Are you happy with your life?

Lydia: Something you regret?

Maureen: Do you like someone right now? If yes, is it requited?

Max: How’s your family life?

Jocelyn: What’s the average amount of sleep you get in a night?

Meliorn: Is honesty important to you?

Ragnor: Talk about your best friend. 

Valentine: Someone you dislike?

Camille: Do you consider yourself selfish?

Hodge: A secret no one knows about you?

Dot: Someone you would die for?


everyone i just really need to show you this vid my brother made in highschool about the internet

he’s the one dressed as a ninja

Magcon Group Text?

I rlly need some help here bc none of my friends are interested in magcon (lol wat idek) and need some peeps to talk to about our favs and da feelz so i decided a group chat must be made - just message me and give ur # or kik - (lol that means no anon) ⬆️ -and if more than one person wants to do it then it’s group chat time! whoop whoop


-we can talk discuss our favs and do all that fun shit u do in group texts -friends, bc u never have to many of those -and just something to do when your bored lol -we can all ship each other -u get to be it a fucking group chat i mean c'mon


  • it would be nice if u were a fan blog -plz be able to tolerate my cussing and horrible jokes and pervy mind -no anon for obvious reasons -reblog this

plz im begging u I need people to talk too im rlly cool i swear! so what r u waiting for don’t be shy

(if nobody does this, it never happened)