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heya! do you know any great marauders/jily/blackdonald (anything having to do with that generation during that time in general)? i loved the few i've read and i'd love to read more! cheers x

awww thanks for this ask! <333 

so there’s LOADS of jily fics 

here’s @jiilys writing and she has a rec page entitled ‘jily fabfiction’ which is spot on tbh

all these people have a++ fics (and they def have fic rec pages somewhere in their tags so have a gander):

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and there’s a WHOLE WORLD of fics on @jilyarchive like so many!! check them all out :)) and i’m 1003% certain i’ve left out some writers so if you see anymore plz reblog and tag those lovely people in this too so we can all see their lovely fics <33

((and not to be ‘that person’ but i have done some writing too -and some of it is lowkey blackdonald! plus i’m working on a blackdonald series actually so that should be done soon hhehehe- there’s not a lot abt blackdonald atm so bear w me and i’ll sort this out lol))

SCM: The King x Mc - I’ll Protect Both of You

Anon-chan requested: 50, 33 and 1? King of Heavens?

Anon-chan…this is such a nice combination of numbers. But now it’s hard for me cuz idk what I should write…
@amavanna also requested a fanfic where mc is pregnant with the King so, this will be for both anon-chan and amavanna (for some reason i can’t tag her). And it’s also a continuation of that oneshot with the little number (5) in my masterpost, scm section.

Btw, from now on, unless requested to call mc with a name, I’ll keep using ‘Hiyori’ as mc’s name like other writers do. So hope this won’t bother you.

Oh and this is quite long…Plz bear with it. And my deepest apologize if the King seems too ooc.

Ok so The King: 50. “You are the most important” - 33. “Meet your son” - 1. “I’ll take good care of you. Both of you.”


It has been months after Hiyori found out she’s pregnant with the King’s child. There’s nothing could make her happier than having a child with the person she loves. Her morning sickness is draining her energy and she always feels exhausted though. Because of that, the King wants her to rest in her room and only allows her to go out to the garden when he’s with her or at least she’s with one of the gods he trusts. It’s a bit hard dealing with his forcefulness but she doesn’t mind that at all. She knows that he treats her like that because he cares for her, he worries if something happen to her and his child. However, things aren’t going as smoothly and peacefully as she think.

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