plz ignore that its really shitty

Plz ignore this it’s just another poem

So I’m feeling brave again and I actually really like this one, so imma post it. It’s shorter than the other one and not as good, but it’s very accurate in how it describes my twin sister and I, or at least how we react to painful things. Ummmmmmmmm plz ignore it. Also sorry it’s shitty. (btw my titles are always in bold, so its not a line in the poem) ((also idk why but tumblr’s spacing is shit and so its extra spaced out sorryyyyy))

Also I know it’s not as good as the last one but idc bc….idk i just dont have any fucks left to give :/

Two of a Kind

There we were, two of a kind

Sitting in our companionable misery

I was silent, my head pounding

My sister sat sniffling into her pillow

Each of us battling our own demons,

The devils as alike as the two of us

My sister tried to get rid of the fiery fiends by drowning them,

Washing away the pain with the salty moisture of her tears

I tried pounding the demons to a pulp in time with the beat pounding in my head

Until I couldn’t tell the difference between my own silent screams or theirs

Both my sister and I lost the fight, the stench of defeat heavy in the air.

We nursed our mental wounds, still unable to speak

The silence continued, neither of us spoke

We’d rather commiserate in peace

Perhaps one day we would win the war,

But until then, we continued to lose the battle

As she was crying, and I was lying,

our lives were being torn to pieces