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Izuku’s first text to Urauaka: Hello. :) I just wanted to make sure that you were still going to meet us at WcRonadl’s later. It is fine if you are not! Thank you and hope to see you there. (No pressure, though!)

Ururaka: Yes!! :) I’m very excited to meet you and Iida there. 

Izuku, six months later: *incredibly blurry picture of iida speedwalking down the school hall* criptyd confirmef meet behidn the school in five min for hug attack

Ururaka: run man is real and i hugged him behind the school!!!

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What are your favorite Ships in BnHA?

puttin the Oh… in OTP ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  

being @gayradwhitedad ‘s friend means u automatically sign up for vore jokes and i still dont know how to deal w/ this information em im love u i promise

School is killing me..but that doesn’t mean that I can’t draw asdasd– >:’3

This is just a little collab that I made with my friend (She drew Error and colored Ink, and drew Ink and colored Error )

Well..the drawing is based on this QnA by @ask-glitch-and-squid -> (I just love it X3 )

Anyways.. ~Hope you like it ! UvU/ ~

Me: Wants a sugar daddy to spoil me. 
Me instead: Spoils my s/o or friends at any chance I can get

The Big Four™ in the last chapter
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jerza:</b> Erza caring more about her looks to impress a certain someone, we get hints that Erza and Jellal see each other often, basically canon.<p/><b>Gajevy:</b> After a year they're already together, probs having sex, trying for a baby, domestic asf, hints that Levy might be pregnant??? 100% canon<p/><b>Gruvia:</b> Roles reversed, Juvia strips, Gildarts struggled to keep it in his pants, Gray gets jealous and pulls Juvia away from everyone else, offers Juvia to get her scars healed because her body belongs to him, if this ain't canon idk what is<p/><b>Nalu:</b> Might not have been as obvious as the rest of the couples but Mashima did a good job of expressing to us how Natsu and Lucy really feel about each other. They're the most innocent couple from the 4 so they're moving a bit slower than the rest, but from my perspective, Nalu is canon guys, don't worry ;)<p/><b></b><p/><b></b> Basically The Big Four are all canon, we can all die happy and thank Mashima for the wonderful journey he put us through and say it was all worth it in the end ♡<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Eddie: Jon.
  • Jon: Yes?
  • Eddie: Where's the laundry detergent?
  • Jon: ...I don't know.
  • Eddie: Really?
  • Jon: Yeees.
  • Eddie: So it isn't in your lab, on your work table, with a label that reads "multi-toxic source" slapped across the Tide logo?
  • Jon: ...I have my reasons.
  • Eddie: Jonathan, do I need to buy the pods again?
  • Jon: No--
  • Eddie: Then, for the last time, stop using the fucking laundry detergent for chemistry!

K so like– every once in a while I’ll ask my friends n shit to just, draw their sona in a milkshake glass thing,, idk it’s just, I have a thing, tiny people milkshake thing, it’s so hecking cute, my point is if you want to please draw your sona like this
The 2nd panel, art by @grimkipp ♥👌

And tag #makemeepersgayformilkshakes.