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what do you think about all this post 5x13 shit that brian never calls justin or picks up the phone and justin never comes to visit family and friends and they meet only 100000000 years after and feel total strangers to each other? when i read things like that i'm just like FUCK THIS BULLSHIT THEY ARE BRIAN AND JUSTIN FOR CHRIS SAKE IF THEY CAN'T WORK IT OUT NO ONE CAN!11

I think a lot of the time those ideas (especially in fic) are based on Justin’s characterization in season 5 which I personally believe was a big ball of train wreck most of the time O:) (and I don’t blame fic writers for going along with that. It’s kind of hard not to, because the show is the source material. but that doesn’t necessarily mean the show always got it right.) (also everyone is going to have different ideas about what is considered OOC and what isn’t. some people might think s5 justin is 100% true to character all the time. I don’t, but that’s just my opinion.)

On the one hand, I’m really happy when Justin is portrayed as more mature and independent (because he is!!!!1) but when people paint him as cold or nonchalant about he and Brian I get upset because jUSTIN IS NOT COLD AND NONCHALANT! I can see why he would maybe ~remove himself~ at first as he was trying to establish himself and learn to be on his own but justin taylor would NEVER be able to go without contact for any prolonged period of time. The idea that he would just stop talking to Brian and Daphne and Jennifer for months on end is so OOC to me.

The Justin Taylor I know and love would be on the phone the second he got in the door of his new apartment tbh. Brian would come home to like sixty voicemails. “AND YOU SHOULD SEE THE PAINT IN HERE. OH MY GOD BRIAN. OH MY GOD. YOU WOULD DIE. YOU WOULD BECOME PHYSICALLY ILL. IT’S MAUVE, BRIAN. MAUVE. HOLD ON I’M RUNNING OUT OF TI-*BEEEP*” ……..”HEY IT’S ME AGAIN. DID YOU HEAR THE PART WHERE I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE PAINT? BRIAN IT’S MAUVE.”

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Imagine this: Denmark and Norway dancing to a cute slow song and Norway has his head nuzzled in Den's chest because Denmark is taller and they just dance really slow and it's dark outside because it's FUCKING 1 IN THE MORING DAMMIT DENMARK I TOLD YOU TO PUT YOUR LEGOS AWAY LIKE 9 HOURS AGO MY FOOOOOOOT. IM SORRY NORWAY I FORGOT PLZ 4GIVE ME. And everyone wakes up to Norway yelling and Denmark making a huge fuss and Iceland is like 'why can't you be more like Sweden and Finland?'

It’s clumsy and awkward and a bit of a mess, but that’s their relationship and they love it nonetheless.